30 October 2014

Easy-palit with #HuggiesPantsUp

For new and young moms like me, changing diapers has always been a challenge. For small ones, I guess it is how fragile they are that makes diaper changing difficult. And with hyper toddlers, it is their inability to stay still for at least 20 seconds. Good thing there's now Huggies Dry Pants for a faster, more convenient and hassle-free way to change diapers! Our kids will no longer be impatient and cranky with every diaper change. :)

What sets this kind of diaper apart is that it is easy to put on. Just pull it up and your kid is good to go! Toddlers could even do it themselves. No need for tapes cause the all-around stretchable waistband does it all. It has the right amount of stretch to keep the diaper in place without being too tight on the skin. As regards removing it, it has side seams which can be torn apart. What I love about this product the most is that it keeps the skin dry which is important to prevent diaper rashes. No leaks, too, despite my little boy's activities.

We actually made a video the night before (which I already posted on IG). However, he seem to got LSS with the Step Step Up Jingle and started singing it. We just had to do it all over again. :D
Here we go again! He can't seem to stop dancing and singing to the Huggies' Step Step Up Jingle. :)

Right now, Huggies Philippines is sharing the pants up experience for free. They are offering a free sample of their Huggies Dry Pants on their Facebook page so you could experience how convenient this product is for busy mommies. Aside from that, they are also conducting the Huggies' Step Up Dance Showdown wherein you could win a one year supply of Huggies Dry Pants.

All you have to do is:
1. Download the Step, Step, Up jingle - http://bit.ly/HuggiesDryPantsJingle
2. Take a video of your baby dancing to the beat (with Huggies Dry Pants packs in the shot)
3. Upload your baby’s video

Click here to join: bit.ly/HDPDanceShowdown

For bloggers, you could join Nuffnang Philippines and Huggies Instagram contest here: http://bit.ly/HuggiesPantsUp (until today onlyyyy!)

Anyway, here's the video of my little boy dancing to the Huggies Dry Pants jingle

Hope you like it! :D

Follow Huggies on their social media accounts:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/huggiesph
Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/huggiesphilippines

XO, Mish


Nurturing Homegrown Talent Can Lead to Country’s Success

Giftedness is a term mostly associated with talent. While most believe the terms are synonymous and interchangeable, Professor Françoys Gagné, Ph. D, states otherwise. Considered as one of the most prominent names in the field of gifted education, Professor Gagné is the founder of the Differentiating Model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT), a theory identified and used by international educational authorities to define their target population and plan intervention provisions.

Professor Françoys Gagné, Ph. D discussing the Differentiating Model of Giftedness and Talent

According to the DMGT, giftedness is a superior natural ability that is evident without systematic learning or teaching. Professor Gagné uses the term ‘gifted’ to designate any person who possesses a natural aptitude that placed them among the top 10% of their age group. Whereas, talent implies a mastered skill that has been developed exceptionally well. Professor Gagné claims that for gifts to translate into talents, they must be developed through a variety of catalysts. These catalysts include intrapersonal factors such as perseverance, general curiosity, intrinsic motivation, and ambition, and environmental factors like family, school, and quality of the peer group.

Nature and Nurture Working Together

There are over 1.27 million gifted children in the country according to data gathered by the Department of Education (DepEd) in 2010. A big number of these potentially gifted Filipinos are overlooked because of the lack of proper guidance and support.

(clockwise L-R) Professor Françoys Gagné, Ph. D with the Promil Pre-School team, Dian Yu, Product Manager, Rachelle Tongson, Group Product Manager, and Miko Acuna, Marketing Director, with current Promil Pre-School kid, Sage Araneta

While environment plays an important role that can aid in developing children’s raw abilities, it can also present less than ideal influences. Giftedness and talent do not flourish on their own. 

“Nurturing the potentially gifted is a shared responsibility of the family, as well as both public and private sectors, if they are to be developed maximally,” shares Dra. Letty Ho, President, Philippine Center for Gifted Education, Inc.

Celebrating Homegrown Talent and Skill

It is not enough to have the talent – It’s how the talent is utilized to achieve greater success in a broader scale, like in ones community or even country. Improvements in economic growth are closely related to the level of cognitive skills of the population. 

Professor Françoys Gagné, Ph. D, emphasizes that “individuals, young and old, differ in many respects: their aptitudes or potentialities, their personal qualities, their needs and their interests, their will-power and their perseverance, their investment in time and energy in the development of their talents, the characteristics of their social environment, and the qualities of significant people around them. All these elements can contribute to a person’s level of professional success; they are the ingredients of outstanding success, in school and in adult life.”

Gifted child and award-winning violinist and pianist, Ira Aclan

Professor Gagné’s visit to the Philippines could not come at a more opportune time, with the Philippine Center for Gifted Education, Inc. bidding to spearhead the establishment of the ASEAN Association for Giftedness, and the country showing strong economic growth. 

Giftedness and talent could be a driving force for the Philippine economy to continue the steps it is taking towards becoming a progressive country. Nurturing homegrown talent can benefit the country greatly by spurring its development. 

Heritage Through Generations

For over 25 years, Promil Pre-School has been an advocate of nurturing Filipino children’s gifts into talent. With the right balance of support from parents, proper care through the right learning environment, and proper nutrition from Promil Pre-School, gifts can be nurtured into exceptional talents that benefit a larger community.

“We are one with Professor Gagné in promoting the proper nourishment of children’s gifts to become talents. This is one of those instances where proper education can really make the world of difference,” says Dian Yu, Product Manager, Wyeth Nutrition, Inc.

i-Shine Talent Camp 3’s Grand i-Shiner Telesa de Torres

From National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal to Andrea Veneracion, who gave the world the Philippine Madrigal Singers, to world-class performer Lea Salonga and boxing champion and politician Congressman Manny Pacquiao, Filipinos whose gifts were developed into talents have proven to contribute immensely to the advancement of the country and building of national pride.

“This is a vision that Promil Pre-School shares with Professor Gagné. The brand was founded on the premise of making it easier for people to reach their full potentials and become gifts not just to themselves or their families, but also to their community. We believe that well-rounded and fully-developed talented individuals are those who are able to use their exceptional abilities for the greater good,” adds Yu.

XO, Mish


29 October 2014

Shop with MasterCard, win a limited edition Vespa scooter

A limited edition Vespa scooter becomes your ultimate fashion accessory when you use your MasterCard to shop in Robinsons Specialty Stores Inc. (RSSI) retail stores, including Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Burton, Warehouse, Ben Sherman, Basic House, G2000, River Island, Shana, Benefit and Shiseido.

Tagged “What’s your Shoppernality”, the raffle promotion gives MasterCard cardholders the chance to win one of the 13 brand new custom PX150 Vespa scooters that are specially designed to in each brand’s theme, plus Php 20,000 worth of shopping spree in their favorite RSSI store.

To earn a raffle entry, simply spend a minimum of Php3,000 from any RSSI store using a Philippine-issued MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid card from September 19 to November 15, 2014. One (1) winner will be selected from each of the 13 RSSI stores for a total of 13 winners!

“MasterCard cardholders love fashion and style, and they enjoy shopping the premium global retail brands. We’re glad to work with RSSI on a unique promotion that truly appeals to the young and fashionable set” shared MasterCard VP for Marketing Ailea Zialcita.

To view each of the customized Vespa, visit your favorite RSSI stores, or visit www.mastercard.com.ph/privileges to learn more about the perks of having a MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid card.

XO, Mish



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