17 February 2014

Mi Mieux Shoe Haul from Lazada

Hello loves! Have you ever wondered why some things were unexpectedly given to us when we most needed it? That is what I felt when I received these Mi Mieux flats from Lazada. I am in dire need of school shoes the past few weeks cause some of my flats have completely given up on me. Anyway, let me share to you the pairs that I got!

Mi Mieux Chase Ballet Flats (Maroon) - http://www.lazada.com.ph/mi-mieux-chase-ballet-flats-maroon-87274.html

Mi Mieux Chelsa Ballet Flats (Black) - http://www.lazada.com.ph/mi-mieux-chelsa-ballet-flats-black-87275.html

Mi Mieux Clara Ballet Flats (Blue)

These shoes are definitely a steal! Not only are they affordable by themselves, but you could get them for a much cheaper price. You could get P100 off with voucher code and nothing surely beats that deal! They are very comfortable (as I could walk in them all day) and they appear very sturdy. The material is washable and breathable. The black flats is definitely my most favorite! I now use it almost everyday. It just goes well with anything. The blue pair is actually a size bigger than the two. I usually wear a size US6 and the blue pair is a size EU37, while the other two are size EU36. Nevertheless, they all fit me well. I am one happy girl! :)

XO, Mish

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PPS, Today's my blog's second anniversary! Watch out for a giveaway coming your way! :D

06 February 2014

Malling in Style: The New Mega Fashion Hall

The Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall’s game changing new wing, opened last January 28, 2014 as a premier shopping, dining, and lifestyle destination.

Global Fashion Brands. Together. Here

What’s trending at the new Mega Fashion Hall?  It is home to the flagship stores of the world’s most popular fashion brands Uniqlo and Zara.  Many new global brands will be opening their first store in the Philippines at the new wing, including Denmark’s Vero Moda, Spain’s Pull & Bear and Uno de 50, LA based Joe’s Jean’s, London’s Savile Row and Burton, French shoe brand Nao de Brasil, and US skincare label Philosophy.

It is also the future home of the much awaited Swedish retailer H&M, which will open its first store in the Philippines in the middle of the year.

Contemporary Cuisine

It’s a moveable feast at the Mega Fashion Hall as it brings together some of the most exciting international dining concepts – Hong Kong’s Michelin Star dimsum restaurant Tim Ho Wan, the first Saint Marc’s CafĂ© of Tokyo, and gyoza specialist Osaka Ohsho.

Foodies will also love homegrown specialty restaurants like Abe, artisanal pastries at Chez Karine, and the hearty Viking’s Buffet.  And of course, the Mega Food Hall opens up a whole new world of dining possibilities.

Lifestyle and Leisure

The Mega Fashion Hall sets the standards for premier leisure and entertainment.

Here, film enthusiasts can enjoy the larger than life IMAX Theater, as well as private screening functions at the Director’s Club, which has its own butler service.

An Olympic- sized ice skating rink and a fully computerized 14- lane Bowling Center complete the new mega lifestyle experience.

Don't miss out on these features from this awesome destination! Visit Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall now! :)

XO, Mish

04 February 2014

Celeteque Anti-Stretch Mark Cream Review

The thing about stretchmarks is that it does not only occur during pregnancy. It could happen unexpectedly when your skin's elasticity has changed or when you lose some weight. And no, it does not happen only in the tummy. It appears everywhere: thighs, calves, bottoms, arms, and more. You name it. 

I've had a lifelong battle with stretchmarks myself. I've had them since I entered adolescence due to frequent changes in weight. However, my stretchmarks before were very minimal. After I got pregnant and have Z, they became more prevalent. To my dismay, I had them almost everywhere. It was quite devastating cause it is something that it is hard to accept as a young mom. I eventually realized there is nothing but acceptance as I have to embrace every part of motherhood. But I found hope again when I was able to try out Celeteque's Anti Stretch Mark Cream.

Post pregnancy. See the stretchmarks on my tummy?

I actually never believed in creams that could effectively remove stretchmarks because I have tried tons of brands and products before. None just seem to work. And some dermatologists actually recommend expensive laser treatments to effectively remove stretchmarks. Nonetheless, I am giving this product a try cause it just seems to be promising. I actually got a sample of this cream from Sample Room so I was able to start using it since December.

