30 May 2013

Cell Booster Infusion Mask: Flawless' Most Advanced Facial to Date

Last Tuesday, I was invited by Flawless to try out their latest service - the Cell Booster Infusion Mask. It was my first time to have a facial done so I did not really know what to expect. When I was younger, I did not actually see the need to have a facial. I used to have clear skin, but lately I would get zits every now and then like a teenager. Good thing I still have some GCs left from Flawless and Nuffnang. I could put them to good use by having facials regularly! (Thanks to Mr. Joel of Flawless for convincing me!) :)

29 May 2013

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 - Designer Shows + Grand Allure

Last Sunday, my sisters and I witnessed some of the shows during the last day of the Philippine Fashion Week. Watching PFW shows has become a time for us to bond and share our love for fashion. :) Here are some of the photos we took during the shows:

Dax Bayani

28 May 2013

Pink Parlour's Snow White Underarm Treatment

With more frequent rains and cooler weather, it's time to finally bid summer goodbye. It also means that it's whitening season again. Tan lines are out and fair and even skin are back! But some areas of our body, such as our underarms, are meant to be kept light and even all year long.

Dealing with my underarms has been a life long ordeal. I've always had uneven skin tone on my underarms due to shaving, plucking and using deodorant. It even got worse when I had my son. I've tried different whitening products and deodorants for my underarms, but I haven't found one that worked well for me. Luckily, I was able to try out Pink Parlour's Snow White Underarms Treatment.

Romwe Leggings Flash Sale

 Have you join the fashion legging part?? Don’t out of this fashion!!
Romwe Leggings Flash Sale ! $19.99 for any pair. 3 days only!
GO>> http://www.romwe.com/manage_activity/19.99-flash-sale/

XO, Mish

27 May 2013

Sassyfied: Nutmeg's First Blogger's Forum

Nutmeg Flip flops are definitely not new to me, considering I own a few pairs myself. They're too affordable that you can't resist nor regret buying one or two or three pairs. :) Each pair ranges from P60.00 to P200.00 only! 

A new sensation to tickle your soles has come to town. From the sister brand Banana Peel, Nutmeg flip flops are made to cater to the young and fancy, free spirited individuals who just can’t get enough of the flip flop craze but are mostly budget-conscious. Nutmeg flip flops come with a variety of cute and quirky collections made from durable materials. Expressing oneself through unique designs that spells comfort and fun, being classy and sassy is never pricey.

26 May 2013

Romwe Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day also means the start of summer!  Holiday is coming, as well as beach, sunshine, barbecue etc. 
Are you ready for your holiday?  Have you prepared bikinis, sunglasses, hats?
For this reason, Romwe is holding a 20%off sale, where you will find your favorites

1.       20% off selected items
2.       Date: 05/25/2013―05/27/2013

Go: http://www.romwe.com/Memorial-Day-Sale-c-211.html?pp=3400

XO, Mish

24 May 2013

May Haul

Finally! Some of the packages I've been waiting for since March has arrive. Some, I think, are still with the customs though. But I am definitely glad these arrived before Sunday's Philippine Fashion Week shows which I will be watching with my sisters. :)

Blazer, shirt and pants from Cichic.com

Collective haul from Romwe.com (I had to let go of the sunnies though cause they're too huge for my face.)

Shirt from Udobuy.com

Shoes from Sammydress.com

Blazer from Romwe.com (Did not open it cause it's a present for a friend)

Sample Room haul! Can't wait to try out these products. :)

Hopefully, the other packages I am expecting would arrive soon. The waiting game with the post office and customs is kind of tiring, don't you think? Anyway, I'll do outfit posts of these items soon!

XO, Mish

23 May 2013

Romwe Worldwide Leggings Giveaway

Romwe have updated the rules to their previous Instagram giveaway. Those who does not have Romwe leggings yet may now join! :) Here what you have to do to enter:

1. Take a photo in Romwe leggings if you have or post a screenshot of Romwe leggings on our website if you don’t have
2. Post with @romwe #romwemay “I’m xxx(name), I’m in xxx(city), I wear Romwe leggings”  on Instagram
3. Mark your location
4. Follow Romwe on Instagram
5. Expired time: 06/09/2013

Check the contest (@romwe) to know how to join:

XO, Mish

21 May 2013

Join Pink Parlour's Hair Free Day!

