20 August 2016

Zaful Swimwear Haul and Review

If there is anything Zaful is known for, it is their wide collection of swimsuits and other beach wear. Fret not because their swimmies are extremely affordable. Anyway, I was offered by Zaful to review several items of my choice. I bet you couldn't imagine how thrilled I was as you all know I am a certified beach and swimwear addict (check Instagram for proof!) Anyway, here's my lovely haul!

First up is a red halter bikini with scallop design (US$11.17). I fell in love with this one upon seeing it in their website. It's something that perfectly suits me - not too revealing and has a unique design. This one definitely did not disappoint me. I got a small and it fits me okay. I should have gone one size up though because I gained some weight lol. The bottom's kind of tight on me but I intend to lose weight anyway. The top was adorable! It does not have underwires, but it has pads. I can't wait to wear this one on my next beach trip!

Prettiest bikini ever!!!

Another bikini that I got was this pink strappy bikini (US$9.49). This one is too cute! It's pink (although I was expecting a nude pink bikini). I actually had issues with this one because some straps were missing. I had to transfer the straps from the sides of the bottom to the bikini top. Other than that, this one has a great quality. The bikini is fully lined and has pads and the fabric is opaque. I am not sure though how this would look when wet. All in all, this one's a decent bikini for its price.

Some straps were missing, so I had to improvise lol!

I was kind of disappointed with my third choice - a floral print bikini. It was on clearance sale (for only US$8.92) when I got it and the only size left was medium. When I got the item, it was perfect. The quality is great. The print is pretty and I love the see through part in the bikini top. It is also padded and fully lined, but the size was off. It says medium on the tag but it looks like a large or extra large. I don't think I'll be able to use this one.

Medium, but looks like a large!

Lastly and probably the best among the items that I got was a coconut print halter bikini (US$9.77). It has the cutest design and the fabric isn't opaque (considering that it's white). It is fully lined with pads on the bikini area. I have a bikini with similar style so I pretty much know the quality of this one and it did not disappoint me. It doesn't have the support that I want but this one's definitely worth the price!

Less than 10 dollars! But look at the quality!

As I have always mentioned, buying from online shops always has its risk which includes sizing and quality. I could say that this shopping haul is alright since I was happy with some of the items that I got. I actually got a query on Instagram when I posted a photo of my haul about Zaful's services. I honestly told her that there were problems with some of the items. But don't you think that's a risk that we all take when we shop for extremely cheap clothes online? I mean, as compared to mall prices (I think one pair of bikini at the mall would cost $20 and up).

Anyway, I was able to get free shipping of my items to the Philippines and just paid customs fee of P200 (the items came in two separate packages). I think they offer free standard shipping for orders over $30. For more of their products, check out their website: Zaful.com

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XO, Mish



  1. mish! trade tayo! the floral black for the swimsuit I showed you?? PM me on FB ;-)

  2. I also ordered a bikini from zaful and was satisfied with its good quality. Sharing my link post on my 1st shopping experience with them:


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