31 August 2013

Last Flash Sale From Romwe This August!

Don't miss out on Romwe's last flash sale this month! All of the items on the list are up to 50% or $19.99 each! This ends very soon! :)

Go to http://www.romwe.com/manage_activity/Best-Sellers-Flash-Sale/

XO, Mish

$10 Cash MSDRESSY GIVEAWAY! (One Week Only!)

Today I'm partnering up with Msdressy to give away $10 cash to my lucky readers! Msdressy, one of my favorite online stores, has an amazing selection of affordably priced homecoming dresses. Take a look at some of my current favorites below (all under $100!)

To Enter (Mandatory):
1. Register at Msdressy here. (It just requires your email address and takes about 2 seconds.)

2. Like Msdressy on Facebook here, and share this giveaway here on your facebook with the following caption: Join #MsdressyGiveaway at @LBD and Onesies. Visit http://www.mishrendon.com now!.

3. Leave a comment below with your (1) email address (the same one you used to sign up) and the (2) link to your shared post (click timestamp).

You must complete all three steps for an entry.

The giveaway will be open for one week, closing on September 9 at midnight. Good luck!

Please note:
1. Winner(s) will be selected at random.org , and the $10 Cash you win will be sent via Paypal.
2. One winner will be selected from every 50 participants. That means 1 winner out of 50, 2 winners out of 100. The more people take part in, the more winners there will be! 

Good luck!

XO, Mish

30 August 2013

Red China by Super Bowl

As you all know, my family and I are always on a search for a new restaurant to try out. I would absolutely say that Chinese cuisine is on the top of our list! I have noticed that Pinoys have this special inclination towards Chinese food. There's just something about Chinese food that completes our special occasions or gatherings. It's probably because of the richness of the dishes or just because. :) 

Just this month, the owner of one of the most popular Chinese restaurants here in the Philippines, Super Bowl of China, has came up with a new Chinese restaurant for people from the North to try out! Red China by Super Bowl is not your ordinary Chinese resto for it does not offer Chinese dishes from the different regions of China, but Chinese cuisine from the East Asia and South East Asian Region.

28 August 2013

Swish Mouthwash and Breath Spray Review

Every single day, we encounter different people from all walks of life. And, it is very rare that we do not engage in conversations with anyone for a day. Personally, I cannot last an hour without talking. While it is nice to engage in such conversations, I think it is important that we always maintain a fresh and pleasant-smelling breath. We owe it to the person we are talking to. :p

An instant way to achieve fresh breath, aside from regularly brushing out teeth, is through using mouthwashes. Honestly, I never liked mouthwashes cause they sting. I always end up spitting it after three to five seconds which is such a waste and would probably be not enough to do the job. But anyway, I gave Swish a try to see if it has the sting that other mouthwashes have. 

Swish, an oral care brand of Innovitelle, offers alcohol-free mouthwashes and breath sprays that are healthy and safe to use by anyone. Their products have Surefresh Technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria, prevents plaque build-up, tooth decay and gum disease. The use of their products will effectively and safely give you long-lasting minty fresh breath.

Swish Mouthwash is available in 5 variants to match your preference:

  • Gentle Mint—Icy Choco Mint (freshness of mint with the goodness of chocolate flavor without the guilt in a sugar-free formulation) 
  • Mild Mint—Mangosteen Mint (minty treat with the right touch of fruit blended in)
  • Strong Mint—Peppermint Fresh (right minty fresh feeling for an awesome cooling sensation)
  • Super Strong Mint—Cinnamon Blast (mix of mint with the perfect blend of cinnamon flavor)
  • Intensely Strong Mint—Arctic Chill (right blend of cool and minty with that extra kick of freshness)

Swish Mangosteen Mint Mouthwash (SRP - P75.00)

It is recommended to use the 20ml of Swish Mouthwash twice a day and gargle for 30 seconds to achieve best results. I tried the recommended dosage for the Swish Mouthwash and it was definitely tolerable. While I did not last 30 seconds gargling the mouthwash cause there's a little bit of sting (after all it's a mouthwash!), I was able to endure at least 15 to 20 seconds of gargling. At first, it tasted fruity then the cool mint taste comes after. I definitely have to try the Icy Choco Mint variant!

