03 September 2015

How to Throw the Perfect Boodle Fight

From sending invites to making sure you have food and drinks enough for everyone, planning a party can be quite an arduous task, no matter how much you enjoy having people over. And although having one ‘pot luck’ style is a good hack, your guests would much rather prefer that you, as the host, took care of everything. 

The ‘boodle fight’ is a great way to check at least one of your party preparations off your list—setting the tables—because a boodle fight only requires a single long table and a lot of food.

A typical boodle fight layout. Photo from www.angsarap.net <http://www.angsarap.net/2015/05/21/what-is-a-boodle-fight/>

Few know that we have the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to thank for the concept, as the boodle fight originated from the military’s practice of members of the army, regardless of rank, gathering around a long table and eating food spread over banana leaves with their bare hands.

As primal as it sounds (‘boodle’ fight is military jargon for ‘attack the food’ after all), a boodle fight need not be so messy. Just follow these tips to make your boodle fight the talk of your barkada:

1. Have a theme.
Few things are more fun than themed parties, and your boodle fight’s can be reflected in the decorations, activities and, of course, the food! Prepare a lei for each guest, and serve kalua pork for a Hawaiian luau; spice up your guests’ evening with a Mexican fiesta, complete with tacos, enchiladas and margaritas; or go organic and serve only vegetarian delicacies!

2. Come in costume.
Have your guests come as opposing characters, and prepare for a real fight! Heroes and villains, nerds and jocks, #TeamNicki and #TeamTaylor—the possibilities are endless! At the end of the night, award the guest with the best costume and prepare a consequence for that one friend who was just too lazy to dress up (oh come on, we all have one).

3. Create food stations.
Encourage guests to move around and mingle by creating food stations—meat in one area, seafood in another, and desserts at the end. You also have the option of creating several stations of the same mix of food items, so guests don’t crowd the table. Print cute labels and directional signage for your stations so your guests don’t get lost in all the food!

4. Have an accessible wash area.
Since you’ll be eating with your hands (as much as possible), your guests will appreciate a wash area complete with hand soap, lotion, and the works. Surprise them with a masseuse giving free hand massages to make it more special!

5. Have food delivered.
Save time and have food delivered instead! With foodpanda, you can order food online from over 1,000 restaurants of different cuisines (Like Greenwich, Andoks, Omakase, Cibo, Pepper Lunch etc) and have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep via www.foodpanda.ph or the foodpanda app.

So gather your friends, order food, and have the best boodle fight! That’s one match you won’t mind having with one another.

XO, Mish


02 September 2015

Wedding Dresses for Civil Weddings

How much does a wedding cost nowadays? Here in the Philippines, a simple church wedding would probably cost more than a hundred thousand pesos already. For more extravagant weddings, I guess some would probably spend millions of pesos to get their dream wedding. They need not only pay for the church, the reception venue, food, entourage’s attire, but they also need to shell out money for the wedding coordinator, professional makeup artist, the photographer and videographer, souvenirs, wedding cake, among others. Indeed, the cost of weddings nowadays has become extremely expensive. One alternative to avoid such unnecessary expense is to opt for a civil wedding.

I have noticed that more and more couples have gone for a civil wedding instead. Not only it is inexpensive, it is also practical. Couples are not compelled to invite tons of guests. They would only need their immediate family to witness such event in their lives. No matter how simple a civil wedding ceremony may be, it does not mean that the bride cannot be gorgeous on her special day. A bride can definitely still look beautiful on her wedding day with an elegant wedding dress.

By wedding dress, I mean one which has the appropriate length for the event. For civil wedding ceremonies, it is best to don a knee length or tea length dress. Finding the perfect dress within your community could be difficult though. Wedding dresses for civil weddings are not as widely sold as regular wedding dresses. Moreover, it is impractical to have a designer dress made for such simple event. One’s best option is to purchase online.


Online shopping for wedding dresses is indeed the best choice because of the variety of their products. At Missydressesau which provides for wedding dresses Australia, they offer numerous knee length and tea length dresses which are perfect for a civil wedding ceremony. Not only are these dresses elegant, but they are also quality products. Of course, these dresses are within one’s limited budget.

XO, Mish


01 September 2015

Taiwan Excellence Brings You the Made To Enjoy Singing Contest

Show off your singing ability, broadcast your musical talent, and wow audiences all over the world in the Made to Enjoy Singing Contest, a new and innovative contest brought to you by Taiwan Excellence, with so many exciting prizes to be awarded. Made to Enjoy Singing will surely captivate the Philippines by discovering your hidden musical talents.

The Taiwan Excellence - Made to Enjoy Singing Contest aims to showcase the musical genius of Filipinos. Adding to the fun, it allows the public to vote for the best musical video submissions, which will then be judged by a panel of experts. The winners will take home superb Taiwan Excellence products, as well as cash prizes.

Taiwan Excellence lined up some of these innovative products, which are among the 78 brands it aims to bring to the Philippines, as prizes for the winners. The August winners will win either a Transcend Drive Pro 200 or a Tatung Rice Cooker 100; the September winners will take home either an Acer Liquid Jade Z or a Kingcom Sigma Evo smartphone; while the October winners will be the proud owners of either an Asus Zenfone 2 or an Acer Iconia Tab. In addition, each finalist will get P10,000.

The grand winners will be gifted with a KYMCO Agility 125” motorcycle and a cash prize of P50,000.00. The grand winner will receive the prize from Taiwan Excellence endorser Maja Salvador.

 “We have always been amazed at the musicality of Filipinos, and we hope to give them a fun platform to showcase their talents, while at the same time giving the best ones an opportunity to win Taiwan Excellence products,”’ said Yu-Wei Hsiao, Deputy Executive Director of TAITRA. “The high quality of our products is reflected in the high quality of Filipino singers.’’

Whether you’re just starting out as a singer or you’ve been performing for your friends for a long time, the Made to Enjoy Singing contest is a perfect opportunity for you and all aspiring singers to show their excellence in their field, just like the brands under Taiwan Excellence, which are noted all over the world for their great and innovative designs and workmanship. Aspiring singers will discover that this is a good opportunity to let the world know about their talents, and to connect with other music lovers. This may even be a way for your talents to be discovered! Most of all, the contest is guaranteed to be a fun and memorable experience for you and your loved ones, with great prizes that you will definitely enjoy.

To join, register at the Taiwan Excellence Made to Enjoy Singing official website at http://www.madetoenjoysinging.ph.  

The qualifying legs will be held on August, September and October while the finals leg will be held on November 2015. For more information on the contest, visit madetoenjoysinging.ph/index.php/page/view/taiwan-excellence-made-to-enjoy-singing.

XO, Mish



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