30 November 2014

Lunch with Ms. Earth 2014 candidates at Yoshinoya

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to have lunch with some of the Ms. Earth 2014 candidates at Yoshinoya Philippines' SM North branch. I was definitely excited for the event because it is nice to be surrounded with beautiful ladies. Moreover, it's been a while since I had my favorite Gyudon beef bowl which is Yoshinoya's specialty. 

Lunch with Ms. Earth 2014 candidates at Yoshinoya
Lunch with Ms. Earth 2014 candidates at Yoshinoya

Even though these ladies were under a tight schedule for rehearsals and other preparations for the Ms. Earth 2014 pageant night, they were able to squeeze in this lunch event so that everyone could meet them personally. The candidates that were present during the event were all very approachable despite the stress that they might have experienced. 

29 November 2014

Biggest outdoor Makati bazaar proudly accepts MasterCard

MasterCard, a global leader in innovation, joins Circuit Makati Bazaar as the official payment card of the biggest outdoor bazaar in Makati. This will allow MasterCard credit, debit and prepaid cardholders to pay for purchases through the BPI mPOS, an innovative payment technology that transforms mobile phones into card payment terminals.

Happening from November 28-30 at the Globe Circuit Events Ground, MasterCard cardholders can experience a first in outdoor bazaars where they can minimize bringing cash and enjoy secure, fast and reliable MasterCard card payment for unique finds from over 200 choices from budding kidtrepreneurs, Instagramers, celebrities and Wellworth department store, as well as al fresco dining by Mercato and Family Mart.

What’s more, MasterCard cardholders will get instant freebies and a chance to win the latest gadgets. The event will also feature outdoor movies and live bands, educational talks and workshops.

With MasterCard at the Circuit Makati Bazaar, Christmas shopping will definitely be more convenient, hassle-free and priceless.

For more details, visit www.makeitmakati.com

XO, Mish

28 November 2014

Samsung introduces new line of Washing Machines

Laundry has always been a tedious task for everyone, especially for one who has a large family. It does not consist of a simple procedure but one with numerous steps - from sorting the clothes to carefully hand washing them to rinsing and drying them. Nevertheless, it can be considered a relief that there are now products in the market that could make such task easier. Moreover, these new products differ to correspond to everyone's needs.

Samsung introduces new line of Washing Machines

One’s choice of a washing machine could mean many things for the family. While basic washing machines can perform expected cleaning functions, new technological innovations now allow for more effective, efficient, flexible and convenient laundry cleaning options. For instance, choosing the right washing machine could mean lower electricity and water bills, as well as less worn clothes. For Filipino mothers, choosing a washing machine that meets her household’s unique needs could mean less time spent doing the laundry, which translates into more bonding time with the family on weekends.

Samsung introduces new line of Washing Machines

Recognizing that modern homes have varied cleaning needs and would benefit from smart washing solutions, Samsung has introduced an array of washing machines that can cater to every household’s laundry requirement, as well as lessen the hassle of multitasking moms. Luckily, we were the first ones to have a look at these new line of washing machines during an event held at Shangrila Cineplex Premiere Theater.

Samsung Fully Automatic Front Load Washer

Samsung Fully Automatic WW5000 Front Load Washer
Samsung Fully Automatic WW5000 Front Load Washer

The Samsung Fully Automatic WW5000 Front Load Washer offers powerful cleaning capabilities while still remaining gentle on clothes. The Samsung Fully Automatic WW5000 Front Load Washer features two innovative technologies that provide the best-in-class laundry experience – EcoBubble Technology and Stain Away Program.

Samsung EcoBubble Technology allows for the even distribution of detergent and deeply penetrates the fabric faster than highly concentrated liquid detergent. This allows clothes to be washed in cold water, significantly reducing energy consumption. By completely dissolving the detergent, it allows for easier rinsing and minimizes detergent residue and stains. EcoBubble promises no loss of wash performance and allows laundry to be done faster and more efficiently, giving mom extra time to do other chores or spend time for herself.