Pink Parlour Philippines, our favorite waxing, tanning and nail salon will be celebrating Hair Free Day once they have gained 10,000 likes on their Facebook page. All of their Facebook fans will have the chance to avail of their signature Brazilian waxing treatment (originally priced at P900) for only P265.00! Other services such as half leg waxing (originally priced at P600.00) and underarm waxing (originally priced at P350.00) will be available for 70% off! :) So like and share their page now and be sure to tell your friends to like their page as well!

For more info, please visit these sites:

See you at Pink Parlour's Hair Free Day!

XO, Mish

Romwe Outlet Flash Sale

Romwe Outlet Flash Sale !  Up to 80% OFF!  200+ styles!
Limited supply!  No restocking once sold out!  Only 3 days!
Hurry up >> http://www.romwe.com/manage_activity/Outlet-Flash-Sale/
From 21st to 23rd May.

XO, Mish

18 May 2013

Romwe Pinterest Event

Romwe is holding a pinterest event!  The winner will get $150 freebies.

How to enter:
1. Follow http://pinterest.com/romwe and create a new Board called "Romwe Wishlist".
2. Pin Romwe items to your "Romwe Wishlist" Board and add #Romwe to every item you pin (PS:  this board can only contain items from Romwe and don’t repin items from other pinners.)
3. Send your "Romwe Wishlist" board link to pinterest@romwe.com

Go: http://pinterest.com/pin/233202086927435911/

Good luck!

XO, Mish

17 May 2013

Romwe $9.99 Sale

In China, the number '9' is considered lucky as it means permanence, hence, it is being used everywhere! With that, Romwe launched a lucky “$ 9.99” catalogue including shirts, cases, collars, accessories, etc.  It is available now and will continue until supplies last! No more restocking once the items are sold out!

GO>> http://www.romwe.com/ALL-$9.99-c-179_205.html

Happy shopping!

XO, Mish

16 May 2013

Latest Romwe Shopping Cart

Here are some of the items I purchased from Romwe.com the past month. I got most of them on sale so I was able to get a huge discount! 
Peace Symbol Black Vest (Got it on sale for only $17!)

Antique Faux Fur Studded Watch

Colored Mirrored Lenses Visor Sunglasses

Diamante Butterfly Pendant Necklace

White Rippled Cuff Shorts

Single-breasted Rose Blazer (On sale for only $28.99!)

Cream Sleeveless Bow Tie Blouse

The last two items on the list are gifts for my mom and one of my best friends. I believe that it is always best to share our blessings with people around us. :) Can't wait for these items to arrive!

XO, Mish

15 May 2013

Leggings Flash Sale!

Romwe biggest leggings flash sale
Date: 05/15/2013 -05/17/2013
Only 72 hours!  Go!
Link: http://www.romwe.com/manage_activity/300+Crazy-Leggings-Flash-Sale/

11 May 2013

Romwe Jewelry Sale!

Only 48 hours! 4.99$ jewelry sale on Romwe, up to 80% off! See this amazing promo here http://www.romwe.com/manage_activity/4.99-mothers-day-gift/

Happy shopping!

XO, Mish

10 May 2013

Real Techniques Brush Giveaway c/o Kalm Cosmetics!

Hey, make up lovers! You would not want to miss this awesome giveaway. Kalm Cosmetics, an authorized retailer of Real Techniques and Mehron here in the Philippines, brewed up something for you!

THE PRIZE: (For all participating bloggers)

2 winners of Real Techniques Travel Essentials
3 winners of Expert Face Brush

A total of five winners will bring home goodies from Kalm Cosmetics! :D


The giveaway will run from May 11 to May 24 only.

Winners will be chosen through the Rafflecopter app installed in Kalm Cosmetics' Facebook page.


1. Like LBD and Onesies Facebook page
2. Follow @mishrendon on Twitter
3. Head on over to the Kalm Cosmetics Rafflecopter application to earn more entries! 

Good luck, ladies!

XO, Mish

09 May 2013

Be Red Carpet Ready with Efoxcity

I am sure that we were all amazed and inspired by the gorgeous and unique gowns worn by our favorite celebrities in the recently held Met Gala. Every girl, in some point of their lives, have dreamed of wearing fabulous gowns and dresses. These dresses, especially designer ones, can cost you thousands of dollars. But in Efoxcity.com, you can get these formal dresses under 100. They can recreate your favorite red carpet looks for a more affordable price!

