08 October 2015

FWD Life encourages Filipinos to Stay Healthy and Fit, One Move at a Time

Can you really be healthy and fit by investing just four minutes of your day in exercise?

Apparently, it is possible and FWD Life is showing Filipinos how they can be healthier and fitter pursue their passions and live the life they dream of.

To encourage more Filipinos to start living a healthy lifestyle, FWD Life recently launched a health and wellness movement aptly called Live to Move—premised on the idea that attaining better health is key in living life to the fullest.

Coach Toni Saret carrying the sand dumbells with other coaches

At the heart of the campaign is the FWD Motion, a specially designed four-minute metabolic fitness (MetaFit) workout which has a health benefit equivalent of up to one-hour exercise. Its four primary steps – jump, squat, push up, and lunge – will encourage Filipinos to get into their exercise gear and start moving. Short, simple, and effective, the four primary steps easily encourage people to work out regardless if they are novice, intermediate or advanced fitness enthusiasts.

FWD Motion is a simple regimen. Its four primary steps can be integrated into daily activities and can be done anywhere, reducing the need to go to the gym or attend a workout class. Having been developed by celebrity fitness coaches Jim and Toni Saret (“The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Season 2,” “Fit Filipino Movement”), who are also the campaign collaborators, it is scientifically-proven to make an individual lose as much as 600 calories, depending on the intensity of execution and number of repetitions.

FWD Warriors warming up for Live To Move Tour

“FWD encourages Filipinos to be healthier through the Live To Move movement and it matches perfectly with our advocacy. Through Live To Move and the FWD Motion, we are able to motivate people to start moving in as short as four minutes only, so they can live better and healthier lives,” said Coach Jim Saret.

Coaches Jim and Toni Saret are also healthy lifestyle ambassadors of the Philippine Heart Association (PHA), the official advocacy partner of Live To Move. FWD Life supports PHA’s 52100 advocacy, a simple guide to remind people of the essentials of good health, with each number representing a daily target: five (5) servings of fruits and vegetables, two (2) hours maximum recreational screen time, one (1) hour of moderate activity, zero (0) sugared drinks, and zero (0) smoking/secondhand smoke.
“This partnership enables PHA to further promote public awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are also grateful that through Live To Move, FWD is able to support our 52100 advocacy which encourages Filipinos to adopt simple heart-friendly daily habits,” said Dr. Alex Junia, Philippine Heart Association President.

The campaign started with the FWD Motion online video challenge wherein participants post their workout videos featuring their passions and their variations to the four primary steps. It continues with the Live To Move Tour, a series of health and wellness-themed pocket events around Metro Manila which includes group activities called Move to the Beat (Hip Hop), Move to the Groove (Zumba), Move to Fight (boxing and cardio), and Move to the FWD Motion (MetaFit). It will culminate on October 24 with the Live To Move Grand Festival where participants will enjoy exciting activities and rewards in surrounding booths for free medical consultation, cooking sessions, group workouts, and a free-for-all wellness concert.

Campaign participants are entitled to raffle entries which give them the chance to win exciting lifestyle gadgets during the tour and the grand festival.

Samantha Purvor, Live To Move host with coaches Toni and Jim Saret

“We have established Live To Move as a platform and the FWD Motion as a key workout routine to encourage Filipinos to start living a healthy lifestyle so they can pursue their passions. We are committed to lead the cause for Filipinos’ health and wellness in the life insurance industry, since we strongly believe in the benefits of living a healthy and more active life,” said FWD Life President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Grimes.

For more information about Live To Move campaign, visit FWD Life Philippines on Facebook. You can also visit its microsite, www.livetomove.ph to upload your FWD Motion videos until October 23. You can also catch upcoming Live To Move tour stops in Bonifacio Global City on October 10 and Alabang Town Center on October 17.

XO, Mish


06 October 2015

Authentic Katsu and More at Saboten Japanese Cutlet

I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine! However, there are times when I crave for a katsu or ebi fry or tempura and I don't get truly satisfied because the ones that I have tried doesn't taste authentic. Either the ingredients are compromised or it wasn't prepared the way it was supposed to be prepared. To save yourself from such disappointment, it is best to go to katsu places that originated from Japan and that is what Saboten is all about!

Saboten, which literally translates to "Cactus" in Japanese, is one of the largest Tonkatsu chains in Japan with over 500 shops in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong, Canada, China, and now, the Philippines. It originated in the neighborhood of Shinjuku, Tokyo in 1966 and has been serving the "Original Tastes of Tonkatsu" for more than 40 years now. 

There are currently two Saboten branches here in the Philippines - one in Serendra, BGC, Taguig and another in Glorietta 5, Makati. The one I visited a few days back was their Glorietta branch. It wasn't exactly easy to locate because it is found outside of the mall fronting Office Drive/Glorietta 4 Park. Nevertheless, their Glorietta branch is quite spacious and can accommodate up to 80 people. As regards the design, everything's neat and minimalist. I was told that the materials used for the seats, etc. were flown in from Japan.