Samsung Fully Automatic WW5000 Front Load Washer

Stain Away, on the other hand, is a pre-programmed cycle with settings that help remove common household stains that moms usually have a difficult time cleaning, such as cocoa, blood, tea, wine, coffee, make-up and grass. Working together with EcoBubble Technology, stains can be cleaned effectively in one simple cycle with the special bubble soaking stage. Frothy bubbles penetrate deep into the fabric fibers to loosen dirt and stains.

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load Washer

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA16F759
Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA16F759

Among the top load washers Samsung carries is the Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA16F759, which features Wobble technology. Wobble technology protects delicate fabrics from friction damage without compromising washing performance. The Wobble pulastor’s unique structure generates a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow to prevent tangles, twists and knots while thoroughly cleaning clothes. The WA16F759’s Digital Inverter technology ensures durability and saves on energy as well. It’s large capacity 16kg. also allows moms to save laundry time.

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA16F759
Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA16F759

For those who pre-wash heavily soiled clothes, the Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA4000HH is a smart choice. This all-in-one washing machine features practical innovations such as the ActivDualWash, on top of Wobble Technology, that allows laundry to be done with less time, efforts and worry.

The ActivDualWash feature equips the machine with a wash sink with a built-in side water jet. The wash sink provides a convenient and dedicated space to hand-wash delicate items and pre-wash heavily soiled clothes before regular wash. The built-in side water can be started and stopped with a simple press of a button for maximum convenience.

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA4000HH
Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA4000HH

Since the household budget is a universal concern among Filipinos, most of Samsung’s Fully Automatic Washing Machines is equipped with Digital Inverter Technology. The Digital Inverter Motor has minimal moving parts, making it breakdown resistant. Magnet utilization makes it more efficient, increasing energy saving and guaranteeing durability. An 11-year warranty also ensures long-lasting washing machines with fewer chances of malfunctions.

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA4000HH
Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA4000HH

Personally, the Samsung Fully Automatic WW5000 Front Load Washer is my favorite among the three presented. It does not only boast of great features such as the Ecobubble Technology and Stain Away feature, but it also has a chic design. It is very compact and perfect for an apartment or condominium unit. 

These features on these smart washing machines will definitely benefit all the mothers who want to have the cleanest clothes for their families, minus the hassles and added expenses. So for all laundry needs, Samsung has got it all covered. Samsung Digital Appliances, Your partner in building a happier home.

XO, Mish

24 November 2014

Affordable and Fun Dresses for Plus Size Women

In general, being full figured can have its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages could be good physical condition in general and being confident and beautiful in these women’s own ways. One of the disadvantages that I see with being full figured though is that plus size clothing is can be very limited with regard to designs, colors, and brands. I have personally experienced shopping for a friend at the plus size section of the department store and I am disappointed with the choices that are available. The designs are very limited. They are very safe, too! It is like these clothes do not really do their job in flaunting these women’s curves but instead they conceal and hide these beautiful figures. Aside from that, the colors are basically dark, such as black, midnight blue, and the likes. I know that dark colors could make someone appear slimmer, but I think it is better if one would wear a piece of clothing in a color that would make her happy. It could be really disappointing if you wanted to experiment and there are just no available clothes that would suit your style.

Affordable and Fun Dresses for Plus Size Women at Pickpromdresses.com
Affordable and Fun Dresses for Plus Size Women at Pickpromdresses.com

The same goes with formal and evening dresses. The worst problem you could encounter is that there could be nothing that would fit you in stores and boutiques. Moreover, there are very limited stores that offer plus size dresses. With that, the available styles and colors of formal and evening dresses could be very limited. It is even possible that someone would be wearing the same dress as you because of such. Then, you would have to resort to having a designer gown made. However, I do not think this is one of the best options since they would tend to be very expensive and sometimes unreasonably priced. This is now where online shopping comes in.

Affordable and Fun Dresses for Plus Size Women at Pickpromdresses.com
Affordable and Fun Dresses for Plus Size Women at Pickpromdresses.com

The best thing about shopping online, in general, is that the options are endless. With regard to formal and evening dresses, the options are likewise too many for you to choose from. In just one site such as Pickpromdresses.com, there are numerous dresses with different styles, colors, and fabric as your options. You will never have to limit yourself because you could now wear vibrant colors, such as pink, red, and yellow, which would surely match your mood and preference. Moreover, the design could be something that would highlight your full figure, not conceal it. These dresses would definitely fit you with their six plus size sizes and custom measurements options. Lastly, these plus size dresses are affordable and no hassle to order! Visit Pickpromdresses.com for more of these plus size dresses.

