30 January 2020

Affordable Drinks and Meals at Rooftop Bar Fairview

When food parks became a hit a few years back, Rooftop Food Park used to be the first multi-level food park which opened in Fairview, Quezon City. When the trend later on died down, the owners of this place decided to convert their food park into a resto bar which is now called the Rooftop Bar.

True to its name, this place is located in a roof top of a building which used to be a market and parking area. Aside from their resto bar area which caters to 500 people on a normal basis (and around 1000 individuals during weekends and events), they also currently offer KTV rooms for private events and functions.  

13 September 2019

Fried Eats at Chickapig in 8 Seas Food Park

I haven't been to a food park in so long. They used to be thriving back then but their popularity diminished recently. Although they're not as popular as before, there are still individual food stalls that would make you come back every now and then and one of them is Chickapig.

As its name suggests, it offers a variety of dishes consisting of chicken and pork. They mostly have fried dishes that would surely satisfy your comfort food cravings. They are conveniently located at 8 Seas Food Park along Timog Avenue in Quezon City.

18 April 2019

Best Islands in El Nido

El Nido is a much-loved tourist destination in the Philippines and mainly because of its beautiful beaches and clear waters. Comprising of 45 islands, El Nido stands out in the world among hundreds and thousands of beaches. Go ahead and book cheap flights online to enjoy the piece of paradise on the planet.

One of the prime reasons why people visit El Nido is because of its picturesque islands and beautiful beaches. Tourists indulge in island hopping tours to make the most of their trip. There are regular El Nido flights, and that points to the growing demand and popularity of the destination.

If you are wondering which are the best islands in El Nido, well, here they are.

  • Tapiutan Island – The island has been named after the Talisay trees found at the beaches. You will love those crystal-clear waters. There are lots of big rocks on this beach, and the spot is all about sightseeing and enjoying the clear turquoise waters. It is the most remote island in El Nido and creates a unique and mysterious feeling because of the narrow pass between two isles and surrounded by towering cliffs.

  • Helicopter Island – Dilumacad Island is known as Helicopter Island as it looks like a helicopter from a distance. The beach here is perfect for snorkeling, and one can enjoy looking at a vast variety of fishes and reefs. You can reach Dilumacad Island via a boat ride from El Nido. The island is home to thick dark green rainforests and towering cliffs. There is a massive mountain on one side of the island.

  • Cadlao Island – The Cadlao Island is the largest island that boasts of an area larger than ten kilometers. The island is well known for its white sands and hidden lagoons and coves. Its beaches are perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and hiking. It is a perfect spot for any kind of beach activities. The impressive island gets a few frequent visitors and is often ignored by tourists. There are beautiful and numerous corals, and starfish to admire while underwater.

  • Miniloc Island – The Miniloc Island boasts of many limestone formations, and a highlight of the beach here is a big umbrella made of coconuts. Located in Bacuit Bay, the island boasts of several luxury resorts. There is plenty to do and see here as one can snorkel at Miniloc Reef or relax at the beaches or explore the Cudugnon Cave. Take a guided kayak tour and enjoy bird-watching.

  • Entalula Island – The island is a private island that is located off-shore of the mainland. Only guests from the nearby island resorts are allowed to enter here. However, a small portion of Entalula Island has been kept free for public use. It makes for an excellent getaway because of its translucent azure waters and calm atmosphere. With limestone formations in the backdrop, the beach is perfect for relaxation.

  • Matinloc Island - Matinloc Island is surrounded by jagged rocks, and when you climb those rocks, you enjoy a breathtaking view of this island. The word “Matinlo” means “Beautiful” in English. Concealed by the cliffs, the island beaches are like a piece of paradise. The whole experience here is hypnotic as well as relaxing and almost sedating as you look at the beauty and wonder of the water.

  • 7 Commandos island – The 7 Commandos island and its white sandy beaches are well famous for crystal clear waters. The beach is named after the seven commandos who lived here, and one can even see their names printed on the rocks. Enjoy fresh fruit shakes, cocktails and fresh buko on the beach bar.

XO, Mish