16 April 2017

Relax and Rejuvenate at Antara Wellness Spa

If there's anything I could think of as my guilty pleasure, it would definitely be getting a massage. But when I come to think of it, I feel like it is more of a necessity than a luxury. Just imagine coming from a busy week at school or work feeling tired and stressed. I don't think there is no other to way to relieve such stress than a good massage. 

Perfect vibes for a massage!

Recently, I have come across a new spa bordering Makati and Manila called Antara Wellness Spa. And I think the name of the spa suits is location because 'Antara' literally means "In Between" in Hindi. The concept of this new place is to be a haven from one's daily life and I think it definitely is one.

It's all in the details here at Antara

15 April 2017

All You Can Eat Surf and Turf at RBCTY Maginhawa

Maginhawa is definitely the place to be when looking for quality yet affordable food. This place has been the go-to place of QC people for an authentic dining experience. There are just numerous hole in the wall restaurants within the area that offer quality food. And when looking for ribs and chicken, RibCity is your best choice in Maginhawa!

From school, I hurriedly went to Maginhawa for a Team Aldous food event. I was actually having a tough time then and this treat definitely lightened it up for me. Food is definitely one way to relieve stress and good food could do that real fast. I think that's what RibCity's awesome food offerings did to me.  

10 April 2017

How To Get Your Dream Dress for Less

Budget can be such a deciding factor when it comes to dress shopping. I think that the smaller your budget is, the more limited are your options. However, I do not believe that you cannot anymore get your dream dress with such a budget. There are still ways by which you could get "the one".

If you are opting for a designer dress which could probably cost a million bucks, you could always have a similar dress made. I do not suggest copying the entire thing though because this could give rise to copyright violations. But if it is a particular silhouette that you like, then I think it is okay to have the same copied. 

trompette / sirène beach élégant et luxueux toutes tailles longue robe sans manches en dentelle cour

Another option you could avail of is to buy cheap wedding dresses online. Yes, that Robe de Mariée Pas Cher you are dreaming of could be found online! Most online shops have tons of designs to choose from without that designer dress price tag. You could have a dress custom made so that it will fit you like a glove. Otherwise, they have tons of size and color options readily available. 

One wrong connotation when it comes to cheap wedding dresses is that their qualities and style are compromised. While there are shops that fail to deliver as regards quality and make, there are still several shops, particularly online shops such as http://www.airmode.fr/, that makes quality cheap wedding dresses. 

XO, Mish


08 April 2017

Have a Taste of Japanese Beef Cubes at Black Wagyu

Wagyu Beef Cubes seem to me like some dish you could avail of in a posh restaurant. I know of several places that offers them at an unlimited promo but still pricey nonetheless. If you want to have a taste and give Japanese beef cubes a go for less, Black Wagyu could just do that. 

Black Wagyu is a food stall currently located at Ayala Malls The 30th. But if you've seen them elsewhere in the Metro, it's because they also do school and all sorts of events. So if you want to have your own Black Wagyu stall in your event, you may avail of their affordable party packages. 

02 April 2017

Feast on Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine at Xiao Nan Men

When it comes to authentic Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine, Binondo is definitely the first place that comes to my mind and I am pretty sure that the same goes with you. But for someone coming from Quezon City, it's quite a hassle to have to go to Manila just to satisfy one's craving. Lucky for us, North people, there are now tons of legit Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants in Quezon City, particularly in Banawe area, and one of which is Xiao Nan Men.

If you haven't heard of Xiao Nan Men before, it is actually a family-owned restaurant located at Z Square Mall along Banawe, QC. It's dishes comprises of various (and numerous) Chinese and Taiwanese specialties that will surely satisfy your Chinese cuisine cravings. A few months back, I was able to try out their best sellers and I was definitely impressed!

Xiao Long Bao - P199 for 9 pieces

First on our Taiwanese cuisine journey was their Xiao Long Bao. I am huge fan of dumplings and this one definitely did not disappoint! The wrapper was easy to pierce but not exactly too thin. The soup was refreshing and the whole thing goes well with their sauce.

