01 December 2015

#MakeTimeForDad: a COPD awareness campaign by GSK

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is not an illness we are commonly acquainted with. It is quite ironic because as the seventh killer disease in the Philippines, COPD must be one of the diseases that we should be wary of. To spread awareness of this peculiar yet prevalent disease, GlaxoSmithKline and the Philippine College of Chest Physicians launched a new campaign called #MakeTimeForDad.

Basically, COPD is a progressive lung ailment that makes breathing difficult and invariable leads to death. Cigarette smoking causes 80% to 90% of COPD cases. However, it could also be caused by indoor and outdoor pollution. Patients who are suffering from COPD experience breathlessness, abnormal sputum characterized by a mix of saliva and mucus, and chronic cough. While it is one major killer disease in our country, only 2% of the 4.2 million Filipinos are diagnosed with it. 

People are often diagnosed with COPD in their 50s and 60s. However, these diagnoses are relatively late as COPD can begin in your 40s. "If your father is a smoker and he begins to experience coughing with phlegm and an unusual breathing pattern, consult a doctor. He may be asked to get a spirometry exam to diagnose COPD," says Dr. Gio Barangan, GSK's Medical Director.

For this campaign, there is no other better person to share about the disease and its effects than Epy Quizon. Epy lost his father, the Comedy King Dolphy, to COPD three years ago. He shared that Dolphy used to be a heavy smoker who started smoking in his teen years. When he was 45, he was diagnosed with emphysema and by that time, his lungs were so black. The damage to his lungs continued to progress with age and he was diagnosed with COPD at the age of 79.

When he turned 80, he began carrying oxygen concentrator everywhere he went, The once vibrant Comedy King had become lethargic. Aside from frequent coughs and shortness of breath, Dolphy would also complain of tiredness after taking a few steps. "Our dad was a fighter. He was our general, our commander-in-chief, so watching him get weaker and trying hard to just catch his breath was very difficult for us," Epy recalled emotionally.

The #MakeTimeForDad campaign is an advocacy very close to Epy because it was the disease that took his dad's life. Thus, he wanted to make people aware of the disease and to give people a clearer picture of how the disease affects not only the patient but the entire family. As a progressive disease, COPD becomes a familial problem, Once the father is affected, the rest of the family assumes the responsibility of taking care of the patient and they play an important role in the patient's treatment journey.

To take part in the campaign, family members are encouraged to upload 30-second videos on Facebook and Instagram, stating a list of things they want to do or wish they could have done with their fathers. This would serve as a reminder for them to act now if they feel their loved ones are at risk for COPD, and value each moment they spend with them.

To know more about COPD, visit www.pinoycopd.com.

XO, Mish


29 November 2015

Chucky and Tiffany for Halloween

Last Halloween, Zack and I dressed up as Chucky and Tiffany. I am not sure if many people got the idea, but I don't think the Chucky movie series was even popular here in the Philippines. I guess I'll let Zack pick his own costume for the following Halloweens. Honestly, I had a hard time looking for a costume for Zack. I thought it would be easy since it's just a striped shirt and overalls. Apparently, there are no more shops that carries overalls for toddlers. I tried four malls and they do not have it. There's one in Old Navy at Fairview Terraces but the largest that they got was for 24 months old kids. I found a jumper at Divisoria, but it was a bit small so I had to alter it. 
On Zack: H&M shirt, Jumper from 168, adidas shoes
On me: Romwe biker jacket, Efoxcity dress

Looking for the shirt though was really easy. I got it from H&M at SM Fairview. I was surprised how affordable clothes are at H&M as compared to other brands for kids. Some clothes from other brands are ridiculously priced and have ugly designs. This shirt costs only 399php and it has the finest and softest fabric! Zack has another one in a different color which was given to him during his last birthday party. I love putting this shirt on him because he looks extremely adorable in it. Hope you like this one!

XO, Mish


27 November 2015

Have You Bet on the Right Diaper?

Pampers, the world’s leading diaper brand, recently launched the New Pampers Baby Dry: 99.9% Dryness Challenge. During the said challenge held last week at Robinson's Manila, mommies were given a chance to challenge their current diaper and win their baby’s first prizes such as their first play set, first high chair or first stroller. As for me, I did not have a hard time betting on the right diaper! I knew right from the start that Pampers Baby Dry can guarantee 99.9% skin dryness as I've been using it on Zack since its launch last March and we have practically tried all sorts of diapers in the past. 

Taking on the challenge was really simple. First of all, mommies age 18 years old and above, residing in the Philippines, and have babies 0-3 years old should register online and bring their current non-Pampers diaper to the event. All that they have to do during the event is to pick the right diaper, undergo the simple test, and see for yourself which diaper provides 99.9% dryness! 

Pampers Baby Dry and Brand X are being tested and sampled for the challenge!
Same amount of liquid are simultaneously being poured over both brands.
Pampers Baby Dry have completely absorbed the liquid while there's still a significant amount of liquid over Brand X.
5 lbs. weights were then placed over the diapers.
As I have previously said, see it for yourself! The paper napkin over the Pampers Baby Dry is completely dry while the one over Brand X is significantly soaked!
For mommies who bet on the right diaper, you may claim your awesome prizes from the Love Corner.

I am definitely proud to say that I am one of the mommies who bet on Pampers Baby Dry for this challenge. I've been impressed with its performance ever since. It definitely guarantees dryness especially during the night. It has a slim fit and stretchy tapes that provides comfort. It doesn't become bulky even after a few wettings unlike other brands. And its magic gel can absorb up to 7 wettings!

Mommies from Visayas and Mindanao can also get a chance to challenge their current diaper and win their baby’s first prizes when they register in Ayala Center, Cebu City on December 6, 2015, and Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro City on December 15 2015. Guarantee your slot by pre-registering. Visit the Pampers Philippines Facebook page for more details (www.facebook.com/PampersPh). 

XO, Mish



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