XO, Mish

Sands at SM by the BAY, Manila’s Newest Outdoor Sports and Event Destination, Now Open

SM by the BAY, envisioned to be Manila’s premiere destination for leisure and lifestyle activities, proudly announces the opening of its latest addition to its roster of popular outdoor-themed entertainment and leisure facilities.  

Sands at SM by the BAY is the only beach-themed, multi-purpose, outdoor sand court in the city. With an impressive and spacious court area measuring 28x18 meters, Sands is an ideal facility for outdoor sports such as beach volleyball, beach tennis, and sepak takraw. Sands in also the perfect venue for product launches and beach-themed parties without the hassle of travelling outside the city. 

Owing to the emerging popularity of volleyball and beach volleyball in the country, SM by the BAY invited leading local sports celebrities to grace the opening of Sands. At the launch were former DLSU Lady Spikers and now professional volleyball league players Melissa Gohing, Michelle Datuin, Petron Beach Volleyball Champion, Aileen Abuel , and former Shakey’s V-League MVP and now Super Liga pro player Rachel Ann Daquis. Joining this roster of local personalities were trade partners and heads of sports and lifestyle brands, as well as friends from the media. To complete the beach vibe, the event was capped off by vibrant performances by fire dancers and percussionists set against the Manila Bay sunset. The event was made possible with the support of Roxy, Quicksilver, Mikasa, The Lab Gastropub, Oceana and The Roadhouse Manila Bay. 

Open for private bookings, corporate and sport-related functions, Sands is conveniently located at the north area of SM by the BAY grounds.  While it has always been a must-visit outdoor entertainment and amusement destination for the entire family, with the addition of Sands, SM by the BAY now promises a more enjoyable experience for people with active lifestyles. 

For inquiries and reservations please contact SM by the BAY at thesmbythebay@gmail.com . Like and follow us at Facebook at facebook.com/smbythebay/ Twitter and Instagram: @smbythebay.

23 November 2014

You're Not You: Hilary Swank stars in movie about ALS

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became popular during the past months. Everyone, from celebrities to ordinary citizens, took part in the challenge to raise awareness and funds for the research of ALS. From what I understood based on the challenge, ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease is a one that results to the numbing of the body which is somewhat similar to having a bucket full of ice water poured over one's self. However, ALS is definitely a disease that needs a deeper and fuller understanding.

You're Not You: Hilary Swank stars in movie about ALS

ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. As with its most famous patient, American baseball player Lou Gehrig, people who are diagnosed with this condition degenerate as movement are slowly affected until the later stages that result in total paralysis. People who were otherwise healthy in their younger years start to lose control over the use of their muscles, and soon are unable to speak, walk, and feed themselves.

You're Not You: Hilary Swank stars in movie about ALS

In the movie You’re Not You, Oscar Award winner Hillary Swank takes on the role of an ALS patient named Kate, a suave, successful classical pianist. She and her husband Evan (Josh Duhamel) are crushed when they find out about her condition, and he goes around looking for someone to take care of Kate as the condition progresses. 

You're Not You: Hilary Swank stars in movie about ALS

Bec(Emily Rossum) is a brash college student and would-be singer who can barely keep her own life together. At first, Evan is hesitant to get her, but Kate sees something special in the younger girl. When Bec takes on the job, they go on adventures of self-discovery and help each other find their own strengths through their weaknesses. 

You're Not You: Hilary Swank stars in movie about ALS

You're Not You explores how two strangers can bring out the best in each other even in the midst of trials and tribulations.  This movie also gives face to the much-talked about ALS and will help people understand the condition better. 

Personally, this movie gave me a better and deeper understanding of the ALS - much deeper than what the Ice Bucket Challenges have offered. I think that such understanding is very important so that there will be acceptance of the disease and its consequences.