01 April 2017

When in Guam - Ypao Beach and Park

During my recent visit to Guam, I was so decided on visiting the beach. I felt like I was sun-deprived after spending too much time in school. We planned to go there during our second day but everyone else backed out. I still insisted on going there because I don't want to waste my time at the mall. And it was a great decision that I insisted.

Entrance to the beach and park
Walk to the beach

25 February 2017

Why I Love BeautyMNL.com!

There's nothing more convenient than purchasing everything you need online. For someone who rarely has free time, going to the malls to get supplies and necessities can be such a hassle. Moreover, there are tons of products that aren't readily available in malls, particularly skincare and beauty products. So it's quite a relief that I get to discover BeautyMNL.com.


If you haven't heard of BeautyMNL, it is an online beauty store that offers the widest range of brands and products. I know that it's the first time I'll be blogging about BeautyMNL but it wasn't actually my first time to purchase from them. I have probably shopped at least six times during the past six months, half of which was to buy skincare products for myself and the rest to buy gifts for girl friends.

23 February 2017

Sariwon: Enjoy Quality Korean Barbecue in Manila

I feel like everything Korean has literally taken over my life now. Aside from living in a part of QC where there are more Korean establishments than convenience stores, I also find myself getting hooked with K-dramas (Hello, Nam JooHyuk!!) and Korean variety shows (i.e. 2 Days, 1 Night). I haven't been to Korea aside from the airport lol, but I think we got the best of Korea right here in Manila! One gastronomic contribution this culture has shared to us is their Korean Barbecue. I've honestly tried numerous K-BBQ places here in Manila - from small legit ones, to commercialized ones. But there's this one Korean resto in BGC that is definitely incomparable as regards quality and service and that is, Sariwon.

The name "Sariwon" was derived from small town in North Korea where Mrs. Bum Im Koo mastered a recipe for Korean Beef Bulgogi. Seventy years after Mrs. Bum Im Koo opened her first restaurant, Sariwon is now hailed as one of the best restaurants in South Korea. Recently, it opened its doors here in Manila, particularly in Bonifacio High Street in Taguig and Promenade in Greenhills.

12 February 2017

Shopee expands Free Shipping and COD nationwide this Year of the Fire Rooster

Mobile shopping gets better this year as Shopee, one of the leading mobile commerce platform in Southeast Asia, announces that it will be the first mobile shopping platform in the Philippine to offer both buyers and sellers Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery Nationwide. This awesome news was made during the Chinese New Year to ride with the luck that comes with the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster.

During Shopee's Chinese New Year celebration, Shopee's Head of Commercial Business Macy Castillo shared that Shopee has reached over 3 million downloads in the country and has consistently been one of the leading mobile shopping apps in the Philippines. "Because of the program's initial success, we decided to expand our Free shipping and COD service, enabling a larger number of our sellers to attract more customers from over 900 cities and municipalities in the country, especially outside Metro Manila," says Castillo.

One advantageous feature of the Free Shipping and COD program is that more sellers on the platform will be able to ship out their products conveniently from their homes and offices without having to make a trip to a courier service outlet by simply requesting a pickup via the app with just a few clicks.

I've only downloaded the app on my iPad just recently and I was definitely hooked! I find myself browsing the app for a while. And I was amazed at how affordable most products are. You get to canvass too for the best price because there are now numerous sellers that are partnered with Shopee. Most of all shopping is safe because Shopee gets to facilitate the sale so that the buyer will be sure to receive the item and the seller to receive the payment.

Shopee is made available for download on the App Store and Google Play for free across the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan. To date, there are over 25 million downloads across these countries. For more information, please visit www.shoppee.ph

XO, Mish


11 February 2017

What's Hot for Prom 2017

Prom season is just right around the corner from where I live. I am pretty sure that everyone's prepping up for the same by looking for style inspiration and having their dresses made. If you have not made up your mind yet as to what you should wear, I have provided here some style inspiration for you to consider.