Basically, Saboten's menu, as I have earlier mentioned, is all about tonkatsu. But they also serve all sorts of variations of such, appetizers, desserts, and drinks to complement your tonkatsu dishes. Since Saboten's a franchise from Japan, all dishes served are ensured to be authentic and traditional Japanese dishes.

Strawberry Yakult - P175

From among their wide range of Saboten Smoothies, I tried their Strawberry Yakult variant. This drink was very refreshing! It wasn't too sweet and the strawberry and yakult went well together. I would've gone for their Watermelon Wasabi smoothie but I was scared to try it then. That one's definitely on my list for my next visit!

Creamy Green Tea - P225
Four Seasons and Yakult - P175

For our appetizers, we had Agedashi Tofu and Maguro Tsukudani. Between the two, the Agedashi was the winner for me! The tofu is soft inside yet crispy on the outside. Surprisingly, it stays firm after taking a bite. This one has a fresh flavor that would surely enhance your appetite.

Agedashi - P175
Maguro Tsukudani - P125

The Maguro Tsukudani, on the other hand, is a simple tuna appetizer. This one's cooked in claypot and infused with ginger and sauce. This one's really tasty! I was actually amazed at how simple this one is made, yet it has so much flavor. I think this one would also go well with rice as a viand.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Nanban - P475 (as set)

We likewise tried some of the dishes which were made part of their menu for a limited time only. The Sweet and Sour Chicken Nanban was really delightful to eat. The coated chicken was tender on the inside. The skin was crispy and the sauce was great. It is served with a dip, but I think it's good on its own.

Ginger Pork Shogayaki with Sweet Radish Steak - P495 (as set)

The Ginger Pork Shogoyaki dish was also great! I am really not a fan of dishes infused with ginger, but this one's tolerable for me. It actually enjoyed this one. The slices of pork are very tender and the sauce is very tasty. The serving is generous, too. I believe this one would be enough for two people.

Deep Fried Oyster Sharing Set - P1575

The highlight of our meal was the Deep Fried Oyster Sharing Set. This one contains two deep fried oysters, two deep fried shrimps, one loin cutlet, and one rolled cutlet. It also comes with unlimited shredded cabbage, pickles, radish, rice, and miso soup. Menu says it's good for two but I think this would be adequate to feed three to four people. The serving is indeed hefty!

The set comes with an aioli dip but everything also goes well with their katsu sauce. The oysters, which are imported from Hiroshima, Japan, were really delicious. The size of the oysters are ginormous. It tastes fresh and clean. Surprisingly, the oysters were really juicy yet the outer layer is very crunchy and yummy. I believe this one is best eaten when still warm so make those Instagram pictures quick! ;)

Tenderloin Set - P440 for L, P410 for M, and P390 for S

We also tried their Tenderloin which is the signature dish of Saboten. What differs Tenderloin from Loin is that the former is pure lean meat while the latter has a layer of fat in it. Since I am no healthy eater, I prefer the latter more because the layer of fat gives off another flavor and texture for me to enjoy. I suggest you have this if it's your first time to eat at Saboten.

Deep Fried Oyster - P195

The deep fried oysters can also be availed of individually and I think this would go well with their wide range of Japanese beer! :D By the way, Saboten in Glorietta offers unlimited local beers for only P499 from 4pm to 7pm during Mondays to Fridays. 

As I have previously mentioned, all set meals available at Saboten include unlimited shredded cabbage, pickles, rice, and miso soup.  Personally, I enjoyed the shredded cabbage with their special sauce.   

As a mom, I prefer restaurants which I know my kid would enjoy. Japanese cuisine isn't necessarily something that the kids would love but Saboten has made it exactly just that. My little boy love everything fried and the kids meal at Saboten would surely grab his attention. Aside from the adorable presentation, the kids meal contains one tenderloin cutlet, one crab cream croquette, french fries, and orange juice to make sure your kid is full. 

Kids Set - P275

Moreover, you could also get a free kids set voucher to be used on your next visit for every P1000 you spend. Your kid, who must be 10 years old and below, will be served chicken karaage, rice, french fries, miso soup, and drink as shown in the photo above. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cake - P195

Saboten also boasts of delectable desserts that will go perfectly with your tonkatsu meal. The Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cake is definitely a favorite! It has creamy hazelnut inside while the outer part has a rich chocolate flavor. 

Matcha Lychee Almond Cake - P210

Matcha Lychee Almond Cake was something new to my taste. Suprisingly, everything went well together. Upon biting, it is the lychee flavor that kicks in and the matcha flavor is that one that lingers. It is one dessert that should be tried by matcha green tea lovers!