Information about the product and expiration date
Directions for use

What I love most about this product is that it smells nice. My sister didn't like the scent too much, but I love how I don't get dizzy from smelling it. Some other lotions have the tendency to do that. The squeeze bottle is very easy to use too. It dispenses just the right amount every time I use it. The bottle itself has expiration dates so you'll get track of how long will you store the product. For a student like me, this product seems to be a bit pricey. But if compared to other products which offers the same claim (of preventing and removing stretchmarks), this one is definitely much cheaper. I also think moms and moms-to-be would definitely find this product very affordable.

Dry, scaly skin before application...

As regards the cream itself, I find it very moisturizing and easy to apply. It penetrates into the skin easily and leaves a cooling sensation after application. It definitely leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother after use. With regard to the removal of my existing stretchmarks, I have not seen much results yet. I've only been using it for two months and my stretchmarks seem to be resilient (especially the ones which I had pre-pregnancy). But the texture have definitely improved from its previous condition and the visible lines became less prominent. However, they are not yet entirely gone. 

Moisturized and healthy skin after!

This product is definitely a must try for moms and soon-to-be moms! It was able to improve my skin condition in just a short span of time. But patience is a must in using this product, because stretchmarks, especially resilient ones, cannot be removed overnight. It always takes time. I think that it is always best to prevent stretchmarks rather than have it removed when it's already there (this product is safe for pregnant women, by the way!) Though this condition is always attributable to genes, we could always prevent it by using anti-stretch mark creams such as this one from Celeteque.

Hope this review helps you in your battle against stretchmarks!

XO, Mish

02 February 2014

Visit Ysabel's Daughter at the Mega Fashion Hall

Last Tuesday, Ysabel's Daughter marked its first day during the opening of SM Megamall's Mega Fashion Hall. If you haven't heard of Ysabel's Daugter, it is the first locally produced bath and body line that is all 100% natural. Hence, their products are chemical-free, has no preservatives, and has no toxic materials. Located at the upper ground level of the mall (in front of H&M! :)), you won't miss their humble shop!

Ysabel's Daughter's lovely kiosk at the Mega Fashion Hall

Aside from being 100% natural, this brand is also proudly Philippine made. Their company is run entirely here in the Philippines, yet it is internationally competitive as regards its products. Ysabel's Daughter is not only proudly Pinoy but is has been supporting and contributing to causes of various foundations around the country.

Ysabel's Daughter's wide range of products - from body scrubs, body washes, lotions, and more!

As you all know, the opening of Ysabel's Daughter happened at the same time as the launch of the Mega Fashion Hall. Here are some of the moments that I have captured during the event:

Fashion show of various brands located at the Mega Fashion Hall
Guests enjoying the new wing of the SM Megamall
Dainty cupcakes by Baked by Anita
Bizu Macaroons!

Of course, we didn't miss the chance to meet the owner of Ysabel's Daughter, Ms. Cristina 'Coty' Cruz. Upon seeing her, I have to say that Ysabel's Daughter must be really effective in maintaining the skin as she has really nice skin! She was kind to explain to us how she started this humble business. In her desire to give only the best to her family just like how her mother, Ysabel, did, she challenged herself to come up with an entire line of bath and body products the uses the finest, natural raw materials gathered from around the world mixed into gentle creams, soothing lotions, and luscious scrubs, giving generous portions on essential ingredients. Ysabel's Daughter is not just about offering beauty to Filipinos, but also offering health and wellness at the same time.

Ms. Coty further explained to us their products. Since these are made from natural ingredients, these are fit to be used not only by adults but also by kids. Be sure to use these products in two years time though since these have no preservatives. So far, their best sellers are the Olive Body Scrubs for women and the Peppermint Body Wash for the male. Yes, even male customers love Ysabel's Daughter. Who wouldn't love wellness, beauty, and health in a bottle?

Thank you so much Ms. Coty and Ysabel's Daughter for inviting us on your launch! More power to you!

Goodies from Ysabel's Daughter! Can't wait to try out these products. :)

Visit and follow Ysabel's Daughter's sites:
Website - http://www.ysabelsdaughter.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ysabels-Daughter/147871648652047

XO, Mish