25 September 2016

Fashion21 Auto Eyeliner Pen Review

Local brands are really close to my heart. Not only are they affordable and easy to find, they surprisingly have great quality. I know I tend to underestimate them, but local products are definitely at par with their imported counterparts. When it comes to cosmetics, I love drugstore/department store brands! Since they’re so affordable, you won’t regret testing out a new product in the market even if doesn’t turn out well. I believe cosmetics and skin care are kind of a hit or miss thing. You just keep on trying out new products until you find the one that’s perfect for you.

Fashion21 Auto Eyebrow Pen

Speaking of trying out cosmetics, I was able to get a hold of the latest products from Fashion21. If you haven’t heard of Fashion21 yet (which I highly doubt), it is a local brand offering budget-friendly and quality cosmetics. You could literally find them in every department store! Anyway, I was able to try out Fashion21's Auto Eyebrow Pen lately. I am not a pro when it comes to doing eyebrow makeup and I am far from #kilaygoals, but this product was really easy to use for a makeup rookie like me.

As regards the packaging, I was definitely impressed! Honestly, Fashion21’s products used to have tacky packaging and I am glad that they were able to improve their products’ packaging. The pen is a black matte one with the name of the product printed on it. It is very lightweight and the product can be dispensed with by retracting the pen. I actually tried opening the pen to its max and it contains more or less two inches of eyeliner.

Piolo and Crizal® get into life’s moments

What if, in the middle of your routine eye check-up, you ended up face-to-face with Philippine leading man Piolo Pascual? If that was me, I'd definitely get thrilled and kilig! I already had the chance to meet Piolo at an Essilor event and he was so dreamy!

Find out what Crizal® and Piolo Pascual video have in store at https://youtu.be/-E6BiMaz5gc!

Watch and share the surprised reactions of patients during a vision screening set up by Essilor’s flagship brand Crizal® on https://youtu.be/-E6BiMaz5gc

The new video is part of the brand’s campaign to encourage patients and customers alike to stay present in every experience of your life – or, better yet, to create your own precious moments with the clear vision that only Crizal® can provide! 

Crizal® lenses are available at leading optical shops and through eye care professionals nationwide. For more information, visit Essilor’s website at www.essilor.com.ph.

XO, Mish


24 September 2016

Save more on Fall and Winter Footwear at EricDress

I have always had a fascination with boots and similar footwear. I think it is because it is a footwear that I just cannot wear everyday here in the tiny tropical country where I am. Nevertheless, I still keep a few ones for times when we vacation up north or abroad or for whenever I wanted to rock a pair of chic boots just because.

Cheap boots: http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-boots-101049/

For everyday wear, I love solid colored ankle boots that could instantly make one's outfit look a million bucks. They are just simply stylish without going overboard. Knee high boots wide calf are perfect though for night outs and for times when you want to look grand. They could transform your boring outfit into a fashionable one in just a snap.

Knee High Boots: http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-knee-high-boots-101985/

Since winter is coming (that sounded like a Game of Thrones tag line lol!), there are cheap winter boots that you could find at Ericdress. Of course it is best to use up old ones especially when you are on a tight budget. But seriously, Ericdress' products are extremely affordable that it would not hurt to spend a bit and treat yourself with a new pair of shoes. I was actually surprised that Ericdress actually carries all sorts of cheap boots for women, from ankle boots to snow boots, and not just clothing. They are definitely a one stop fashion shop!

If you are looking for cheap knee high boots that you could use for the fall or winter, better check out: http://www.ericdress.com/! They have the widest collection of footwear that would not disappoint!

XO, Mish



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