You're Not You: Hilary Swank stars in movie about ALS
Thank you so much Octoarts Films and Love and Light Productions for having me during the VIP Screening! :)

The movie is distributed and released in the Philippines by Octoarts Films International and will be shown in theaters starting November 26, 2014.

XO, Mish

21 November 2014

CBTL Giving Journal 2015 + Giveaway

It's actually my first time to own a CBTL Giving Journal having used BDJ planner for years now. I actually didn't know that CBTL produces journals as well until last year. :| Luckily, CBTL decided to open a branch in Fairview and I was finally introduced to their products. Anyway, I was given by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf my very own Giving Journal 2015 which I will be featuring in this blog post. Thank you! :)

The journal comes in vibrant and fun colors such as brown, green, orange, and purple symbolizing the different drinks CBTL has to offer. It also comes with a sleeve which is perfect especially if you are getting a planner as a gift.

19 November 2014

Mandaue Foam Furniture Center opens in Bohol

Mandaue Foam Furniture Center, the one-stop shop for all furniture needs, opens its newest store in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, which is its 19th showroom nationwide. The store boasts of three-storey, 2985 sq. meter showroom offering a complete range of home, outdoor and office furnishings, decors and accessories. 

Each floor showcases a wide array of furniture items from living and dining room sets, mattresses and foams to outdoor and office furniture, accessories and storage.

Mandaue Foam Furniture Center opens in Bohol

For the living room, the furniture shop offers a full selection of chairs and tables that speak style and functionality. In store are classic sofa sets, lounge, and armchairs to contemporary console and coffee tables. 

The store offers classy wall arts, vases made from different materials like ceramic, glass or polyresin, artsy displays like figurines and plate decors, and chic frames in various sizes. To showcase your collection, their new shop also has trendy shelves, bookcases and cabinets.

The new store in Bohol houses a variety of dining sets to create an ideal dining room. Be it the timeless wooden dining sets with exquisite details or the modern steel or glass-made tables matched with bright colored chairs, their new showroom has every furniture piece from classic to contemporary styles.

Backed by a 40-year tradition of quality manufacturing, Mandaue Foam's trademark Flex Foam and mattresses provide ultimate comfort and support. They also offer an assortment of pillows, beddings, nightstands and lighting fixtures. 

Mandaue Foam Furniture Center is also home to a complete line of office and outdoor furniture. They offer outdoor furnishings ideal for spending leisure family time. For office furnishings, an array of tables, seating and storage items are also available.

Valuing the unique tastes of its customers, Mandaue Foam Furniture Store can also customize their products depending on your taste, preference, and budget. Do you want that L-shape sofa in another color or change the upholstery of a couch to a more luxurious material? Or do you find that dining table a little too big for your space? Leave it to the furniture experts to accommodate your requests. 

‘One of our major philosophies is to provide affordable and high quality foam and furniture products to all Filipinos. This major principle continues to flourish as we move along our plans to expand our market presence not only in the Visayan region but across the country,” said Ryan Uy, Mandaue Foam Furniture Center’s AVP for Operations. 

The new showroom in Bohol is part of Mandaue Foam Furniture Center’s plans of growing its presence in the market. Last July, it has reopened a bigger store in Davao and this October, they are set to open another showroom in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. 

Started as a foam manufacturer in 1971, the business has rapidly grown over the past four decades and has diversified its product lines to include home, office and outdoor furniture items.

Over the years, Mandaue Foam has proved its name as a leader and trusted brand in manufacturing foam and furniture products. At present, it is one of the country's top 1000 corporations with 19 showrooms, and set to open more stores nationwide. 
To know more about Mandaue Foam Furniture Center, contact their telephone number – (038) 411 0299 or log on to their website https://www.mandauefoam.ph/ and Facebook page – Mandaue Foam.

About Mandaue Foam Furniture Store
Mandaue Foam Furniture Store is now one of the country’s top 1000 corporations. It started as a foam manufacturer in 1971 and has since expanded to 19 showrooms and factories nationwide. With over 40 years of providing its customers with quality and value-for-money products, Mandaue Foam now offers a diversified line of products that include a complete range of home furniture and accessories

XO, Mish

17 November 2014

Own the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at 0% interest with Citi Credit Cards

Today’s mobile market is looking for bigger, bolder, and better trends, hence the popularity of phablets like the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.Itssleek design, stunning display and functional features make it one of the must-have gadgets. 