What I love about this mouthwash is that it is ready to use, unlike other mouthwashes that needs to be mixed with water. This comes too in several sizes to fit your needs (or your bag). The Mangosteen Mint variant has a minty taste which is just enough and not too strong. It is also safe to use everyday cause it's alcohol free!

Swish Arctic Chill Breath Spray (SRP - P105.00)

On the other hand, Swish Breath Spray is a convenient means of giving you an instant fresh breath. By spraying one or two pumps in your mouth, germs and bacteria in the mouth are quickly killed to eliminate bad breath caused by eating, drinking and smoking. It is alcohol free and sugar free, hence, it is also safe to use anytime. This one comes in Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh Variants. It is very economical since a bottle can last up to 100 sprays!

See how this conveniently fits my pocket? :)

I was quite skeptical in using the Swish Breath Spray cause the variants were the ones with strong mint flavors. But I was quite surprised when I actually tried it, it does not sting at all. It tastes minty, but definitely not too strong. Any yes, my breath was instantly improved by using the Swish Breath Spray. I recommend this one to people who smoke. 

This year, Swish will be having several Say Swish booths deployed in leading supermarkets and drug stores nationwide where customers can sample the different variants of Swish with different minty levels for free at the Say Swish booths. With this, you could find the right Swish variant for you! You can also bring home freebies such as a free photo from our booth and other premium items when you purchase any Swish product. Swish products are available in supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide.

For more information about Swish and their products, visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/SwishPhilippines

XO, Mish

26 August 2013

Romwe Labor Day Sale

Labor Day in the States is special to me cause it usually falls on my birthday! :) This day is definitely special for Romwe, too, cause they are having a huge sale in time for this event. 

Sale utems are up to 84% off. What a perfect way to stock up on your fall wardrobe!
Valid dates are from Aug.27th to Sep.2nd only
Don’t miss it, girls!
Go to: http://www.romwe.com/Labor-Day-Sale-c-290.html

XO, Mish

25 August 2013

Z's First!

I've always wanted to maintain this blog as a personal style and mommy blog, but I do not think I was able to keep it as such. So now that Z's a little bit older, I intend to post more photos of me and Z and also share about our experiences. I won't lecture about hard core mommy/wife stuff cause that's just not me. And since this is still a personal style blog, I would also like to share to you Z's outfits. They're not as extreme as Alonzo Mateo's ootds, but my Z is and will always be the most adorable and gwapo baby for me no matter what he wears. :D 

Shorts (Grizzly) and Slippers from SM Department Store

Baby Gap shirt
Z's silly smile!

Here's what Z wore to his pedia appointment for his immunization. Anyway, those slippers I got from SM Department Store are super worth it! They're only P199 each (minus 10% off cause I got them during the 3 day sale). They last Z 3 months at most (although they're still in good condition) because we have to move on to a new size. I recommend buying only 1 or 2 pairs of shoes at a time cause they shift sizes so quickly! The same goes with clothes. :)

Hope to share more of Z's kiddie outfits with you, guys! :D

XO, Mish

23 August 2013

Save Money on Your Next Shopping Trip

Shopping trips can either be a success or a disaster, that is, you get to spend less than what you actually intended. Whether you are saving up money or not, taking measures to ensure that you spend less on each shopping trip will always be beneficial to you.  For one, you get to save some money for other necessaries. And, you’ll have enough to shed out in case of emergencies, especially during this typhoon season. Anyway, I have come up with a list of things you have to keep in mind before and during your shopping trip:

Photo from http://www.fashionlady.in

1. Make a list
It is important that you know what you need. Do you need milk and eggs or a new pair of stockings? Be specific. By this, you get to lessen your spending and you won’t be able to purchase things which are not so necessary (or your wants) that would only clutter up your homes.

2. Use coupons
Lots of people are missing out on the discounts they could get by failing to use coupons. There are tons of coupons for food, groceries, and other necessities that are hiding in the newspapers or are available online. There are even discount vouchers for clothes, shoes and accessories and restaurant coupons such as Wendy’s coupon to help you save up on your dining trips. I am not saying that you go crazy couponing. But if you are given an opportunity to use one or two, go grab it! 

3. Fill yourself up before heading out
This will definitely save you lots of money! When you go grocery shopping and you see all the delectable food in the aisles, you have this tendency to grab a snack afterwards. Be sure to eat ahead so you avoid this kind of unnecessary expense. 

