30 April 2014

Pick the Right Cover-Up for Your Summer Get-Up

For most mommies out there, picking the right cover-up can be as challenging as finding the right summer outfit itself. Cover-ups can save you of a day of concealing imperfections with your oversized summer bag without cramping your style if you choose accordingly. 

A sheer cover-up is perfect for a one-piece swimsuit, exposing just the right amount of skin since the opening is all front. The fringe effect adds a little style unto the ensemble.

Look ethereal in white. This long cover-up is a flawless choice. The texture of the dress is not too sheer for less exposure and  is best paired with a bandeau bikini top since the cute of the neckline is deep-v.

Be pretty in prints in a tunic dress. This is perfect for those who wants full coverage because it not see through and has a thicker fabric than the usual cover ups. It also doesn’t limit itself only at the beach because you can wear it while running simple errands in the city by pairing it with some white sneakers.

Learn more about summer cover-ups in the anniversary issue of Celebrity Mom, featuring Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan on the cover!

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XO, Mish


28 April 2014

A Visit to Manila Ocean Park - Oceanarium

After our fun mermaid swim experience at Manila Ocean Park, my newly found blogger friends and I were also given a chance to visit the Oceanarium. I've been to the Ocean Park at Hong Kong way back so I already had a similar experience. I was with my sister though who was a first timer and it was my first time to go to Manila Ocean Park so I was still excited to visit the place!

With blogger friends - Martin, Monica, Monica and Clarissa

27 April 2014

Shop My Closet For As Low As P150

Hello, loves! I am selling again these goodies I bought from Romwe.com. Most of them are worn once and some are even brand new! I'm letting go of them cause they either do not fit me well or they don't go well with my skin tone. :p 

ROMWE Color Block Cut-out Twined Slim Dress (Extra Small) – BRAND NEW (Reserved)
Original Price: $29.99
Selling for: P300

ROMWE Super Soft Black Body-con Blouse (Small) (Reserved)
Selling for: P200

1. ROMWE Galaxy Print Colorful Leggings (SMALL)- http://www.romwe.com/romwe-galaxy-print-colorful-leggings-p-46472.html?mishrendon
Waist:60cm, Hip:76cm, Thigh:45cm, Length:89cm
Original Price: $24.99
Selling for: P150

2. ROMWE Classic Gold Soft Velvet Solid Wine Red Leggings - Small http://www.romwe.com/romwe-classic-gold-soft-velvet-solid-wine-red-leggings-p-21186.html?mishrendon
Waist:56-74cm, Hip:74-100cm, Thigh:40-56cm, Length:91cm 
Original Price - $29.99
Selling Price – P150

3. ROMWE "Colorful Clouds Triangle" Leggings (http://www.romwe.com/colorful-clouds-triangle-leggings-p-57525.html?mishrendon)
Brand New - Small
Original Price - $27.99
Selling Price: P200

ROMWE White Bandeau Peplum Dress (Small) – BRAND NEW
Dimensions - Bust:78cm, Waist:68cm, Length:64cm, Belt length:68cm
Original Price: $56.99
Selling for: P300

ROMWE Loose Cable Knit Blue Cardigan (Free Size) – BRAND NEW
Original Price: $27.99 
Selling for: P300

Romwe Bow Embellished Pink Bandeau Dress (Small) - BRAND NEW
Original Price: $42.99 
Selling for: P300

ROMWE Contrast Hem Sleeveless Khaki Dress (XS) – BRAND NEW  - SOLD!
Original Price: $63.99
Selling for: P350

ROMWE Long Sleeves Heart Patterned Casual White Shirt (Small) (Reserved)
Selling for: P200

ROMWE Chinese Ethnic Print Vest (Free Size)
Selling for P150

Ahaishopping.com Navy Dress (Free size)
Selling for P250

ROMWE "Pekingese Face" Black Midriff T-shirt (Free Size)
Selling for P150

If you are interested in getting any or all of these items, please don't hesitate to send me an email at starmishie@ymail.com or send me a message through my Facebook page. :)

Happy shopping!

XO, Mish


25 April 2014

Johnny Rockets: A Fun Afternoon with Bloggers!