Strawberry Shortcake - P195

The Strawberry Shortcake is another awesome dessert to try. It isn't as sweet as your normal cake, but the flavor and texture of the cake is really enjoyable. Another strawberry dish that should be tried at Saboten is the Strawberry Parfait. This one has loads of vanilla ice cream, strawberry flavor, and cream. Definitely one of the best ways to end you meal!

Strawberry Parfait - P195

If you are looking for authentic tonkatsu that you and your family could enjoy, visit Saboten Japanese Cutlet at their Serendra, BGC, Taguig and Glorietta 5, Makati branches. This katsu place will definitely not disappoint with their authentic and traditional Japanese dishes. :)

For more details, visit their social media accounts:

XO, Mish


03 October 2015

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines

I've always been particular with the products that Zack uses ever since he was a baby and up to now. Aside from products that fits my limited budget, I also consider these products' quality, safety in usage, and design. I am sure that every mom is faced with such decision. And I believe that all moms, especially those who are expecting moms and new moms, would be happy and excited to know that Disney has finally launched the new Disney Baby brand and range.

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines
Adorable Minnie Mouse products for your little girls!

The Disney Baby brand and range is a collection of feel-good, unique products organized around key moments of the day including Dressing Baby, Mealtime, Playtime, and On-the-Go. The entire range of Disney licensed consumer products offering for expectant parents, new-borns and toddlers will now be available in the Philippines.

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines
For the moms on-the-go, Disney Baby offers strollers with chic designs!

During an event held last week, me and my fellow mommy blogger friends were the first to witness the unveiling of such brand. We learned that Disney Baby aims to provide Filipino parents with quality products they need for creating magical moments right from the start, enhanced by the positive family-bonding and magical connection that only Disney brings. The range of products available spreads across nursery linens, feeding time, apparel, toys, bath-time and home ware.

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines
Mommy Patty Laurel-Filart hosts the event

"With Disney Baby, families can connect and grow a special lasting bond with our stories and characters. Our unique emotional connection with Filipino families and kids differentiates Disney Baby, when compared to other baby brands as a trusted choice for expectant and new moms," says Veronica Cabalinan, Country Director, Retail and Licensing, The Walt Disney Company Philippines.

"The Disney Baby is a brand that parents can trust. It provides numerous gifting opportunities to the extended family and friends who want to share in the Disney magic," she adds.

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines
Ms. Veronica Cabalinan, Country Director, Retail and Licensing, The Walt Disney Company Philippines

Disney is distinctly more design-led, particularly the apparel offering, featuring a contemporary color palette and beloved Disney characters and stories which parents and gift-givers recognize and treasure. The creative direction ensures ranges are coordinated with the emphasis on mixing and matching Disney character accents across ranges, especially within the nursery and home-ware collections. Characters which feature in the Disney Baby range at the launch include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other Disney characters like Dumbo.

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines
From feeding to apparel, Disney Baby offers anything and everything that moms will need.

New product collections include:

Mealtime - Baby's favorite time of the day! Mealtime can be messy, but using the right products can make it a breeze. Disney Baby's Mealtime range includes feeding bottles, tableware, booster seats and even transitional items like sippy cups and boosters.

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines
The designs of these baby bottles and milk containers are irresistible!
Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines

Dressing Baby - Dressing baby is easy with the new collection of Disney Baby clothes. From bodysuits to adorable outfits, they all have the clothing your cuddly baby needs. 

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines
Cute little socks for your baby's cute little feet!
Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines

Playtime - Make every moment fun and magical with Disney Baby's Playtime collection. You'll find everything you can imagine to bring oohs and awwws, including toys, plush, books, music, and activity gear to stimulate baby through every stage. 

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines
If I had a baby girl, I'd definitely put on these adorable dresses on her!
Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines

On-the-Go - Take your little one on a trip, whether it's to the grocery store or the Disney parks! From strollers and diaper bags to toys to entertain baby, you'll have all the essentials for everything on-the-go. 

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines
Disney Baby also offers a wide range of nursery and home-ware products.
Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines

For 90 years, Disney has been a leader in family time and togetherness and Disney Consumer Products has been licensing in the infant space since 1930's. Disney Baby launched in the United States in the early 2012 and since then has also opened dedicated Disney Baby stores throughout the US. 

Disney Baby Launches in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Disney Baby works with licensees including Ban Kee Trading, Hello Dolly, Polyfoam, MBC Clothing, Mirsael Sutus, Lamoiyan, Mothercare and Unicharm. There are plans to expand Disney Baby distribution across the Philippines and explore bespoke Disney Baby retail experiences that have been developed with the parents' shopping journey in mind.

For more details, please visit www.Disney.ph.

XO, Mish



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