4. Avoid temptations 
If you know that beauty products entice you, please avoid that section already. Or if you have to literally close your eyes, please do so cause you’ll still end up buying one (or lots) of unnecessary products even if they’re not on your list, just because of that temptation that you deliberately failed to avoid. 

Photo from http://www.riversidemarket.net

Although I still believe that we have to reward ourselves every now and then, avoidable and unnecessary expenses should not be incurred every time we have to go on a shopping trip. In times like this, it is essential that we spend only on things that we actually and really need. I hope this list would help you out save and spend less. Happy shopping! :)

XO, Mish

22 August 2013

Romwe Flash Sale! All for $19.99 only!

Romwe's back with a new flash sale on some of their bestsellers!  It will start this coming Friday which will run for 48 hours only! $19.99 each for any of these items plus free shipping!
Don’t miss out on this one, girls!
Visit Romwe for more details: http://www.romwe.com/manage_activity/Best-Sellers-Flash-Sale

XO, Mish

21 August 2013

Firmoo Free Glasses - Your Must-Have Fall Fashion

1. New Customers get your first pair free at Firmoo.com right now! Check out more products!

2. All free code eligible eyegwear at that page is offered in limited quantities every day. First come, first served!

3. For new customers only. One pair per person.

4. All free frames come complete with 1.50 single vision lenses, complimentary cases, cleaning cloth and other accessories. You just need to pay shipping.

5. Full refund for dissatisfaction.


(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)

New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at Firmoo.com right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served!

Furthermore, Firmoo currently partner with 4sponsor, a safe, easy & efficient platform where we released cooperation opportunities there. For this reason, you can try to look for your suitable opportunity there. Begin your first try now!

About Firmoo
Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

XO, Mish

20 August 2013

Feel Fresh All Day with pH Care Feminine Wipes

It's hard to maintain a fresh feeling all day especially when you're out. I seriously don't know how other people do it. A few minutes after stepping out of the house, I immediately feel haggard and icky. And I have to endure that feeling the entire day since my classes are usually at night! Good thing I could freshen up my face and body with baby powder and mild cologne or a splash of water on my face. :)

However, there are some areas of our body that needs freshening up more often and I am talking about our intimate area. While there are tissues available in some washrooms, they are not enough to keep us feeling fresh down there all day. And besides, it is not convenient to wash our intimate area every time we pee. 

Good thing there are feminine wipes that can help us effortlessly freshen up our intimate area anytime and anywhere! These wipes are easy to use and do not leave fibers unlike regular tissues. ph Care Feminine Wipes are hypoallergenic, clinically tested, and alcohol free. They are also pH balanced to match the pH level of our intimate area. Hence, these wipes are safe for use everyday and whenever you need it. 

The Cool Wind variant of pH Care Feminine Wipes has ActiveCool for that extra cool freshness with every use. If you have tried the Cool Wind variant of pH Care Feminine Wash, this one has a similar refreshing and cool effect! They conveniently come in a pack of 10s which is just the right amount to maintain its moisture as they tend to dry up after some time. Plus, this one fits my makeup bag just right!

In my opinion, pH Care Feminine Wipes are very convenient to use especially that most of the washrooms in my school and even at malls do not have tissues available. And there is definitely a fresher feeling down there right after using as compared to when using just tissue alone. My intimate area feels cleaner especially on the days when I have to stay outside the whole day. The cloth has enough moisture and is very soft. It has also the right size to cover the entire area. And for only P40 per pack, this is definitely a cheap way to maintain a clean and fresh intimate area!

pH Care Feminine Wipes are manufactured by Unilab (who also brought to us Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub) and available at supermarkets, drugstores and beauty outlets nationwide. :)

XO, Mish

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19 August 2013

End of Season Sale at Romwe!