I am a huge fan of diners and their massive servings. Do not underestimate my small physique cause I could down a huge plate of anything in an instant. So imagine how ecstatic I was when Johnny Rockets - an international restaurant chain that provides the food, fun, and friendliness reminiscent of feel-good Americana - came up with a fun event for Mommy Bloggers Philippines. :D

Wedding Dresses for Outdoor Weddings

June marks the start of the wedding season. Not only it has become the most favorable time of the year to have a wedding, but it has also become a trend and tradition to get wedded on this month. Nothing beats having your wedding outdoors with the pleasant weather! Although it is several months from now, preparations must be done way beforehand. Some may have already finished their preparations by now, especially acquiring their dream wedding dress. Lucky for you though if you haven’t found the perfect wedding dress yet because online shops such as Missweddingwear.com got you covered!

Whether you prefer a garden wedding or a beach wedding, lace wedding dresses are your perfect choice! This delicate dress with intricate details matches the lovely outdoors and the whole nature vibe. A lace wedding dress never goes out of style and remains classy always. You will surely be an effortless head turner of the wedding, especially that everyone’s eyes are always on the bride.

For a price lot less than that of designer wedding gowns, wedding dresses at Missweddingwear.com comes in different designs to match your personal style – from elegant ball gowns to sexy mini dresses. It also comes in different sizes to match your body type. You may even have a custom made gown so that your dress will fit like a glove. Of course, ordering your dream wedding gown is a piece of cake, especially when you have limited time and budget. If you want to save yourself the hassle of coming up with the perfect wedding gown, visit Missweddingwear.com and you’ll definitely find your dream wedding gown in their huge selection!

XO, Mish


23 April 2014

24-Hour Zebra Leggings Sale at Romwe!

Romwe is offering their new and improved black and white striped leggings for $15.99 instead of $24.99 on the 24th of April. The sale will last for 24 hours only and stocks will be limited. On top of that, you may get another 10% off this product by using the coupon code: 10%offleggings

Happy shopping! :D

XO, Mish

PS, Don't forget to check out my latest giveaway to win one zebra leggings from Romwe: http://www.mishrendon.com/2014/04/romwe-zebra-leggings-flash-giveaway.html


22 April 2014

Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.san

I used to be very conscious of my skin color, especially when I was still in my teenage years. From being the sunflower that I was, following the sun in every direction it goes, I suddenly refrained from undergoing activities which involves exposing myself to the heat and being sunburned. I guess it's because I grew up in a period where fair complexion is appreciated more rather than the Pinay's natural sun-kissed complexion. When I was in high school, I'd try every whitening product available in the market - from orange and green papaya soaps to chemical infused skin whitening soaps. My mom would say that I was too young to try those out but I insisted on using them. They worked for me at some point but I was not able to get that rosy and glowing skin that I have always wanted.

It was only when I was in college that I discovered Kojie.san's original Kojic acid soap. I think it was my sister who introduced it to me. With regular use, I could evidently see amazing changes. In just two short weeks, I was able to notice gradual skin lightening. I remember finishing a bar of another brand of whitening soap and not get the same effect. My skin tone may not be as white or as pale as a geisha's, but I was able to achieve glowing and bright skin that I always wanted! I often get "Blooming ka ngayon" or "Pumuputi ka ata" or "Ang kinis ng skin mo" from people which gives me that kilig feeling inside. :) Of course, my sisters and I still use this product regularly up to now. It's already on our grocery list.

Times may have changed and that tanned complexion we used to dread is now more acceptable in our society. But just because we don't have the same appreciation for fair complexion as we used to should we refrain from using skin whitening products. I think original Kojic acid soaps should never cease to be part of our daily routine! Not only does it help maintain the brightness of our complexion, but it also helps solve numerous skin problems.

I used to have these hideous scars and pimple marks on my skin. On top of that, my pregnancy gave me uneven skin tone which never returned to its original state. Thankfully, Kojie.san was able to lighten my pimple marks and insect bites in a short period of time without undergoing any cosmetic procedure. It even helped lighten my stretch marks! Although they are still there, they became less visible. Through its micro peeling effect, Kojie.san was able to even out skin safely and effectively. Moreover, it cleanses the skin very well. I don't even need to use a separate make up remover. I could say that this one's my all-in-one product! No need to use tons of soaps in the shower or to use several products, you only need one bar to solve all your skin problems.

