28 May 2013

Pink Parlour's Snow White Underarm Treatment

With more frequent rains and cooler weather, it's time to finally bid summer goodbye. It also means that it's whitening season again. Tan lines are out and fair and even skin are back! But some areas of our body, such as our underarms, are meant to be kept light and even all year long.

Dealing with my underarms has been a life long ordeal. I've always had uneven skin tone on my underarms due to shaving, plucking and using deodorant. It even got worse when I had my son. I've tried different whitening products and deodorants for my underarms, but I haven't found one that worked well for me. Luckily, I was able to try out Pink Parlour's Snow White Underarms Treatment.

I was actually supposed to have my legs waxed when I visited Pink Parlour's SM North branch. (they got branches at A-Venue and SM Pasig, too!)  But due to some problems, that procedure did not push through. I was instead offered Snow White Underarm Treatment by the super nice and accommodating staff of Pink Parlour since I cannot have my underarms waxed, too.

Cute and confy cubicle for waxing and other treatments

First, I was asked to remove my shirt so that the product won't stick to it. I had a towel over my body though so I won't be naked all throughout the procedure nor won't I feel cold. My underarms were then cleaned to remove sweat and deodorant, if there are any. Then, a white mousse-like mixture was generously placed in my underarms. I had it on for 30 minutes so that it would penetrate my skin fully. My arms were up the whole time so that the mixture would stay in place. Lastly, my underarms were cleaned again using cotton with water.

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The entire procedure did not sting a bit. The mixture did not even smell, too. The bed was comfy so I was ultimately relaxed the entire 30 minutes I was there. I had my contacts on so I wasn't able to sleep. I enjoyed the music though. :) Even if I do not have the guts to post a photo my underarms yet, I can assure you that there was a slight brightening of my underarms after the procedure. I was informed though that it usually takes six to eight sessions of the Snow White Underarm Treatment for a person to see desired results depending on the condition of one's underarms.

With my lovely and accommodating Snow White Underarm Treatment technician. :)

Having fair and even toned underarms can do so much for a woman. She can wear sleeveless clothes with ease and without any hesitations. She can move freely! Amazingly, it can also boost her confidence instantly.

If you want to gain confidence or simply want white and even toned underarms, you should try out this Snow White Underarm Treatment from Pink Parlour. It is affordable at only P800 per session, takes only 30 minutes, and does not sting or burn your skin unlike other whitening and peeling products. They likewise have Snow White V Treatment to whiten your bikini area. 

To know more about Pink Parlour and their whitening services, just visit these websites:

XO, Mish


  1. I think I really need to visit Pink Parlour! Hehe


  2. Lovely. I do believe that we should take care of our skin coz uneven skin tone can make a big difference. :)


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  5. Wow sounds like a great procedure - thanks for sharing hun! x, Kat

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