26 August 2016

Go girly on your next homecoming dance

There are times when you can tell the personality of a person just by looking at what he or she is wearing. The way we present ourselves can pretty much relate how we really are in person. The same goes with any expensive or cheap homecoming dresses. We could tell a lot about ourselves when it comes to the dress that we are wearing. A particular style or color could definitely reflect something about our personality.

For the girly and feminine type of women, going with lace and pastels could definitely bring out that girly girl in you. The Pink Mini Chiffon Lace Sashes Short Homecoming Dress is the best way to go straight out girly. The pastel shade is just too pretty and the cap sleeve details impeccably complements the same. 

This gorgeous White A-line High-neck Sash Chiffon Homecoming Dress could also give you that feminine vibe without too much pink. The shoulder details about definitely make you look regal and elegant, while the red and the white combination is a perfect way to make you look adventurous with its mix and match colors.

20 August 2016

Zaful Swimwear Haul and Review

If there is anything Zaful is known for, it is their wide collection of swimsuits and other beach wear. Fret not because their swimmies are extremely affordable. Anyway, I was offered by Zaful to review several items of my choice. I bet you couldn't imagine how thrilled I was as you all know I am a certified beach and swimwear addict (check Instagram for proof!) Anyway, here's my lovely haul!

First up is a red halter bikini with scallop design (US$11.17). I fell in love with this one upon seeing it in their website. It's something that perfectly suits me - not too revealing and has a unique design. This one definitely did not disappoint me. I got a small and it fits me okay. I should have gone one size up though because I gained some weight lol. The bottom's kind of tight on me but I intend to lose weight anyway. The top was adorable! It does not have underwires, but it has pads. I can't wait to wear this one on my next beach trip!

Prettiest bikini ever!!!

14 August 2016

OOTD-Ready with AmandaDress

In this age, being OOTD ready has become one of our top priorities. Admit it or not, we always want to look picture perfect every single time. Although there are issues in life that needs more consideration, I think that we owe it to ourselves to always look our best. One may say that it is confidence that really makes us feel beautiful. But I think a little effort in making ourselves look presentable can contribute in building one's confidence and self esteem.

Speaking of little effort, I do not think one needs to devote so much time in making themselves look presentable and decent. There are many ways by which one could become picture perfect without sparing so much time. I think the key to being OOTD-ready means being consistent. Sticking with a simple routine and ensemble could definitely go a long way. 


And when it comes to formal attire, there is nothing more simple and consistent than AmandaDress. Just pick one of their numerous cheap formal dresses and you are good to go! Their wide range of formal dresses could definitely give you that red carpet look. And when it comes to cheap wedding dresses online, AmandaDress also got you covered. They have the widest collection in prices that you will love. Check out more details about them at Amandadress.com.au

XO, Mish


12 August 2016

Dresslink Top and Swimwear Haul + Review

Remember my Dresslink wish list which I posted a few weeks ago? Dresslink just made my dreams come true by sending me each and every item on that list. I know that you're all looking forward to outfit posts but I'd rather review everything first so you could decide whether or not to buy at Dresslink. 🙂

What I love most about Dresslink is their extremely cheap prices. Their clothes go as low as $2 and up depending on the item you would get. Based on my previous shopping experience with similar sites, there's a hit or miss chance when it comes to shopping with them. It's like taking a risk because sometimes the products are great (perfect fit and material), sometimes so-so (like wrong sizes, or poor quality). But no one's complaining cause more often than not they are actually okay!

Anywayyyyy, here's my small haul! The first thing I got was a Blue Printed Off Shoulder Top (US$ 3.56). This one's my favorite among all of the items that I got. It is lightweight and perfect for summer. The fabric's breathable. I was worried that it would be too cropped. This one has a perfect length and not too short. The garter for the shoulders looks like it would loosen up after a few used but that's something you can remedy. I got a large (Asian medium size), but it perfectly fits my small frame lol.

Love the print!
Garter doesn't look sturdy, but that's no biggie for me

Another item that I got was a Black off shoulder Top (now US$3.33, but I got it on sale for US$2.64). I am a huge fan of off shoulder tops and this one did not disappoint me! It has a nice flattering fit.The fabric's stretchable but goes thin (yet opaque and looks quite shiny) when stretched. I would order one size up if they had sizes but this one comes in only one size. This one's for those who are accustomed to wearing small or extra small clothes.