Through Citi Credit Cards, this must-own digital accessory just got more affordable and you can be among the first to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With the 0% PayLite offer and installment plan, Citi credit cardholders can bring home this coveted flagship device for just P2,110/mo. for 18 months and extended 1 year warranty with absolutely no interest. 

Own the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at 0% interest with Citi Credit Cards

Set to hit local stores from October, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is clad in a premium metal frame and soft-textured back cover, offering superior grip and enhanced durability. It sports a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, allowing users to enjoy crisp and clear images as if being viewed with the naked eye. The phablet also pulls off a sharp 16MP rear shooter and a 3.7 MP front-facing camera giving only the best image quality. 

Because a bigger screen means doing more, the phablet comes with an Advanced S Pen that promises improved digital handwriting experience through enhanced pressure sensitivity. With the S pen, users can easily navigate, switch between apps, and quickly accomplish tasks. Plus, its Octa Core processor, 3GB RAM, and power-saving feature validate the market buzz that this is one of the most powerful and intuitive devices available today. 

With Citi’s 0% PayLite plan, getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has never been this convenient. This promotion is available only in Samsung Experience Stores nationwide. To know the complete list of participating stores, log on to www.citibank.com.ph.

XO, Mish

15 November 2014

Caliburger launches the Chef's Choice - Cali Smokehouse Burger

Caliburger has indeed gone far here in the Philippines. Opening its doors last February 2014, CaliBurger Philippines has been serving “Always Fresh,” mouth-watering, premium burgers that are made only from the purest and freshest ingredients, all hand-selected by experienced chefs. CaliBurger wants their guests to taste the perfectly toasted bun, that juicy cooked to order beef patty, their very own signature Wild Sauce, those crisp hand sliced veggies - each of these components work in symphony with the rest to tickle the taste buds and satisfy that burger craving.

Just this year, Caliburger has launched various new products such as the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Onion Rings, and Cali Sweet Wings which I truly loved. And last week, they launched yet again another new product that would surely be the favorite among many - the Chef's Choice.

This extremely special burger called the Chef’s Choice – SMOKEHOUSE Burger is crafted by one of the country’s most respected chefs, Chef Robert Pengson.

“I wanted to create a unique burger that completely whets your appetite, something fragrant, and that goes well with an ice cold beer,” explains Chef Rob. He further shared that this burger that he conceptualized and created is one that he would definitely have for himself. He even dubbed it as the Rolls Royce of burgers.

The Cali Smokehouse Burger is composed of 100% pure beef patty enveloped in delicious smokey bacon and crispy spiced onion rings topped with a unique maple-mustard sauce. This beauty will definitely take you on a wild ride through the All-American countryside.

This burger is definitely heavenly. To begin with, I love bacon cheeseburgers. However, this one has definitely more to offer than a regular bacon cheeseburger. It has a smokey and distinct flavor that I surely loved. And though loaded with different ingredients, this burger seems like an awesome harmony of flavors. Moreover, eating this in itself is an experience. You get to see, smell, and taste the unique character this Smokehouse Burger have.

The CaliBurger Chef’s Choice – SMOKEHOUSE Burger will be a limited edition offering in both branches from November 17, 2014 to December 17, 2014 only. Don't miss the chance to try out this awesome creation!

Visit their branches:
Makati - 4F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave., Makati
Timog - 118 Timog Ave., Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City (in front of GMA Network)

Visit and follow their sites:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CaliburgerPH
Twitter - https://twitter.com/caliburgerph
Instagram - http://instagram.com/caliburgerph

XO, Mish

14 November 2014

Padova, Italy: Where the sweetness began

In between Venice and Verona lies the oldest city in Northern Italy – Padova. It is surrounded by the picturesque views of Brenta River, the Ventian Plain, and Euganaean Hills. Tucked in these great sceneries are arcaded streets leading to large communal plazas.

