27 April 2013

Romwe Haul + Summer Classes

Apparently, another haul post will be up again this week! If you have noticed, I rarely post about my hauls cause I do not really shop often. I prefer to spend money on food rather than spend it on clothes and I only shop for new clothes if I really need it or if I desperately want it. Anyway, two packages from Romwe.com came in this week and I was so giddy to see them when I came home from school. Although the customs fees seemed to have increased, I am still lucky that the post office mails my packages straight to our house. I have noticed though that if packages are bulky or placed in a box, it takes a longer time for them to deliver the package. But I won't complain, cause I don't even know where the post office is at our area. :p

Bart shirt! When I first saw this on Lookbook, I just have to purchase one! :)

The material of this Red Shift Dress is thicker that what I expected. It has a pretty color, but the fitting is not that flattering on me. I'll probably have it altered.

I now have a favorite skirt! This Retro Ruffle Skirt from Romwe fits me well. It's flow-y and very cute when worn. Will post an outfit using this one soon!

Lastly, I got this bag from Romwe as a gift! Don't you just love the colors and print? :)

The Bart shirt would always be my favorite among the items in this post. Anyway, I am on a week vacation from school now. However, that does not mean that I have more spare time. I got a research paper to finish and I have an exam next week. So far, I am enjoying my summer classes. It's quite tiring having to commute everyday when it's 35 degrees outside, but my classmates are really interesting and amusing. They are carefree and they crack jokes every now and then. They are probably five years younger than me so spending some time with them makes me feel young, too. Lol!

XO, Mish

26 April 2013

I Braved Barre3!

I am no stranger to sports and fitness. I tried volleyball and swimming when I was in elementary and got hooked with dancing, gymnastics and cheerleading when I was in high school and college. I only stopped working out when I got pregnant and luckily, I did not put on weight the entire time. However, my asthma recurred which I was already able to overcome. My doctor recommended that I exercise again and try to stay fit.

I considered going back to Providence Gym near La Salle where I last enrolled, but it would not be convenient for me because of the location. I would also like to try out new exercise routines to keep me focused and interested. When I came across Barre3 Philippines' Facebook page and found out they are offering community classes for free, I signed up immediately.

22 April 2013

Giordano Jeans Haul

My dad could be the random-est person ever. Out of nowhere, he invited my mom, my sisters and I to drop by at  the Shell of Asia at NLEX to check out the Giordano and Adidas outlet. He visited the area the previous day and saw some affordable jeans that could fit us.

It was an hour drive from our place but I am definitely glad that he invited us! We got some nice jeans for such an affordable price. If you could see in the photo below, the jeans I got are only P650.00 (more or less $16) instead of P2199.00 (more or less $55). What a steal!

What I love most about these jeans is that a size 24 fits me. :p I usually wear a size 26/27 jeans so these pants makes me feel good about my self. Ha ha! I definitely recommend you guys to drop by at Shell of Asia outlet. They also have items for guys. My dad actually bought a pair of jeans for P650.00 only! It's located at the Southbound lane right after Sta. Rita exit. :)

XO, Mish

20 April 2013

See You at Pink Parlour SM Pasig!

I am pretty sure that people from the west of the metro would love this great news! Pink Parlour have recently opened their second branch at A-Venue Mall in Makati so that people from the south could have an access to their superb services. This coming April 23, they are about to open their third castle at SM Pasig to cater to your nails, waxing and tanning needs. :)

A-Venue Mall Branch

I have actually visited their A-Venue Branch few months ago (and their SM North branch just recently) and I was awed by their super cute interior design and their very accommodating employees. I would, without a doubt, recommend their Brazilian waxing service among their services. Less pain, but definitely satisfying results! Don't forget to check out their different treatments so you could select what's best for you. :)

SM Pasig branch!
In line with the opening of Pink Parlour's latest branch, they are offering BUY ONE GET ONE FOR ALL SERVICES at their SM Pasig Hypermarket branch! Don't forget to bring your best friends and try out their award-winning services! :)

Pink Parlour SM Pasig
Unit 155, SM Center Pasig, Frontera Verde, C5 Avenue, Brgy. Ugong PasigCIty.

You may reach them at:

Mobile: +63 906 2108506 (Globe) 
            +63 922 2119817 (Sun) 
            +63 998 4535148(Smart)
Telephone: +632 6219836
Email: smpasig@pinkparlour.com.ph
or at their website and Facebook and Twitter pages

XO, Mish

16 April 2013

Say Hi to the Latest Pink Parlour Brazilian Survivor!

Last January, I held a giveaway in time for my blog anniversary entitling the winner to undergo a Brazilian wax treatment from Pink Parlour. Among the participants, Chona was the one who won the giveaway. When I found out that it was her first time to have a Brazilian, I decided to go with her so that I could share with her my Brazilian waxing experience and also to personally meet her. :)

11 April 2013

Five Essential Items For Your Suitcase This Summer

Getting your holiday packing right can be hard. What to take and what to leave behind can cause hours of agonizing decision-making, so if you’re about to jet off for a week, here are a few essential items no one should be without this summer.

A holiday read

With busy work lives and hectic social schedules, many people just don’t have the time to read. A holiday is a great opportunity to get stuck into a good book and it will give you something to do as you top up the tan so buy yourself the latest page-turner and get reading.


A mainstay of all sunny holidays, a good pair of sunglasses should be carried with you at all times. Not only will they shield your eyes from the harmful rays, keeping wrinkles to a minimum, they also give you instant glamour and style, perfect if you’ve over-indulged the night before.

A guidebook

With online forums and internet reviews, the humble guidebook seems a little old fashioned these days. However in some countries, internet access is still sketchy and who wants to spend hours online when they’re away anyway? 

Bringing a pocket guidebook on holiday is still a good idea and most have maps, restaurant listings, opening times and other useful information that may prove invaluable on your trip. Some even have a few phrases included to help you communicate in case of emergency.

A camera

These days there’s almost no point going on holiday unless you can show your friends holiday snaps when you get back. 

Many people upload their photos the moment their plane touches the ground but to do that you’ll need one very important device – your camera! Some digital cameras even come with instant sharing functions allowing you to automatically upload your snaps to Facebook or other social media platforms – perfect for those looking to show off at every turn.

Fake tan

For most of our favourite holiday destinations, the sun is virtually guaranteed to shine for at least some of the time, but just in case, pack a little bottle of fake tan to give you a healthy glow if the sun won’t come out from behind those clouds.

XO, Mish

* Photos are from Google Images :)