1 | 2 | 3

Aside from those red carpet looks, they also have homecoming dresses under 100 and discount wedding dresses for your special occasions. It's nice to spend a huge amount for dresses when it comes to important events in our lives. But sometimes we have to be practical and avail of a product that has almost the same quality in a much affordable price. Just in case you're wondering which celebs are on my best dressed list, here's my top 3 Met Gala looks:

(Photos from Google Images)
Miranda K. | Anne H. | Emma W.

Who's on your best dressed list? :)

XO, Mish

08 May 2013

Romwe's Instagram Leggings Giveaway

Everyone is a super model!! We can show our feeling about clothes, life and love. We should shout it out and let others know our feelings. Because if you don’t tell others, others wouldn't know it. Show your feelings!! Romwe is holding an activity, encouraging everyone to show their feeling about their leggings. Here are the mechanics:

1, Take a photo in Romwe leggings
2, Post with @romwe #romwemay “I’m xxx(name), I’m in xxx(city), I’m wearing Romwe leggings”  on Instagram
3, Locate your positions
4, Follow Romwe on Instagram

Here is the example:
Time: 05/09/2013 to 06/09/2013

Check the contest (@romwe) you will know how to join:

Good luck!

XO, Mish

07 May 2013

Firmoo's May New Arrivals + Giveaway!

Whether you use prescription glasses or use glasses for fashion and fun, Firmoo.com definitely has a pair for you! As the world's largest and most popular eyeglasses store online, Firmoo carries lots of frames to choose from. They also got prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, which are perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Of course, these pairs are affordable too! Vision and fashion the frugal way will always be their aim. Recently, Firmoo.com has launched new pairs of glasses for you to try out! Here are some of my favorites in their new arrivals:

Want to see these glasses when worn? Want to know how to style them? Here are some photos of Firmoo glasses being worn by fashion bloggers:

Link to the glasses worn: http://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-1017.html

Link to the glasses worn: http://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-1944.html
Link to the glasses worn: http://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-1025.html

These Firmoo glasses could go as low as $8 only! If you do not have a budget yet to buy a new pair, you may try out their First-Pair-Free program. This program is open to everyone all over the world. Even the new arrivals for May are included in this promo and all you only need to do is pay the shipping costs! Head on over to http://www.firmoo.com/free-glasses.html to check this promo out!

Now onto the giveaway!

1. Go to Firmoo's Free Glasses selection (http://www.firmoo.com/free-glasses.html) and choose which pair would you like to win.
2. Leave a comment below with the link of the glasses you'd love to have from Firmoo and your email address.

If this post gets 50 valid comments in one week, Firmoo.com will be giving away a pair of glasses to 1 lucky winner! :)

I'd love to hear which pair is your favorite!

XO, Mish

02 May 2013

Summer Finds from Sheinside.com

Nothing shouts summer better than wearing pretty floral dresses! These dresses not only captures everyone's eyes, but they are also very comfy and relaxing to wear. What I love the most about these dresses is that they can be worn in the mall, park, beach, or anywhere else you can imagine. Anyway, here are some of my favorite summer dresses from Sheinside.com:

Summer Dressses

Summer Dressses by mishrendon

1. White Sleeveless Bandeau Floral Tank Dress
2. Black V Neck Short Sleeve Swan Print Pleated Dress
3. Apricot Sleeveless Butterfly Print Belt Chiffon Dress
4. Pink and Blue Ruffles Sleeve Chrysanthemum Print Chiffon Dress
5. Black Spaghetti Strap Floral Pleated Dress
6. Green Sleeveless Floral Pleated Tank Chiffon Dress

Of course, this season won't be complete without donning a cute summer shorts. Every girl should own a pair of shorts. They're versatile and easy to pair with. Just match it with a cute graphic tee and you're good to go! 

Summer Shorts

Summer Shorts by mishrendon

1. Pink Asymmetrical Geometric Pockets Shorts
2. Khaki and Black Block Straight Shorts
3. Vintage Candy Color Low-waist Shorts Yellow
4. Blue Rivet Pockets Tassel Denim Shorts
5. Black Pockets Red Hearts Pattern Knit Short
6. Blue Denim Embroidered Cross Shorts
7. White Elastic Waist Floral Shorts
8. Blue High Waist Flanging Heart Print Denim Shorts
9. Black and White Plaid Pockets Shorts

All of the items in this post are from Sheinside.com. No wonder they carry all these amazing pieces, they've been an established online shop since 2008. They are based in China and they offer in their store fashionable clothing, bags, shoes, accessories and more! To see more of their collection, visit their website (http://www.sheinside.com). 

XO, Mish