Is your closet ready for the upcoming season? If not, don't miss out on Romwe's End of Season Sale this August 20th. More than 1000 items will be on sale and some items will be sold for up to 70% off! The special discount will last up to a week and items sold out won't be restocked anymore. Here are some of the best sellers offered at the sale:

Zippered Black Floral Bandeau | Black Leather Bandeau | Red Simple Bandeau | Purple Galaxy Print Bandeau | Pink Floral Print Bandeau

Mint Green Lace Cut-out Shift Dress | Black And White Striped Dress | Cut-out Back Rose Pleated Dress | Golden Sequin "Bandeau Peacock " Dress | "Cat Face" Black Dress | Asymmetric Riveted Royal Blue Dress

Galaxy Print White Gauze Splicing Swimsuit | Single Shoulder Falbala Swim Suit | Blue And White Checkered Print Swimsuit | "U.S. Flag" Bikini | "Universe" Swimsuit

Do not miss out on this sale! To see all of the items on sale go to: http://www.romwe.com/close-out-sale-c-235.html

XO, Mish

17 August 2013

Romwe Dresses Giveaway!

I seriously can't get enough of Romwe's beautiful dresses. In my opinion, Romwe's dresses are head turners by themselves! I actually got myself a gorgeous dress from them just recently. Can't wait to show it to all of you soon.  Anyway, I am so happy that I would be able to personally share to you in my blog these dresses because Romwe.com is giving away three lovely dresses for my lovely readers. :)


1. Golden Metal And Tassels Embellished Black Dress
2. Riveted Shoulder Pink Dress
3. Black Kitty Dress | 


This giveaway is open internationally! :)

The giveaway will run from August 17 to August 31.

Winners will be chosen through random.org and will be contacted through email.

Prizes will be shipped directly to the winners by Romwe.com.

HOW TO ENTER: (Please use the rafflecopter application!)

To be eligible to enter: (MANDATORY!)
1. Register an account at Romwe.com
2. Like Romwe's Facebook page
3. Like my blog's Facebook page
4. Follow Romwe on Instagram (@romwe)
5. Follow me via Instagram (@mishrendon)
6. Leave a comment

For extra entries: (These are optional. But of course, more entries will give you more chances of winning!)
1. Follow me on Twitter
2. Follow me via Bloglovin
3. Follow via Email
4. Follow me on Lookbook
5. Tweet about the giveaway
6. Post the giveaway on Facebook
7. Share giveaway poster

Good luck, loves!

XO, Mish

PS, Don't forget to join my other ongoing giveaways HERE!

15 August 2013

Romwe Flash Sale! (All for $14.99)

Just when I thought Romwe's sale was over, they came up with a new flash sale for all of us! What's great about this sale is that all of the items on the list are only $14.99 each. :D What a deal! All of the items included in the sale were their bestsellers which they have restocked. Anyway, here are some items included in the flash sale that I personally like:

1. Lace Denim Shorts
2. Dark Grey Cardigan
3. Printed Elastic Skirt

Super slim price flash sale!  Only 48 hours!
Hot items back season!  Only $14.99!
Don’t miss it, girls!
GO: http://bit.ly/14Op93O

XO, Mish

PS, Watch out for a bigger sale from Romwe in the coming days! Happy shopping! :D

Early August Shopping at Romwe!

1. Feminine Bowknot Cream Blouse
2. White Bandeau Peplum Dress
3. V-neck White T-shirt

4. Asymmetric White Shorts
5. White Shallow Lace-up Canvas Shoes
6. Pink Rabbit Hand Mirror

I got most of these items on sale! (Hurrah for sales!) The white bandeau dress which was originally sold at $57 was at sale for only $30+. The white origami skorts, on the other hand, are now only $29 each! So check out Romwe.com now cause you might get some items in your wishlist at a discounted price! :D

Don't forget to check out Romwe's sale page, too, cause they post new items almost daily! Anddddddd, they currently have a Back to School Sale with more than 600 items for only $5 and up! :D

So many beautiful and hot items are waiting for you : Oversized Aztec Denim Coat,
ROMWE Vertical Stripe Black-White Leggings , Gold-tone Riveted Mint Jumper, etc.
Go: http://www.romwe.com/SCHOOL-DEAL-c-181.html

XO, Mish

13 August 2013

Shoe Haul!

Have I told you guys that I only started wearing flats regularly when I was already in law school? I used to wear flip flops all the time! Even to school. :|:) It's a good thing that my generous blog partners sent me these flats and booties so I could add more to my small shoe collection. Thank you so much!

Would you believe that these shoes were on sale for only $29 at Romwe when I got them? This pair is perfect for the rainy weather. Although I don't think this would be good enough for the floods in Manila. :p

09 August 2013

Firmoo's August Giveaway!