Pre-Kojie.san era and brace face days to Glowing and Blooming Mommy stage

The best thing about Kojie.san is that it is affordable! Skin care is all about maintenance. For only P50 for a pack of 3 mini bars or P120 for a pack of 3 large bars, you could achieve the same effect as that from a skin peeling with a dermatologist which probably costs 50x than that of Kojie.san. This product is definitely one that a normal employee or student, like me, could afford and maintain.

Still not convinced why Kojie.san should be part of your daily routine? Here are some points to consider:

1. Kojie.san is the first kojic acid soap to be commercially available in the Philippine market
  • Nothing beats the original! Several kojic acid soaps and products may have come out in the market, but it is the original - Kojie.san - that everyone trusts.

2. Kojie.san has a micro peeling effect, which makes it a potent whitening product.
  • Nope. It is not that drastic peeling which makes you shed skin like a snake. It is more of a gradual peeling that lets you go through your everyday activities without any inconveniences. 

3. It does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • As compared to chemical peeling, original Kojic acid soap from Kojie.san is safer. Hence, it does not damage the skin.

4. It contains antioxidants and 100% all natural ingredients.
  • Definitely safe to use! 'Nuff said!
Not your typical mestiza, but I am definitely happy with my brighter, glowing, and even skin tone. Thanks to Kojie.san! :)

Kojie.san's Kojic acid soap is definitely beyond whitening the skin. It helps solve other skin problems - uneven skin tone, pimple marks, acne, skin protection - which others simply can't with just one bar. It has taken skin care to the next level and has become "the bar that sets the bar". I don't think any other product in the market could be at par with that!

Visit their sites:

XO, Mish


Romwe Zebra Leggings Flash Giveaway!

Black and white stripes is a huge thing in the fashion scene. Not only it is bold, but also classy. It originated in 1960s and was brought back during LV S/S show.  To highlight this fashion trend, Romwe came up with the black and white stripe leggings.  Whether you are donning a sexy, cool, casual, or simple look, this pair will enhance your entire outfit! The current design is upgraded as compared to the previous one as to make your physique look slimmer and longer. How would you like to get one of this trendy piece? :)



This giveaway is open internationally! :)

The giveaway will run from April 22 until April 27.

Winners will be chosen through random.org and will be contacted through email.

HOW TO ENTER: (Please use the rafflecopter application!)

To be eligible to enter: (MANDATORY!)
1. Like Romwe's Facebook page
2. Like my blog's Facebook page
3. Leave a comment on Romwe's website
4. Leave a comment below

For extra entries: (These are optional. But of course, more entries will give you more chances of winning!)
1. Follow me via Instagram (@mishrendon)
2. Follow me on Twitter
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6. Tweet about the giveaway
7. Share giveaway poster on Facebook

By the way, this leggings will be on sale for only $15.99 this April 24th. Here is a coupon for which you could use to get another 10% off on that item: 10%offleggings

Good luck! :D

XO, Mish


21 April 2014

High and Low

I am skeptical in wearing crop tops cause I got mommy marks left in my tummy. Not that I am not proud of those but I don't think other people would be happy to see them lol. Anyway, I finally found a great way to wear crop tops without looking trashy or inappropriate, that is, to wear it with a high waist bodycon skirt. 

Romwe crop top, Frontrow Shop skirt

I never thought this maxi skirt from Frontrow Shop would actually look nice on me. This one is actually meant to be as a pencil skirt, but my short legs refrained it from serving its purpose. Let me tell you though that this product has superb quality considering that it came from an online shop. I initially thought it would shorten my already petite physique. On the contrary, it helped give me curves and gave me a classy look.

Hype this look!

With an outfit such as this, I think it would be appropriate to wear it with minimal accessories and a nice pair of sandals to make it look more casual. I prefer this Marikina-made sandals with this look more than anything else. They only costs P100 and are very sturdy. The quality is actually better than those found in the department store. Great find indeed!

Hope you like this look!

