27 April 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

I got addicted with online shopping when I was pregnant with Z. It is convenient cause I won't have to exhaust myself in the mall. You just have to browse through an online shop's products, order for items you want, settle your payment, and wait for your items to arrive through the mail. Easy, right? But be aware that there are safety risks when purchasing from random people online because there are cases of bogus sellers and some packages even get lost. If I had only known Zalora then, I would most probably have made my purchases there! They basically have everything! They have a huge selection of clothes for men and women, shoes and accessories for all ages, children's clothes and babies' feeding needs (They have Tommee Tippie bottles!), and more. They offer free shipping for all orders anywhere in the Philippines. And the best thing about Zalora is that transactions with them are easy and safe, even if you choose to pay via credit card, bank deposit or COD) No more bogus sellers and scammers!

Anyway, I'd like to share to you some of the items I want/need from Zalora! I initially wanted everything, but I'd keep my list short with the things I need. :) Some of you probably know that I am about to enter law school this coming semester and I have actually already enrolled. (Yay!) I figured that the laid back "beach wear" I used to wear in college is not anymore appropriate for law school. I need to basically change my wardrobe with more proper pieces. 

1. Katy & Abbey Black Patent Flats

Sad to say (LOL), my flip flops won't be proper to wear to law school anymore. So I need something  comfortable, but classy such as this black patent flats. This would be dressy enough but would still be perfect for walk-athons around the University Belt area. This pair would be my stepping stone to wearing office heels on a regular basis.

2. Kelsey SL Combi Dress with Sash

This cocktail dress would be perfect to wear to days where I need to report in class or during other special events. This dress goes a long way when paired with the right pieces. It looks comfortable with its light colors and its simple style. Hello corporate look!

3. Fletcher Checkered Contrast Cuff Shorts

Of course, I have to include things for my baby on my wishlist! Z's growing up so fast and most of his clothes do not fit him anymore. This pair of shorts would be perfect for when Z's already a year old and can already be brought outside. Its getting hotter and hotter everyday which makes him perspire so much, so a pair of shorts would be a better choice than pants. He could use this and have outfit posts with me! :)

4. Tip Toey Joey White/Navy Shoes

When I saw this cute pair of shoes, I just have to get it for Z! I have not bought any shoes for Z yet (except for the ones he wore during his baptism), cause I can't see why babies need to wear shoes when they can't walk yet. I find shoes on small babies uncomfortable. Anyway, this shoes would be perfect for Z to practice his walking. :)

5. I Love Koi Asy Knots Luxe Maillot

Okay, so this is not a need. :p But I really, really want to have a new swimsuit! I used to have tons of two piece swimsuits. Unfortunately, I can't wear them anymore because of my visible mommy marks and C-section scar. This piece would be perfect to give me a subtle sexiness while hiding all the flaws. I'd definitely wear this to a last minute summer outing to the beach!

There you go! Sign up for Zalora to get your own 250 pesos voucher! :)


So what's in your Zalora wishlist? 

XO, Mish

25 April 2012

The UP Journey

Graduating from college is one of the happiest moments of my life! I never thought I'd get into the University of the Philippines in the first place, so surviving and getting out safe and alive is definitely one of the greatest things that I have ever achieved. Getting in the university was tough. I was actually rejected. I have already applied for other schools, but I really wanted to get into UP. I eventually asked for reconsideration from one of the campuses that I have initially applied, and I was finally accepted.

The journey inside the university was even tougher. My one year experience in the the Los Banos, Laguna campus was definitely life changing. I have lived with my family all my life with the luxury of always having a yaya to do everything for me. And there I was, sent to place far away from home with no one but me. I was actually lucky that I still get to go home every weekends, while some people I know only have semester breaks to go back home. The best thing about studying and living in LB was that I learned how to be responsible for myself. I have to budget the 1,000 pesos weekly allowance I receive for all my expenses (including food, fare, photocopying of reading materials, cellphone load, etc.), wash my own clothes, prepare my own food, encourage myself to wake up early for my 7am classes, and many more. Luckily, my room mates, cheer friends, and block mates were able to help me get through all that!

