30 May 2013

Cell Booster Infusion Mask: Flawless' Most Advanced Facial to Date

Last Tuesday, I was invited by Flawless to try out their latest service - the Cell Booster Infusion Mask. It was my first time to have a facial done so I did not really know what to expect. When I was younger, I did not actually see the need to have a facial. I used to have clear skin, but lately I would get zits every now and then like a teenager. Good thing I still have some GCs left from Flawless and Nuffnang. I could put them to good use by having facials regularly! (Thanks to Mr. Joel of Flawless for convincing me!) :)

29 May 2013

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 - Designer Shows + Grand Allure

Last Sunday, my sisters and I witnessed some of the shows during the last day of the Philippine Fashion Week. Watching PFW shows has become a time for us to bond and share our love for fashion. :) Here are some of the photos we took during the shows:

Dax Bayani

28 May 2013

Pink Parlour's Snow White Underarm Treatment

With more frequent rains and cooler weather, it's time to finally bid summer goodbye. It also means that it's whitening season again. Tan lines are out and fair and even skin are back! But some areas of our body, such as our underarms, are meant to be kept light and even all year long.

Dealing with my underarms has been a life long ordeal. I've always had uneven skin tone on my underarms due to shaving, plucking and using deodorant. It even got worse when I had my son. I've tried different whitening products and deodorants for my underarms, but I haven't found one that worked well for me. Luckily, I was able to try out Pink Parlour's Snow White Underarms Treatment.

27 May 2013

Sassyfied: Nutmeg's First Blogger's Forum

Nutmeg Flip flops are definitely not new to me, considering I own a few pairs myself. They're too affordable that you can't resist nor regret buying one or two or three pairs. :) Each pair ranges from P60.00 to P200.00 only! 

A new sensation to tickle your soles has come to town. From the sister brand Banana Peel, Nutmeg flip flops are made to cater to the young and fancy, free spirited individuals who just can’t get enough of the flip flop craze but are mostly budget-conscious. Nutmeg flip flops come with a variety of cute and quirky collections made from durable materials. Expressing oneself through unique designs that spells comfort and fun, being classy and sassy is never pricey.

24 May 2013

May Haul

Finally! Some of the packages I've been waiting for since March has arrive. Some, I think, are still with the customs though. But I am definitely glad these arrived before Sunday's Philippine Fashion Week shows which I will be watching with my sisters. :)

Blazer, shirt and pants from Cichic.com

Collective haul from Romwe.com (I had to let go of the sunnies though cause they're too huge for my face.)

Shirt from Udobuy.com

Shoes from Sammydress.com

Blazer from Romwe.com (Did not open it cause it's a present for a friend)

Sample Room haul! Can't wait to try out these products. :)

Hopefully, the other packages I am expecting would arrive soon. The waiting game with the post office and customs is kind of tiring, don't you think? Anyway, I'll do outfit posts of these items soon!

XO, Mish