31 July 2015

Make Birthdays Extra Special with Red Ribbon Cakes

My family and I aren’t the typical sentimental family when it comes to celebrating birthdays and other special occasions. With the exception of Zack’s birthdays, we would rather cook our favorite dishes and celebrate at home. It’s not that we don’t give importance to our birthdays and other related special occasions, but we would rather spend time together at home since we rarely see each other during the week when everyone’s busy with work or school. The memories we make at home are truly incomparable.

Zack was excited to taste this Dulce de Leche cake!

Of course, birthdays won’t be complete without a cake. Our celebrations might be frugal and simple, but a birthday cake would never fail to make it extra special. And when choosing for a birthday cake, Red Ribbon is always our choice. What I love most about their cakes is that they fit the budget of a typical Filipino family. Aside from affordability, Red Ribbon is also very accessible to everyone. With their numerous branches nationwide, there will always be a Red Ribbon branch near you.

Celebrating a friend's birthday with an Ultimate Chocolate Cake

If there is anything that makes a Red Ribbon cake exceptional, it is that it brings you back to your childhood. According to one novel, food is memories. With just a bite or with even just the scent of it, any food has the power to bring back memories. And it indeed true for me! A Red Ribbon cake has the power to bring back so many memories from my youth such as past birthdays and tons of happy moments with my family and friends.

Ultimate Chocolate Cake for my twin sisters' birthday

I couldn’t pick out a particular favorite from all of the cakes that Red Ribbon offers. Sometimes, it would be their Ultimate Chocolate Cake. There are times where I would be craving for their classic Black Forest cake. I also like their Chocolate Mousse every now and then. I guess it depends on my current mood and Red Ribbon has a cake to address each and every one of them. Honestly, this is the only cake brand whose taste I have liked throughout the years. There are tons of new bake shops that offer cakes, but a Red Ribbon cake is something that I look forward to when it comes to classic birthday cakes.

My 20th birthday at home!

I believe that birthdays need not be extravagant. It could be simple, yet meaningful. What matters most is that you spend these special occasions with the people who matter the most – your family and close friends. And to complete any birthday celebration, be sure to include your favorite Red Ribbon cake to make it extra special.

For more details about Red Ribbon cakes, visit www.redribbonbakeshop.com.

XO, Mish


30 July 2015

How to Take Care of Your Skin

With the cold weather, it is so much fun to layer clothes. Are there styles and outfits that you’ve always wanted to wear, but could not because it was too hot? You can now rock that pullover and boots. However, there is something we wear that will always be in no matter what season; our skin. This is why you need to take extra care to make sure you’ll maintain a radiant, healthy, and glowing skin all year round!

Not everyone is blessed with the genetics of perfect skin. Different skin types come with different problems, but we can classify them into three common types.

Oily skin tends to have large pores, and blemishes such as pimples or blackheads. Oiliness can be caused by puberty, other hormonal imbalances, or stress. To take care of oily skin, avoid over-washing you face. Cleansing twice a day is advisable. Use a gentle cleanser to prevent irritating your skin as abrasive scrubs can open the pores and further expose them to more pollutants in the environment.

Normal skin has a good balance of moisture, small pores, and an even tone. This is the goal of most skin care regimens, and most people have this skin type. But in order to maintain it in good condition, you need to minimize its exposure to the sun and follow a proper skin care regimen.

Combination skin can have dry or normal areas along with oily parts such as the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). This skin type can produce overly dilated pores, blackheads, and a shiny surface. Resolve these issues by using a gentle cleanser, applying a toner to repair skin, protecting it from sun damage, exfoliating to remove built-up skin cells, spot-treating, and using products loaded with antioxidants which help keep your skin clear and healthy.

The key to having clear and healthy skin is to have a reliable skincare system. White Result White & Clear, the newest skincare treatment for normal to oily skin types, fights acne and excess oil production, corrects skin blemishes, inhibits melanin production, and keeps your skin fair and young looking! The White & Clear System includes the Facial Foam, Facial Toner, Moisturizer with Sunscreen, and Spot Corrector.

Dermatologically tested, safe, and proven to clear acne and blemishes, each product is specifically formulated with Acne Buster, a multi-complex agent with 10 active ingredients that effectively fight acne and excess oil production; Papaya and Pea extract, which are effective whitening ingredients that inhibit melanin production; and Niacimide, a multifunctional B3 complex vitamin that helps reduce skin pigmentation and age spots as well as reviving and hydrating skin, leaving it supple and young-looking.
Whether your skin type is oily, normal, or a combination of both, White Result White & Clear from Tupperware Brands will give you clear and blemish-free skin. Just remember to cleanse, tone, moisturize, and treat your body’s greatest feature, and we guarantee that you’ll look your best for your next glowing radiant moment!

XO, Mish


adidas Originals by Pharrell Williams – Supershell

After the success of Supercolor, a concept that captured the attention of the world, Pharrell Williams returns with Supershell. Once again transforming the iconic Superstar model, Pharrell has collaborated with friends and creatives from around the world to bring a new chapter of the Superstar to life. 

adidas Originals by Pharrell Williams – Supershell

Artwork Collection
In this Artwork Collection, Supershell brings art and creativity to the Superstar like never before. The Superstar’s Shelltoe comes alive with signature graphic artworks and designs from NYC contemporary artist Todd James, American photographer-director Cass Bird and contemporary Japanese artist mr. The artists’ designs are then joined by six of Pharrell’s very own artworks that explore life force and energy and its relationship with colour.

adidas Originals by Pharrell Williams – Supershell
adidas Originals by Pharrell Williams – Supershell

With a limited release and exclusive artworks for different regions around the globe, the footwear is offered in black and white colourways, allowing the vibrant artworks to take center stage. Adding an additional layer to the concept: each left and right shoe features a different graphic treatment allowing the collection to be mixed and matched endlessly, forming yet another opportunity for creative expression by the wearer themselves.

Sculpted collection

This collection sees the artists channel their artworks into specially-molded 3D Shelltoe designs, a first for the Superstar silhouette. The series is then completed by two of Pharrell’s own personal designs, which speak of his interest in the concept of relativity.

adidas Originals by Pharrell Williams – Supershell
adidas Originals by Pharrell Williams – Supershell

From a shoe that spans art and culture to a platform for expression itself, the Supershell Sculpted Collection brings the Superstar to its ultimate artistic mode. With designs offered in monochrome black and white colourways, the collection is also completely interchangeable, presenting countless opportunities to mix and match individual shoes to create the perfect personal expression.

For more information, please visit: www.adidas.com/originals 

XO, Mish



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