07 August 2016

Rainy season ready with Ericdress

I cannot believe that we are through with half of the year already! It feels like the year has just begun. The coming of the "ber" months, as we call it, goes hand in hand with the rainy season here in my small tropical country and, I believe, autumn for the rest of the world. I am not a fan of rainy days, simply because it is such a hassle to go to school when it is rainy. Nevertheless, I enjoy rainy days because I get to dress up for it. It is the only time where trench coats and other thick and comfy outer wear are bearable to wear.

Trench Coats: http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-trench-coats-105209/

I am a huge fan of structured blazers and I like to wear them to school a lot. They give me a classy and elegant feel. I think that it is the perfect time to get them and I suggest that you really do get one now because they are sold for less at Ericdress. Aside from all sorts of blazers, from candy colored ones to polished black, they also have coats, such as fur coats and wool coats (for the coming seasons), and casual hoodies and denim jackets. I strongly recommend that you hoard now for the winter when prices for winter clothes go rocket high.

Outerwear: http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-outerwear-101886/

Of course, there are all sorts of products (and sizes and colors) that you could find at Ericdress and these are all to equip you to be ready for just about anything! For more details, please visit their website: http://www.ericdress.com/

XO, Mish


Benefits of Ovulation Tests

The typical woman's cycle last 28 days. They ovulate for around 3 days in the middle of that cycle. These are the days that they can become pregnant. Of course, this number can vary from woman to woman as each body is unique. Understanding when you are ovulating is very important for any woman. This is true for two reasons. Some women want to know when they are ovulating so that they can avoid getting pregnant. On the other side of the coin, some women want to know their ovulation cycle to know the best days when to try to get pregnant. 

The latest ovulation tests use some of the most advanced technology on the market to get accurate results for any women. They are simple to use. They are also cheaper than ever. Here are some of the benefits of using an ovulation test. 

  • Accuracy - Modern ovulation tests are more accurate than ever. This means that women are taking less risk than they ever have before when they use one. These modern tests prevent more mistakes than ever before. They also lead to more pregnancies than ever before. 
  • Simplicity - These tests are simpler to use than ever before. They just require a swab of saliva. This single swab can give the test all of the information that it needs to tell a female when her most fertile days are. 
  • Savings - The latest ovulation tests are now reusable as well. This means that they can be used over and over. The most modern ovulation tests have been known to save users about $400 dollars a year compared to ovulation tests in the past. 
  • Family Planning - Family planning is a birth control method that simply uses timing to prevent pregnancy. It isn't the most accurate form of birth control. An accurate ovulation test can go a long way towards effective family planning. 

Any woman that is trying to get pregnant or avoiding getting pregnant can benefit from an ovulation test. They are simple to use and cheaper than ever. This is giving users the best results when it comes to their family planning practices. Knowhen provides some of the most accurate and safest ovulation tests on the market today. They even come with packages to help first-time buyers save money on their ovulation needs. Check this out, if you are looking to get the most accurate and safest results when it comes to family planning, a modern ovulation test may be the best method for you.

XO, Mish


06 August 2016

Women Get Empowered All Around With NEW! PRIVA Perfect Care 2-in-1 Feminine Wash

The modern-day woman does not settle for anything less than perfect. From her style, to her look, down to every single detail there is to notice about her, she likes to take things up a notch. When it comes to her personal care products, she expects the same level up. Her intimate care needs are no different. In fact, Priva® is made precisely for the woman who wants more—and gets it! From the makers of pH Care, the Priva® line is the advanced whitening feminine wash used for everyday care of the modern-day woman’s intimate area with added benefits that specifically address her needs. 

Priva Assistant Product Manager Karole Santos, Chic Driven Co-Founder Issa Litton, blogger Denise Heredia, Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Phoemela Baranda at the Priva booth

Priva® partnered with the ChicDriven Women Empowerment Expo last July 16 to 17 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Ayala Center, Makati City. The expo was exactly the venue that drew Priva® women together: the ones who aspire for more and want to level up. With the “chic driven” woman in mind, the expo intended to “share, inspire, and empower women to truly have it all.” Since Priva®‘s latest variant, Perfect Care 2-in-1, highlights that same unbridled and uncompromised need of women to enjoy perfect intimate care, it came in as the perfect partner for the ChicDriven Women Empowerment Expo.