Through the years, Padova was able to preserve its romantic ambience with architectural landmarks like the Scrovegni Chapel that houses remarkable frescoes, and the Basilica di Sant’Antonio de Padova that is splendidly decorated with carved marbles, sculptural works, and gothic details.

Padova, Italy: Where the sweetness of Villa del Conte began

Padova also shelters Donatello’s equestrian statue of General Gattamelata and the Prato della Valle, which is considered one of the biggest elliptical squares in Europe. A line of 78 statues surrounding a wide garden is another sight to behold. With citizens and tourists strolling around the plazas day and night, one can notice the tranquil lifestyle in Padova.

Amongst the crowded areas, a small, idyllic town nestles in the heart of Padova, Italy called Villa del Conte. It is where ancient legacies dwell, and soon became the home of world-class artisanal chocolates. 

The making of the finest cioccolato in Villa del Conte began in the hands of Nazzareno Cattapan. Eventually, his exceptional recipe was passed on to the following generations. Preserving this legacy today is the third-generation chocolate connoisseur Enrico Nazzareno. 

For 81 years, Villa del Conte has been making exceptional chocolates especially made by their artisans. Using only handpicked cacao beans shaped to perfection, one can easily notice and taste the masterpiece of authentic Italian tradition.

Villa del Conte, premium artisanal Italian chocolates

In addition to being a city of fine arts, religion, architecture, and academe, Padova has truly made its mark in the history as the place where premium chocolates are made from. This is where the sweetness started. For decades now, Villa del Conte chocolates have been delighting the hearts of many people in and out of Italy.  

Take home a sweet piece of Padova in a box of fine chocolates. Visit Villa Del Conte stores at Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Greenbelt 5, Century City Mall, Alabang Town Center, Robinson’s Magnolia, or  Resorts World Manila. For bulk orders of Villa del Conte chocolates, please contact 893-2575 or 621-6101. To know more about Villa del Conte, go to http://www.villadelcontecioccolato.com/. For updates, follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VillaDelContePh and Twitter: https://twitter.com/VilladelConte.

XO, Mish

Shopping for Christmas Party Dresses

The holiday season is indeed fast approaching. People have already started buying Christmas presents and there are now Christmas ornaments and wonderful lights everywhere. Along with this busy season are tons of parties that await us. It is just a nice time to have a reunion with family and friends or to simply celebrate the joyous season with the people we love. The positive spirit just adds so much in the rekindling of bonds with everyone. As such, it is now proper to search for dresses that would be appropriate for these parties while it is still early. Rush Christmas shopping can be such a hassle.

Normally, shopping for party dresses could be easily done in the mall or boutiques. This option however could result in having someone with the same dress as you. It is just the worst fashion horror story anyone could experience. Aside from that, you could also purchase designer dresses. This could be quite pricey though. With these available options, I believe that purchasing online is always the best choice. Not only will you get a one of a kind dress as online shops have tons of dresses to choose from, you could also save more yet get that designer-like dress.

When looking for party dresses, I believe that comfort should always be the key. You would not want to socialize with a dress that feels uncomfortable to wear, would you? It is still best that the dress you use would be something that could make you feel confident and comfortable all throughout the party. A dress with straps is a nice choice to keep your dress in place. Otherwise, a nice strapless dress would be perfect provided that it fits perfectly.

Whether you are planning to don a long or short dress, it is best to have it in a lively color that would be perfect for the season. I think it is proper to keep our dark colored dresses in our closets for a while. Instead, it is nice to show off a bright yellow or a vibrant red dress that would surely make everyone turn their heads.

Whatever choice you may have in mind, Pickpromdresses.com has the one for you. With numerous styles and colors to choose from, you will never run out of options for your upcoming Christmas parties. Make sure to shop early and avoid the Christmas rush. Get your perfect dress now at Pickpromdresses.com.

