20 November 2016

Score Sexy Heels at Zaful

Shoes do make or break an outfit. Everything could go well with your clothing but if you are donning a pair of shoes that do you no good, everything else goes bad as well. Personally, I am a sneakers kind of girl. I wear my sneakers with pretty much anything. But when I needed to dress to kill, I make sure that I wear my best pair of heels.


Heels are definitely girls’ best friend, especially for petite girls like me. It could give you the added height that you need and it could make your legs look way longer! Of course, it is one’s worst enemy too, that is, it could be painful to wear especially if you are to wear it the entire day. Nevertheless, there are now shoe accessories and pads that could make wearing heels more comfortable and tolerable.

My favorite kind of heels are simple, black ones. Not only are they classy and sexy, they also go well with pretty much everything. They are basically like white sneakers for night time. I prefer stilettos to be worn for parties and other formal gatherings like the ones found here: http://bit.ly/2fxdi8d. They are painful to wear so I guess having to wear them for a limited period of time helps. But if I needed to wear heels for a longer period of time, I prefer ones with platforms because they give you that added height without any discomforts and pain like the ones found here: http://bit.ly/2fxaKHn


If you are looking for sexy black heels, I suggest you visit Zaful. They have a huge selection of heels, pumps, and platforms that you will surely love. I myself have been eyeing some of the pairs that they sell. Of course, these pair of shoes are extremely affordable and are available to anyone anywhere in the world. For more details, please visit www.zaful.com.

XO, Mish


Simple Wedding Dresses for the Classy Bride

Wedding dresses nowadays have become more elaborate and extravagant. They tend to be too big and intricately incorporated with beads, sequins, and all sorts of decors. They also now come in all sorts of colors which are unconventional, such as pink, red, or even black. And sometimes, I find those kind of wedding dresses as too much. Although they are now trendy and all, I think it is still better to stick to classic ones that exude simplicity and elegance, especially if you are to have a church wedding or one with an intimate setup.

Boutique Floor-Length Lace A-Line Bowknot Decoration Wedding Dress

The thing about being simple is that it does not have to be boring. I guess that is one wrong impression that simplicity is being associated with. You could still look beautiful and be the classy you despite donning a simple wedding gown. One way to do that is to pick one detail about the dress that would make it stand out. It could be that the dress has a simple cut but the fabric used has a beautiful lace detail or that it could be a plainly designed dress with a fabulous cut and over-all design.

Another thing about simplicity is that they tend to be more affordable than extravagant wedding gowns. Of course, you need not get a designer gown if you will opt for a simple design. There are a-line wedding dress online sales wherein you could get wedding dresses for the cheapest price. The designs available online, although the dresses are way cheap, are classy and elegant to surely match your personality.   For more simple and classy wedding dress online, check out http://www.amodabridal.com.

XO, Mish


15 November 2016

Budget Buffet Dining at 7 Flavors by Chef Boy Logro

My love for buffets has declined over the years. My family and I frequent buffets when I was in college and I noticed that we stopped going recently. I just find some restaurants' selection not that satisfying anymore. I think the trend has become more focused on the quantity rather than the quality of food that they serve. And that perception has definitely changed during my recent visit at 7 Flavors in San Juan City.

Budget Buffet Dining at 7 Flavors Restaurant by Chef Boy Logro

If you haven't heard of 7 Flavors yet, 7 Flavors by Chef Boy Logro is an international cuisine located at 196 A. Mabini Street, Brgy. Batis, San Juan. The restaurant opened its doors to the public last May 13, 2015. The restaurant is divided into two areas. The first floor is for those who like an ala carte type of meal while the second floor is the buffet area. Both areas are quite spacious and there's an ample space for parking as well. 

Budget Buffet Dining at 7 Flavors Restaurant by Chef Boy Logro
It was Halloween we went there. Thus, the setup. ;)

The food selection at 7 Flavors is not that overwhelming and I actually prefer it that way. When I get to eat at hotel buffets, I don't really have the space in my tummy to even taste everything. Their menu is just appropriate for me to have a taste of everything and to actually go back and enjoy the ones that I liked the most. 

Budget Buffet Dining at 7 Flavors Restaurant by Chef Boy Logro

14 November 2016

Holiday Shopping for Formal Wear

Christmas is just around the corner yet again! While it may be a few weeks away, I, for sure, can definitely feel it coming with the early sunsets, festive mall decors, and early Christmas rush and traffic. In my opinion, the best part about this season is having a reason to get together with family and friends. Thus, it is more likely than not that attending all sorts of parties will be unavoidable. While most Christmas parties and gatherings are not usually formal, I believe that there are traditional ones that celebrates this season in a grandiose way. Moreover, New Year parties are now celebrated in an unconventional manner, that is, outside one’s homes like parties in a club, restaurants, or even local tourist spots and parks.

Backless Sleeveless Scoop A-line Floor-Length Evening Lace Gray Dress

That being said, I think now is the best time to do your holiday shopping for formal wear. You would definitely want to avoid the Christmas rush by doing it early. And I guess that applies not only with your clothing, but also in purchasing gifts for your loved ones. For a more convenient shopping, I absolutely would recommend doing it online. There is nothing easier than shopping for clothes online. I think it is more convenient too when it comes to formal wear because you could actually give out your measurements and have a custom fit dress.

Evening Dresses at Styledress.co.nz are my absolute favorite! Their selection, while not too numerous, are definitely winner pieces. They are all elegant and chic at the same time. They come in tons of colors to match your personality and in all sorts of sizes to make sure that they will fit you like a glove. What I love the most about their products is the price. They are all so affordable that you would want to get at least two items from their shop. For more details about Styledress, visit www.styledress.co.nz.

XO, Mish


06 November 2016

Get Luscious Hair in an Instant

One thing that makes me insecure about myself is my hair. It is actually perfectly straight and smooth most of the time. However, there are times when I want to don curly and full-volume hair and my hair’s condition would not permit it to be such. I am not a fan of styling products that uses heat and damages hair in the long run.

120% Wavy Lace Front Cap 18 Inches Human Hair

One way I have learned to achieve sultry and luscious hair in an instant is to use wigs. I know that they are kind of weird and awkward to wear especially some look like they are fake or made of synthetic material. However, wigs found at www.cocowig.com are made of natural looking fibers and some are even made of human hair to achieve that natural looking gorgeous hair.

From their wide range of products, the African American wigs are the best in achieving that Beyonce-like beautiful hair. Their products are reasonably priced and comes in all sorts of color to blend in with your natural hair color. For more details about their products, check out this link: https://www.cocowig.com/lace-front-african-american-wigs-c120911/

XO, Mish