There are two fresh items that are definitely making it big this year. First are two piece gowns and the next are dresses with plunging neckline. These styles are not necessarily new, but they have absolutely made a come back this year.

For two piece items, I love ones that show a little bit of the waist. It makes one's waist appear cinched and smaller. Because of the higher waist, it also makes one appear taller. This one would work well for petite girls just like me. Here are some of my favorite prom dresses 2017 with such style:

As regards plunging neckline, these are best for simple dresses to make them seem interesting. You would not want a busy dress with this kind of neckline because it would be just too much. Just make sure to comply with your school's dress code if there are such. Otherwise, this dress would definitely make you a prom queen.

To know more about these items posted, please check out http://www.aliadress.com/

XO, Mish


08 February 2017

Fast, relaxing, yet effective treatments to make you svelte and stunning on Valentine’s Day

Not many ladies – or even gentlemen – care to admit it, but Valentine’s Day can be a cause of undue stress. The build-up to the romantic day of all time is known to bring some agonizing questions about how to land a date with your special someone, or maybe how to plan a rekindling of passion for those already in a relationship. Aggravating the already stressful prepping is, of course, how to look fabulous to make this an ultra-memorable night for the lovebirds.

And as February shows up on our electronic calendars, everyone suddenly seems to be in a rush to go on a crash diet or burn those calories at the gym. Rotundness is unacceptable and must be trimmed as soon as possible, and at least a couple of inches should be carved off the waistline. It’s hard to doll up for that date night when you are still trying to get fit to match the size of that stunning dress you have meticulously chosen; those extra pounds just might ruin the elegant cut, and that special night would be a disgrace.

Fortunately, cutting-edge solutions in the fields of cosmetology, aesthetics, and health are now available to help ladies avert their concerns about excess weight and love handles before the much-awaited Valentine’s evening.  Spending many days in the gym or exerting effort on physical activities may not even  be enough to slim down your figure in time but you need not worry anymore because the non-invasive treatments that are available would give you visible results in just one session which takes only 30 to 45 minutes, and is performed by a qualified clinical specialist in a private room where you can take that power nap while undergoing the procedure. 

Unlike traditional surgery, no skin is cut, and no recovery days required away from home or office. After the treatment, the patient can rush back to her next meeting or share a cup of coffee with her friends. It would be business as usual – except that more calories  and fat substances would have been removed instantly. Some of the annoying bulges would have even been tucked and trimmed. Look more closely, and the skin covering the arms, legs, and stomach where the treatment has been focused would seem firm and well-toned. 

“Results can be seen after just one session in one of our treatments,” says Dr. Lalaine Salazar, the Medical Director of the SvelT’i Health & Beauty Centre in Quezon City. “It may not be a dramatic removal of three inches off the waistline, but a half-inch loss has been known to happen. That’s a lot more than the patient would have accomplished had she run around the block, or lifted weights for a week. We take regular measurements on weight and waist size, among other statistics, and monitor the patient's improvement in each and every session.”

“We note the changes and study how we can support our patient to achieve her goals,” continues Dr. Salazar.  “The programs we design are customized, and correspond to each lady’s physiology, skin condition, and medical history. While all of these women want to slim down in the soonest possible time, each approach is different, and each treatment is calibrated specifically to bring out the best result in each one.”

Two treatments in SvelT’i are instrumental in helping the patient attain her preferred body size and weight, while shaping the less flattering parts into a new and attractive leanness:  the I-Curve by I-LIPO, and Thermogenic. These machines break down the undesired fats painlessly from within as they emit rays and pulses into the affected areas. They work with the body’s innate health-inducing physiological processes to eliminate the toxins and impurities that contribute to the weight loss and skin toning.

During the I-Curve by I-LIPO procedure, pads are placed on the regions which need to be slimmed or toned down. Dual waves of low-level laser rays focus on the built-up fat and the triglyceride that it contains. The body’s fat-burning process will be stimulated, causing it to tear down all those accumulated elements that have led to excess weight. Once the fat has been broken down into acids and glycerol, a vacuum massage will siphon these liquefied impurities out of the body. As a final touch, RF reproduces collagen which rejuvenates and makes the skin firmer.