XO, Mish

13 November 2014

Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Prom has been one of the sought after events in a student’s life. Not only will you get to spend the night with your closest friends, you also get to dress up to look your best and have the chance to be awarded as the most beautiful girl in your class. Of course, picking the perfect prom dress becomes crucial with this. Since your dress is the first thing that people would surely first notice in you, it could definitely make or break your entire look. Thus, here are some useful tips on picking the right dress for you:

1. Find a style matches your body type
- Before anything else, find a style that would go well with your body type. It is important that you look for a style that would highlight all your curves and conceal anything that needs concealing. For those who have broad shoulders, a nice halter style would definitely help you minimize such. Girls with short legs could make them appear longer by wearing a mini dress. Those with an hourglass shape could go all out with a hip hugging gown.

Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

2. Choose a color that goes well with your skin tone
- Generally, black prom dresses goes well with anyone. Nevertheless, if you would want to experiment with colors, you should find a shade that would look great on you (i.e. won’t make you look pale). Long red prom dresses could be your choice if you want to appear elegant and fierce. With just the right amount of confidence, it also goes well with anyone.

Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

3. Make sure that the dress fits you well 
- Finding the perfect style and shade would be worthless if the dress does not fit. Looking for a dress that would fit you well is important since you would just want to feel comfortable all night long. 

Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Finding the perfect dress is now made easy by WeddingShe.com. They’ve got different styles and colors to choose from so that you could arrive with the dream gown. Also, you could customize your size so that your dress would definitely fit you well. Whether it is dresses in black to wear with high heels on prom you are looking for or simply an elegant gown that would surprise everyone, WeddingShe has it covered. For more details about WeddingShe, visit their website here: http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Red-Prom-Dresses-15583/ 

XO, Mish

12 November 2014

Feel and Look Youthful with FINE Japan's Premium HyC 150 Collagen drink

People have now become more conscious with how they appear. Thus, maintaining a youthful skin has likewise become a life-long goal for some. Among other Asians, Filipinos look up to the Japanese for they are considered to possess not just flawless and youthful skin, but also live well beyond their years, with a longevity that is probably the envy of others.

Luckily, getting that youthful and flawless skin can now be achieved by people here in the Philippines. Filipinos can now also enjoy the benefits of not just looking young, feeling young and moving young as these same secrets are brought to the Philippines by FINE Japan Co., Ltd.

Established in 1974, FINE Japan Co., Ltd. is a nutraceutical company with a reputation to manufacture, research and develop excellent beauty and wellness supplement products that help restore youthful glow to their skin. For more than 40 years, FINE Japan Co., Ltd. is also known for its top-notch ISO 9001 certified manufacturing processes of its products, beginning with research, production to inspection that are all done in-house. 

Its success was further highlighted during fiscal year 2013 when FINE Japan Co., Ltd. posted annual sales of more than JP¥ 2.6 billion, or around P1.06 billion. Its unprecedented success in the field of beauty and wellness thus prompted company officials to further expand the business. 

Among its well-known creations include natural health-food supplements whose ingredients were gathered and extracted from various plant and animal sources. These were then transformed to food products, health-food supplements, even beverages and cosmetics, all discovered using outstanding product research and made by consistently following high manufacturing standards that will help contribute to a better society.

These qualities further enhanced FINE Japan Co., Ltd.’s reputation as a quality manufacturer of health and wellness products that spread throughout the world, in countries such as the USA, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Vietnam, and now in the Philippines.

And now, added to the products that will further lift the company’s image in the nutraceutical industry is its newest and most innovative product, Premium HyC 150, which possesses some of the most natural elements that will help restore skin’s youthfulness and active glow as we advance in age.

Premium HyC 150 has a unique combination of 150 mg. of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Collagen, and Ubiquinol, three major components especially made potent with the right amount of dosage in one sachet to effectively counter the rapid deterioration of the skin because of aging. It works from within, making it more effective than topical creams and lotions, plus the effects are more sustainable and ever increasing. The product is proven effective and truly safe for use by people who not only want to delay the effects of aging but also improve their health.   Attesting to the superior quality of the product, Premium HyC 150 has won the prestigious Monde Selection Gold Award in 2014.

Mr. Nobutsuna Sasaki, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fine Japan Co. Ltd

“We want more Filipinos to enjoy their lives longer and healthier, and maintain youthful skin, especially for those advancing in age. With the help of Premium HyC 150 and the expertise of FINE Japan Co., Ltd., consumers can look forward to ‘revealing their new youth’ through beautiful, flawless and youthful skin they can be truly proud of,” explains Imelda Manook Tesalona, RPh, President of Fine Nutrition Trading International, the local importer of food supplements by FINE Japan Co., Ltd.. 

