06 September 2012

Confidence Boost Gear from Wacoal

Losyang is a Filipino term you do not want to get associated with. I am not sure of its literal English translation but it simply means that you look like you do not have time for your self anymore, thus, making you appear older than you really are. This condition is very common with moms. I believe that they're the most hardworking people. They have to balance out all their endeavors and their work as a mom never ceases. When I became a mom and entered law school, I became less and less conscious of how I look. I'd play with Z in the morning and study for the rest of the day. I'd put on anything I feel like wearing and rush to school. I sometimes fail to put on makeup or take the time to look for accessories.When I get home at night, I have to read tons of cases and memorize provisions again. 24 hours a day does not seem enough.

I believe that undergarments have a special way of transforming our entire look and giving us a more confident and positive disposition. They might be inside and hidden but they make a huge difference. We might be wearing an expensive and beautiful garments, but with the wrong underwear, such outfit cannot make us feel great at all. It is really important to not just feel confident outside but also inside.

Luckily, I was able to have a chance to try out Wacoal's undergarments. They're one of the largest underwear brand here in the Philippines and their products are known to be of great quality. I was giddy and excited when I was invited by Ms. Michelle of Wacoal to come to their office to try out their products. After my midterm examinations, I immediately went to their main office at Makati to pick out some items from their collection. As I have previously posted, my previous bras have already retired after I gave birth because they don't fit well anymore and I needed more support.

Since I no longer know my size, Ms. Michelle helped me measure my bra size so that the bra that I would be choosing would fit me well. As for the design, I opted for something simple and convenient to use. Here are my picks:

Black Bandeau Bra with Detatchable Straps

Ms. Michelle told me that this is one of their best sellers so I just have to get it. The design is very sleek. The support is just right as the sturdy cups and the under wire keeps the breasts in place. I love wearing sheer tops and this one is perfect to use underneath such. 

Three Quarter Cup Bra

This bra is definitely the most comfortable bra I've ever used. I am not a fan of padded bras because I feel like I already have enough and this one is perfect for my liking! The pads are thin, yet it gives the support that I needed. This bra goes well shirts and fitted tank tops for a clean look.

Sorci Age Slightly Padded Bra with Lace Back

I just have to get this one! The color and the design are really cute and appealing. The pads are only in the bottom part as to give a push, but it's not that overwhelming. I was hesitant in getting a lace bra because they wore out easily, but I am assured that Wacoal's products have great quality. This, by the way, is from the Sorci Age line of Wacoal. The Sorci Age line is actually for the teens and the teens at heart, hence, the slightly small sizes. The regular line is usually for the ladies.

With my new confidence boost gear, I could now totally rock my outfits. No more pulling up of bras or adjusting every now and then. Wacoal products can definitely help moms, like me, to bring back their confidence by giving the right support and coverage that they need. I can now say goodbye to becoming losyang because these products can help me feel beautiful not just outside, but also inside. 

To check out more confidence boost gear from Wacoal, check out their site at http://wacoal.ph and their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PhilippineWacoalCorp, or you may contact them here:

Philippine Wacoal Corporation
3F, 6788 Ayala Avenue, Oledan Square, Makati City
TEL NO: 892-5706
FAX NO: 752-0940
E-MAIL: customer.service@wacoal.ph

XO, Mish


  1. You look gorgeous. Browsed through the rest of your blog, and i adore your sense of style, you are just too beautiful :D

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