Thermogenic also works with the body’s mechanisms and has the patient literally sweat the fat out while lying comfortably inside it. This time, Far Infrared Rays that go through her skin jumpstarts her metabolism. The body is also detoxified as fat cells, cellulite, waste, and other toxic substances are purged, with an equivalent of burning 600 – 800 calories per treatment. Added health advantages are improvement in blood circulation, and fresh bursts of energy replacing the common lethargy brought about by too many sedentary hours in front of the computer.

“Our solutions use the latest advances in science, research, and technology to tap into the body’s intrinsic design to restore health and eliminate possible triggers for illness,” says Dr. Salazar. “That’s why we get optimal results. It might take a few sessions to shrink down to your ideal dress size, but the result from the first session can definitely encourage you. Some of our patients changed their wardrobe to fit their new lean, mean – and attractive frame after only a couple of sessions.”

That certainly is good news to the stressed, and always-on-the-go ladies who fear that they may not have the time to make themselves look stunning and svelte for the Day of the Hearts. Through these latest beauty treatments, they can be fit and fab just in time for Valentine’s.

To know more about SvelT’i’s treatments, please call (02)332-7546 / 09188-SVELTI (783584) for free consultation or visit our clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City from Mondays to Fridays from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. You may also follow us at our social media pages SvelT’i FB page at www.facebook.com/sveltiph and IG & Twitter account @SVELTI_PH and Pinterest @sveltiph.

XO, Mish


28 January 2017

When in Guam - Oceanview Hotel and Residences

We rarely go overseas to travel. When we do, we'd usually go in batches (by twos or threes) just because it's too costly for everyone of us to travel. Last year, we were able to grab a seat sale at Cebu Pacific to Guam for only less than P5000 per head so my parents decided that it would be nice for everyone to come.

Since we were on a budget, we had to be wise when it comes to looking for a hotel. We stayed at Days Inn Hotel in Tamuning during our last visit but it was too far from any bus stop and we weren't planning on renting a car. I ended up canvassing at Agoda for a hotel that is cheap, near a bus stop, has a pool, and can accommodate five people. My search landed me to Oceanview Hotel and Residences.

When in Guam - Oceanview Hotel and Residences
Oceanview Hotel and Residences
When in Guam - Oceanview Hotel and Residences
Hotel side
When in Guam - Oceanview Hotel and Residences

21 January 2017

Althea Korea Launches New App + Haul

2016 was indeed a big year for my fave K-beauty destination online - Althea Korea! Aside from expanding to three countries this year, that is, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia, it was able to launch a mobile app just before the year ended to make shopping easier for us. The said app is now available in both iOS and Android. I suggest you try shopping using the app. It was meticulously improved during the past months to make sure that your shopping experience would be flawless.

Anyway, let me share to you my recent haul from Althea. I cannot recall how many boxes have I gotten from them! And this time, I was able to receive their limited edition Holiday box. There’s always something new that I wanted to try out from their site. I actually have tons of Korean skin care products that I haven't even tried yet. Here goes my haul:

15 January 2017

New Year, New Shoes

One quote about shoes have pretty much made an impact to me ever since and I am pretty sure you have all heard of it. It says, "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world". For me, it means that we can achieve anything if we dress and play the part. This year, I believe that conquering the world should definitely be one of our goals. And there is no other way to reach that goal than by strutting the world in our hot heels.

To start the year right, it is just refreshing that we get ourselves new footwear. Not that you might badly need a new one, but I guess there is something about starting the year with new things that would make you feel like you are leading a new life. It could give you a feel that you are a changed person. A perfect pair of stilettos can do just that. 