Collagen is a major component of the body that helps keep skin flexible while Hyaluronic Acid, found in the body’s skin tissues, helps hold moisture in the body, reduce skin dryness and at the same time hydrates the joints and connective tissues to prevent problems such as osteoarthritis, and even cataract.  Ubiquinol on the other hand is an antioxidant, providing energy and protects skin against free radicals.

Other elements in Premium HyC 150 include Elastin, a protein that allows the skin to “spring back” and keep it resilient and firm. Biotin, on the other hand, helps keep skin, hair and nails healthy, and ease eczema and dermatitis.  

The Pearl Coix extract, meanwhile, serves as a detoxificant and promotes clear, fair and luminous skin, while Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, helps repair the body’s natural collagen and maintains the strength of our body’s tissues.

Premium HyC 150 is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by BrightRAY Enterprises, now available in Watsons stores nationwide. For more information, visit www.HyC150.com.

XO, Mish

10 November 2014

Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review

Hello guys! Here's another DIY hair color review I'd like to share with you. I've been dying to post this for months now (lol) but I just didn't have the time to come up with a decent blog post. Anyway, I'll be reviewing Revlon Colorsilk's Medium Ash Brown shade in this blog post. This one's a favorite among me and my sisters cause we find it as the easiest shade to wear. My mom even uses this one when she needed to touch up her roots. By the way, I'll be using it over Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in Medium Blonde which I have previously reviewed here.

Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review

What it claims:

A rich, natural brown with no brassiness, 100% gray coverage

Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review
Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review

As usual, the box contains an ammonia-free colorant, cream color developer, after-color conditioner, instructions and plastic gloves.


Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review
Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review

Revlon's hair coloring products are so easy to use. Just mix the colorant and developer and you're good to go! It is actually the application that is tricky. As I was aiming to lighten my roots a bit and darken the rest of my hair, I started with the roots first cause I think it takes more time to lighten the hair than to darken it. If you're coloring your hair for the first time though, do not start with your roots because they tend to lighten faster than the rest of your hair. Leave at least one or two inches of your hair from the roots and apply the dye from there to the ends. Then, when the rest of your hair have lighten a bit (say, in 10 to 20 minutes), apply the rest of the dye to the roots.


Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review

As usual, I left the dye for at least 1 hour before rinsing it off. I made sure that it was able to darken the ends of my hair since it has become brassy already. This photo above, by the way, was taken when I was about to rinse already my hair.


Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review
Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review

The Good:
  • It evened out my hair color pretty well. I ended up with a nice brown shade. (If you're looking though for a hair coloring product to drastically lighten your hair color, this product is not really the one for that)
  • It was able to cover the brassiness of my hair with its ash tones.
  • Easy and convenient to use!
  • Ammonia-free
  • One box is just enough for my (then) medium length hair.
  • My hair still looks and feels healthy right after coloring. Thanks to their amazing after-color conditioner!
  • Super affordable. Got this one for more or less P395 at Watsons and it comes with a free tweezer.
The Not-So-Good:
  • I noticed brassiness of my hair after several months. Nevertheless, it would be time to retouch my roots by then.
  • It tends to lighten after some time which is not good in my case because it makes my hair color look uneven (with brighter ends than roots).
  • I wish it came with a disposable cape so that I'll stop staining more clothes when coloring my hair.
Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review
Day after (using iPad camera)
Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review
One week after (using iPhone camera)
Revlon Colorsilk Medium Ash Brown (40) Review
Two months after (artificial lighting)

So here's how my hair looked like right after, one week after, and two months after coloring. Sorry if I used different cameras. I cannot seem to find decent photos that would highlight my hair color from just one camera. Anyway, I would recommend this shade if you are about to dye your hair for the first time (so you won't get shocked with bright hair or disappointed with dark hair). It gives off the right amount of brown without the brassiness as its name suggests. In the coming weeks, I'll be posting another Revlon hair color review. Please do watch out for that. :)

XO, Mish