XO, Mish


19 April 2014

Swim Like a Mermaid at Manila Ocean Park

I am pretty sure every girl wanted to become a mermaid at some point of their lives. This could be easily attributed to Ariel of The Little Mermaid and our local mythical sea creature, Dyesebel. Well, I tried curling my hair and dyeing it red but I think that's the closest I got to becoming a mermaid. Honestly, I still have that silly dream up to now so I am grateful when Manila Ocean Park invited us for a mermaid swim experience.

The Mermaid Swim Experience is Manila Ocean Park's latest attraction. In a nutshell, it is a 45 minute program featuring basic swimming, how to glide with fish tail underwater and proper breathing techniques. Initially, we were made to sign a waiver and were oriented by our instructors from Manila Ocean Park regarding the do's and don'ts in mermaid swimming. Later on, we transferred to the pool area which surprisingly contains salt water filtered from the Manila bay.

18 April 2014

Romwe Greets You Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday is such a huge occasion for Filipinos. We consider it like Christmas, but in a totally different way. It is also a time for families and friends to get together and make use of the holidays. To celebrate this special event, Romwe is conducting a huge sale! Up to 75% off is applied to more than 1000 different styles. There is definitely a piece suitable for you! This sale started last April 15th and will last until April 22nd. Of course, shipping worldwide is free and products will be shipped within 24 hours. :) Visit: http://www.romwe.com/16l--Happy-Easter-c-500.html to see the entire collection!

On top of all that, Romwe's white lace blouse in 3D embroidery is offered at $11.99 on April 17th. You may save up to 64% discount on this one. The sale will last for 24 hours only so don't miss out! Visit:
http://www.romwe.com/1i8--romwe-hollowout-lace-crochet-white-blouse-p-66056.html for more details!

XO, Mish


16 April 2014

Mother's Day Giveaway at LBD and Onesies!

Motherhood is one event that changed my life completely. As a friend have said, your world will completely shift to where your baby is. It is indeed true! Your priorities will change and you'll think less about yourself. You'll become better, stronger and more responsible. Even if you are not the most compassionate person in the world, you'll learn how to love and to love instantly and unconditionally. For that, I salute all moms who has all sacrificed a piece of themselves for their little ones.

As an advanced celebration of Mother's Day, how about we have a small baby shower party for a lucky reader here in my blog? I actually never had a baby shower and the idea seems interesting to me. I mean you get to celebrate the coming of your baby with family and friends. Plus, you won't have to spend anymore on some baby items cause they'll be provided as gifts. :p Are you ready?


Gift pack from Baby World (Everything in the photo plus an 8 pc washcloth set which I failed to include in the photo)


This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.

The giveaway will run from April 16 to May 6 only. The winner will be chosen through random.org. The winner will be announced and contacted via email on May 7.

HOW TO ENTER: (Please use the rafflecopter application!)

To be eligible to enter: (MANDATORY!)
1. Like my blog's Facebook page
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2. Follow me via Instagram (@mishrendon)
3. Leave a comment below

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6. Share giveaway poster

Good luck, mommies! :D

XO, Mish


14 April 2014

Green Gator

I really love dressing up my little man. He looks absolutely adorable on anything! I think most of the items in his wardrobe though are reds and blues so I opted to put on this green shirt which my mom recently got from OshKosh. I think my mom got this during the 3 day sale at SM Fairview. I forgot the price but I think it is around P300. Quite pricey (for me), but definitely worth it!

We've had this pants from the US since Z was less than a year old but we were only able to use it just recently when he gained weight. I cannot even carry him anymore without straining my arms. Before, this pair of pants would drop down to his waist and now, it is only good for a few more months cause it hugs his belly just right.

It's a good thing, too, that we never have to purchase footwear for Z, except for the sandals that he uses at home. I find kids' shoes quite expensive and sometimes, ridiculously priced. :p Everyone (friends and relatives) always gives him a pair so there's no need to purchase for the meantime. This good as new pair is actually a hand-me-down from Kuya Caleb, Tita Alicia Mayer's son. Looks good on him, right?

Top - OshKosh, Pants - Random brand, Shoes - Nike

Z and I rarely go out so I cannot make as much kiddie outfit posts as I want to. And sometimes it's hard to make him stay still for the shots. :p Hope you like this super cute one though!