Eye maintenance can be quite expensive. When your eye grade increases, you also have to upgrade your glasses to match your current prescription. Good thing there are online glasses shop like Firmoo.com, which does not only offer the lowest prices of prescription and non prescription glasses online, but they also let you get your first pair of glasses from them for free via the First Pair Free Program!

This month, Firmoo is giving away several pairs of glasses from the Classic Series Collection through my blog. Just scroll below for more deets! :D

07 August 2013

Lazada Philippines gears up for next wave in online shopping

Filipinos are taking over the online shopping scene in Asia! According to an online consumption study conducted by Nielsen, Filipinos are among Asia-Pacific’s most active online shoppers.

That’s not all there is to know about online shopping in the Philippines. Filipinos are reportedly the most savvy at filling up their virtual shopping carts, as 72% of Filipinos use the Internet for product research – bagging the title of being the most active bargain-seekers in Asia, what with the exponentially increasing Internet penetration in the country. 

Lazada, the #1 e-commerce site in the Philippines is geared to handle the demand for making products easilyv available. It recently acquired a 6000-square-meter warehouse facility that processes orders as efficiently as possible. 

With more than 20,000 products on its website, Lazada.com.ph is the ultimate digital shopping destination, where shoppers can avoid long lines, heavy traffic, and cumbersome product handling. For added convenience, Lazada even offers free shipping and next-day-delivery for Metro Manila orders, as well as multiple payment options such as Cash on Delivery, Paypal, credit card,  ATM transfers via Megalink, and BDO installment plans at up to 24 months. 

Not only that, but attractive deals, promos, and regular flash sales pique the interest of Filipino shoppers online, appealing to the “bargain-hunter” mindset. 

Are you part of the digital revolution and exercising your right to shop? Here’s another savvy deal for you: just sign up on the mailing list and get a PhP 200 voucher to use on your next Lazada purchase! 

For more information on discounts, promotions, and updates, visit www.lazada.com.ph, subscribe to our newsletter, like us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/LazadaPH), add us on twitter @lazadaph.  

05 August 2013

Romwe's Shirts and Shorts $9.99 Sale!

You can never have too many shirts and shorts. They're the comfiest thing you could ever have in your closet. What I love about Romwe's basics is that they are not your typical basics. Their items have that extra something that could make them fashionable and street-style-ready on their own. Good news for everyone! Romwe's having a huge sale on their basic items from August 6 until August 11 only! 

So many hot items are waiting for you: Dollar Sign Print T-shirt, Skull Hand Black T-shirt, Simpson Print Denim Shorts, etc. for only $9.99 and above!

Want to get them?

Go: http://www.romwe.com/T-shirts-X-Shorts-c-187.html

XO, Mish

03 August 2013

Bellast x LBD and Onesies Jewelry Giveaway!

My fave jewelry store, Bellast, is having a huge giveaway for all of you! They have the most elegant and prettiest jewelry online (in my honest opinion) for such an affordable price. If you are not convinced with how gorgeous their jewelries are, here is a review I made featuring their products. Anyway, let's cut this short and head on to the good part!


1 winner will win a piece of jewelry (one from the choices above) from Bellast.com

Bellast Jewelries when worn


This giveaway is open internationally! :)

The giveaway will run from August 3 to August 31.

Winners will be chosen through random.org and will be contacted through email.

Prizes will be shipped directly to the winners by Bellast.com.

HOW TO ENTER: (Please use the rafflecopter application!)

To be eligible to enter: (MANDATORY!)
1. Register an account at Bellast.com
2. Like Bellast's Facebook page
3. Like my blog's Facebook page
4. Leave a comment below.

For extra entries: (These are optional. But of course, more entries will give you more chances of winning!)
1. Follow me on Twitter
2. Follow me via Instagram (@mishrendon)
3. Follow me via Bloglovin
4. Follow via Email
5. Follow me on Lookbook
6. Tweet about the giveaway
7. Post the giveaway on Facebook
8. Follow Bellast on Pinterest
9. Share giveaway poster

To get your own Bellast Jewelry now, just visit Bellast.com and be amazed with their beautiful collection! Don't forget to use the code, 30off2013, to get 30% off your orders. :)

Good luck, loves! And, stay fab!

XO, Mish