I transferred to the Manila campus after a year cause I figured out that the course I was taking was not really for me and I wanted to transfer to a nearer campus. I got into the Development Studies degree program and I was definitely satisfied with it. It is the perfect pre-law course for me. Again, staying in Manila was not easy. Taft Avenue probably has the worst drainage systems in Manila cause it gets flooded (up to the ankle, sometimes when the rain is really bad, up to the knees) just after a few minutes of rain. I always wear flip flops to school so that I won't get my shoes destroyed by the flood. Traffic in Manila also drives me crazy! It takes me around 2 to 2 1/2 hours just to get to school from home. I have to leave early so I won't get late for my usual 8:30 am class. There was a time when I had to leave at 5 in the morning cause I had 7 am classes for a few weeks. Things got a little bit easier when we rented a dorm in Manila for me and my sisters who were going to college as well. My grades in some of my subjects were terrible. It took me 4 takes before I finally passed Math 11 or College Algebra. I had to live for a month with the masses in Dasmarinas, Cavite for my practicum. I had my share of terror professors and crazy hell weeks. Despite all that, I am proud to have been a college scholar for one semester.

After 4 years and an extra semester, I am happy, and sad at the same time, to say that THAT UP journey is now over. I am happy because I was able to survive! They say that getting in UP is easy and getting out is actually the hard part. I'd say that both were not easy to achieve, so I am really proud of myself. On the other hand, I am sad because I am now closing a chapter of my life that I have really enjoyed and loved. Gone are the days that I'll be walking the corridors of Rizal Hall, or finding my way inside UP-PGH. Those days will be surely missed!

There are tons of people that I would like to thank as I close this chapter of my life. First, to my parents who gave me nothing but the best in life. They provided me and my sisters with all the luxuries in life even if they were not able to experience those luxuries when they were our age. They sent us to the best schools and instilled on us great values in life. To God, who showered me and my family great blessings, including baby Z. To my siblings who loved me and sometimes loaned me money when I need it. :p To all of my friends and relatives who supported me all throughout my college journey. I am so happy that there are people like them who are proud of me and appreciate what I do. I'd also like to thank my professors who might have embarrass me in front of the class, but gave me the knowledge I'll be needing in the "real" life aside from the regular lessons they are teaching in class.  Without the support and love of these people, I am not who I am today. I hope I made all of you proud!

Congratulations Batch 2012! :)

XO, Mish

24 April 2012

Prescription Glasses featuring Firmoo.com

I have been a bookworm all my life! But I developed bad reading habits such as reading in a dark room or reading while in a moving vehicle, hence, my poor eyesight. I actually did not need to wear prescription glasses until recently, when my ophthalmologist concluded that I need glasses to wear when I get back to school. Anyway, I love my eye doctor cause instead of persuading me to buy my glasses from him (which could cost me 3,000 pesos or around $60), he gave me a prescription and told me to get some cheap glasses outside! (You know how some doctors would do everything just to make more money from their patients.) Luckily, my very generous sponsor, Firmoo.com, sent me my first pair of prescription glasses!

I received a pair of black Unisex Full Frame Acetate Glasses. This pair only costs $42.70! It is definitely cheaper than getting my glasses from my doctor. Every pair of glasses bought from Firmoo.com comes with a spectacle case and eyeglasses bag, micro-fiber lens cloth, one screwdriver and extra screws. Anyway, I find this pair very chic and classy! I settled for acetate glasses cause I am very clumsy. I actually accidentally dropped the glasses already, but it is still good as new! No scratches caused by the drop at all.

I had a hard time choosing a pair because they've got tons of glasses to choose from and I really don't know what kind of glasses I want. Choosing a pair is actually simple if you already have a pair of glasses in mind, cause ordering from Firmoo.com is easy and organized. You can simply minimize your selection by choosing the size, shape, material, price, and type of frame of your glasses. I limited my choices by choosing among medium-sized aviator and wayfarer frames. You may use their try-on system and upload your photo to see if the pair you want will look great on you! I actually wasn't familiar with eye prescriptions so I sent the exact prescription made by my doctor to Firmoo and have them interpret it. I am extremely satisfied cause they got my prescription correct. The shipping was also fast. The glasses arrived only two weeks after I sent my prescription considering that they had to prepare the glasses and the package came all the way from China! 

I am definitely happy with my new glasses! Aside from I can now see things clearly, these glasses make me look smart. :p I also love the fit of the glasses cause it stays in place and does not droop down my nose. I did not have a hard time adjusting to my new glasses. I actually sometimes forget that I am wearing them! 

Visit Firmoo.com now to get your own pair! They are still offering free glasses for first time buyers and free shipping for two or more orders. Aside from prescription glasses for Men and Women, they are also offering prescription sunglasses

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XO, Mish