29 March 2019

Concepto: A New Place to Hangout and Dine in Poblacion

I frequent Poblacion when I was still in law school. I find it a nice place to take a breather in. When I visit from time to time, I get surprised at how this neighborhood has become home to new yet booming restaurants and bars. One place I got to visit recently was Concepto along Manalac St. As its name suggest, it houses three different concepts - dining, retail, and party. We focused mainly on what we do best and, that is, eating.

Concepto Poblacion
Bar area

Concepto opened its doors to the public only on September 2018. I love how the entire restaurant used to be a house. I find it relatively small but I think it's a nice and intimate hangout place for friends and family. They usually have themes (for songs to play or what to serve) every day, but they maintain Sunday as a day for families to indulge in their hearty menu.