16 April 2017

Relax and Rejuvenate at Antara Wellness Spa

If there's anything I could think of as my guilty pleasure, it would definitely be getting a massage. But when I come to think of it, I feel like it is more of a necessity than a luxury. Just imagine coming from a busy week at school or work feeling tired and stressed. I don't think there is no other to way to relieve such stress than a good massage. 

Perfect vibes for a massage!

Recently, I have come across a new spa bordering Makati and Manila called Antara Wellness Spa. And I think the name of the spa suits is location because 'Antara' literally means "In Between" in Hindi. The concept of this new place is to be a haven from one's daily life and I think it definitely is one.

It's all in the details here at Antara

15 April 2017

All You Can Eat Surf and Turf at RBCTY Maginhawa

Maginhawa is definitely the place to be when looking for quality yet affordable food. This place has been the go-to place of QC people for an authentic dining experience. There are just numerous hole in the wall restaurants within the area that offer quality food. And when looking for ribs and chicken, RibCity is your best choice in Maginhawa!

From school, I hurriedly went to Maginhawa for a Team Aldous food event. I was actually having a tough time then and this treat definitely lightened it up for me. Food is definitely one way to relieve stress and good food could do that real fast. I think that's what RibCity's awesome food offerings did to me.  

10 April 2017

How To Get Your Dream Dress for Less

Budget can be such a deciding factor when it comes to dress shopping. I think that the smaller your budget is, the more limited are your options. However, I do not believe that you cannot anymore get your dream dress with such a budget. There are still ways by which you could get "the one".

If you are opting for a designer dress which could probably cost a million bucks, you could always have a similar dress made. I do not suggest copying the entire thing though because this could give rise to copyright violations. But if it is a particular silhouette that you like, then I think it is okay to have the same copied. 

trompette / sirène beach élégant et luxueux toutes tailles longue robe sans manches en dentelle cour

Another option you could avail of is to buy cheap wedding dresses online. Yes, that Robe de Mariée Pas Cher you are dreaming of could be found online! Most online shops have tons of designs to choose from without that designer dress price tag. You could have a dress custom made so that it will fit you like a glove. Otherwise, they have tons of size and color options readily available. 

One wrong connotation when it comes to cheap wedding dresses is that their qualities and style are compromised. While there are shops that fail to deliver as regards quality and make, there are still several shops, particularly online shops such as http://www.airmode.fr/, that makes quality cheap wedding dresses. 

XO, Mish



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