XO, Mish


12 April 2014

Meet Chef's Noodle's Newest Endorser - Sam Concepcion

This week, Chef's Noodle introduced its newest endorser - actor, singer and dancer Sam Concepcion. Numerous media and bloggers witnessed this jam packed event at their Robinson's Magnolia branch. There is no doubt that Sam is perfect to be the newest face of Chef's Noodle. Not only does he have that fresh and youthful vibe which is reminiscent of Chef's Noodle itself, but he is also one of the most sought teen actors today. Just like Sam, Chef's Noodle is a rising star as a new player in the food industry.

Sam says, "“I am truly honored to be part of the Chef’s Noodle team. The restaurant has been known for its delectable dishes and high culinary quality.  Who would not want to be associated with that? My friends and I love to hang out and try different kinds of food. I especially love Chef’s Noodle because you get to enjoy a delicious meal at an affordable price. It’s a cool combination of a fast food meal and a fine dine setting. The interiors of the restaurant are as inviting as the appetizing menu. I can’t wait to invite my friends to try Chef’s Noodle and love it the same way I did.”

I personally enjoy Korean food, but I find it too strong for my taste sometimes. I love how Chef's Noodle was able to make Korean food enticing for Filipinos. Offering a wide array of mouth-watering food choices, Chef’s Noodle boasts of dishes especially crafted by no less than award-winning Korean celebrity chef Choi In Sun. Among the must-try menu items when one visits the restaurant are Chef’s Noodles, Starking Fire Sushi, Bibimbap, Japchae, Haemul Seafood Pajun (Korean pancake with shrimp and squid, spring onions and bell pepper), Leek Shrimp Twigim, Chicken Kas (breaded chicken fillet with white creamy sauce), Spicy Dukbokki, and well-loved desserts such as ice cream and gelato.

Don't miss out on Chef's Noodle's delectable menu! Visit its branches at University Mall (4050129), Atlanta Center (5765054), Robinsons Magnolia (6567033), SM North EDSA The Block (3765367) and Robinsons Place Malolos (0917-5486187).  Soon to open: SM Megamall. 

Also, visit their sites:
Website - www.chefsnoodlephils.com

XO, Mish


10 April 2014

Geek Shirt Sale!

"Geek" Print Gray T-shirt you have never seen before!
This product will be sold at the price of $9.99 instead of the original price of $26.99
Save up to 63%off! Only 300 units are in stock so better hurry up!
140 pieces for size S, 80 pieces for size M, 80 pieces for size L. 
The sale will start at 1:00am GMT April 10th and will last for only 24 hours!
Worldwide free shipping is included and the item will be shipped within 24 hours.

XO, Mish


09 April 2014

Tmart Review: Black Leather Handbag

As I have always said, I am a huge online shopper. Although most of the time, all I do is window shop. :p Anyway, let me share to you the latest product that I acquired online. This one’s from Tmart.com, an online shop which offers a wide range of products from makeup sets, accessories, and bags to gadgets and consumer electronics. They literally have everything in their shop!

The product that I’ll be reviewing is the Black PU Leather Handbag. I personally chose this product because I love classy and spacious handbags that never go out of style. They go well with any outfit – from casual to business. They can also carry everything you’ll need for everyday.

Dimensions: 12.60" x 5.12" x 9.25"
My first impression about this product is that the PU leather material looks very nice. It does not look cheap at all considering that the product costs only around $11. The bag is very roomy too for all the things I usually put inside my bag such as my umbrella, glasses case, vanity kit, etc. I love too how the handle is very thick because I think bags with thin handles tend to deteriorate faster. It is also amazing how the bag keeps its box shape despite the weight of the contents. 

Personally, I prefer bags that do not have zipper as an opening because it’s too much hassle to open bags for security inspection at the mall or at the MRT or LRT, especially when I have books with me. This one is perfect for me because the main opening only has magnetic locks but it has two zipper enclosures in the middle and the side of the bag for my valuables. Moreover, it also has two pockets inside for cellular phones (although I do not recommend using it for that unless you’re willing to give away your phone :p).

If there is anything I did not really love about the bag, it would probably be the lining inside. The fabric is not just very appealing to me. Aside from such fact, this product is very great considering that it is very affordable. Tmart also has tons of bags that would definitely suit everyone's taste. Check out the rest of their huge collection at Tmart.com!

XO, Mish



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