Shopping for new shoes can be quite easy especially when done online. I personally prefer shopping for shoes online because there are tons of sites that offer tons of products and one of which is FSJ Shoes. Anyway, they got lots of items to choose from but here are some items that are stylish and hot for the new year:

Burgundy Glitter Python Stiletto Heel Wedding Shoes
Coral Red Elegant Bow Stiletto Heel Bridal Shoes
Vita Grey Crystal Square Buckle Stiletto Heel Bridal Shoes
Silver Floral Elegant Stiletto Heel Bridal Shoe
Green Mirror Leather Crystal Square Buckle Stiletto Heel Wedding Shoes
Champagne Lace Rhinestone Stiletto Heel Wedding Shoes

If you are looking for a new start, or to conquer the world, or to simply purchase a new pair of hot stilettos, just visit FSJ Shoes and enjoy their vast collection of footwear!

XO, Mish


14 January 2017

Mama Lou's - Evia Lifestyle Center

I am honestly a noob when it comes to South. But when I was invited by Mama Lou's to visit its newest branch at Evia Lifestyle Center, I know I just had to go! If you haven't heard of Mama Lou's yet, it is an Italian restaurant owned by probably one of the coolest couples I know. And this place always gets packed! You should see the crowd at their UP Town Center branch as it gets crazy there during weekends. But this place is definitely worth lining for!

08 January 2017

What 2016 Has Taught Me

Everyone has to agree with me that 2016 has been one crazy year. I cannot say it was crazy awesome, but probably just plainly crazy. We were faced with changes that we probably were not expecting at all (such as bizarre Presidents, legends dying, etc.) Nevertheless, the previous year, crazy as it seems, has taught me so much more than what I have expected. I mean I am not even expecting anything grand to happen last year. It's just that there was so much that happened the past year that has made me stop and think and this rarely happens! Anyway, here are some of the things that I learned during the past year:

1. Always try something new
For someone who has her hands filled, I am always afraid to do something new or to venture out into anything that I am unfamiliar with. I am super OC that I prefer sticking to a plan or routine. You could say that I'm such a tita or lola when it comes to trying out new things. And when asked to go out, I would often say that I am too old for that. But I learned that going out actually did me good. I gained new friends and learned when I should trust people because I could be too trusting at times. I learned how to loosen up as compared to my old stuck up self. I realized that it's never wrong to have fun, too, as long as you are not doing something illegal or hurting other people. I learned that it's okay to make mistakes as long as you correct yourself or do not repeat the same thing again. For someone who looks like 21 (sometimes 12), I'll definitely never be too old to try new things out.

2. Never settle
The best advice I probably got last year was from a classmate. I cannot recall how he said it in verbatim but it was like, "You are golden. Always know your worth". With that, I learned how to not settle. Period. Most especially when it comes to relationships. I actually thought I was ready to get into a relationship a few years back but I figured I'll never be ready. I don't see myself with anyone right now or in the near future. I mean it's probably nice to finally date someone, but I'd never compromise my standards. With so much going on with my life, I don't want to be limited with the choices available to me right now. I am pretty sure that just right around the corner there's always something or someone better for me. And if there's none, I am definitely cool with it. 

3. You'll never be ready for anything
The best thing that I finally learned/mastered(?) was learning how to go with the flow. I hate it when things don't go my way, but I realized that there will always be things that are beyond my control. Looking back, I find myself  funny because I was so stressed out in my academics when I started out in law school. I sometimes still gets stressed out lately, but mostly I see myself as calm and collected. I learned that I perform better that way. It is not that I don't give a damn about everything anymore because I am still extremely concern about how I perform. But I have learned that there are things that we cannot change anymore and there are times when we can never be 100% ready. So I'd rather put on a brave face and try to deal with things one day at a time. I try not to fear things that aren't worth it, and try to put all my energy into things that I could still improve. 

During the past years, my focus was on how to improve my blogging and how to stay in school. I guess for 2017, the goal is the reverse, that is, how to get out of school. I might have to relax with blogging as I focus on my academics and life. I drown myself with things to do that I forget to live. It's nice to go out with friends, meet new people, than get stuck in my virtual world. There's so much things waiting for us to discover in the world. But for now, graduation and bar exams it is for me!

Hope this year goes well for you! :)

XO, Mish



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