30 November 2013

Join the BYS Selfie Campaign and Win P50,000!

Last Sunday, I was invited to the BYS Philippines Selfie event at SM Fairview - the first stop of this campaign. If you haven't heard of BYS, it is a complete makeup line designed and developed in Melbourne, Australia and distributed globally. BYS is designed to capture the hearts of females of all ages - regardless of age, skin color, or race - with products that does not just simply follow trends, but sets the bar as a leading purveyor of beauty and style. Their products are currently available at SM Department Stores and selected Watson's outlets.

As you can see, they have literally everything in their makeup line - for the face, eyes, lips, cheeks, and nails!

Easy Essays at Powered Essays

As a student, I sometimes struggle with deadlines especially now that I have so many responsibilities. With tons of reading assignments and papers to finish, I sometimes feel like it is impossible to accomplish them all. Luckily, there are great online services that help me write an essay for free. Honestly, making a paper can be quite tedious especially if you do not have enough time to finish a polished one. You have to go through a long process - research, making a draft, proofreading, and making several more drafts until you come up with the final paper.

One of the websites that offers this service is PoweredEssays.com wherein you will be given the chance to communicate with your writer so that it could still contain your ideas. These writers will help you all throughout so that the paper would be perfect and flawless. Rest assured that these essays will be sent to you on time as they also consider your deadlines. Aside from essays, other services such as dissertation making, editing, proofreading and more are also offered. These services are perfect for busy students like me and definitely for other working students too. 

XO, Mish

25 November 2013

Z's 2nd Birthday Party

Hello guys! Here are some of the photos taken during Z's 2nd birthday party. It was held last November 17 at Mcdonalds Regalado Fairview (again). This time we had the Ronald and the Gang theme for Z's party. My mom and I did not want to stick with a theme anymore since it would cost us more and we just wanted a simple party with family and friends. 

The Ronald and the Gang theme is actually cheaper than the rest of the themes offered at Mcdonalds. Included in this party package are the invitations, loot bags, prizes for kids, and mascots. If you are expecting more kids though, you should probably purchase more prizes and items for the loot bag. The package was more than enough for us cause there were probably less than 10 kids during Z's party. 

Everyone singing Z the birthday song!

Cake blowing
Grimace and Birdie joined Z's party!

As for the food, we reserved 80 set meals which amazingly was just enough for our guests. We actually invited 100+ guests and several of them were not able to make it. As for the cake, we did not bother having a customized one anymore cause it was too pricey and besides, we are not allowed to eat it during the party. We just got a cute bear cake from Tous Les Jour which we ordered the day before. It only costed us less than P600!

We did not bother buying new clothes, as well. Z wore this shirt once when we took our passport and he has not worn it ever since. And besides, we all loved this look on Z especially with his new haircut. :)

On me: Romwe top and skorts
On Z: Benetton shirt, H&M tie and pants

Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated Z's birthday with us and also to everyone in the cyber world who extended their birthday greetings! :D

XO, Mish

20 November 2013

Pandora’s Winter Collection 2013

Christmas is the time for the things shiny –whether it’s the soft glisten of ornaments on the tree or the sparkle in children’s eyes when they see their first presents –there’s no denying the happiness these shining moments bring. And what better way is there to honor these moments other than to create a memory that will last for years to come? 

Pandora’s Winter Collection 2013 is a combination of your favorite Christmas moments. Icy blue and deep purple hues inject a splash of color to classic symbols that capture the magic of the season. The collection features classic figures such as snowflakes, candy canes, Christmas trees, and even Santa Claus. This season, they also continue the success of their pavé charms with the launch of the red, purple, and gold pavé ball. The Winter Collection 2013 invites you to begin your Pandora story.

Pandora can be found at Adora Greenbelt 5, Glorietta 4, Bonifacio High Street Central, Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila, The Podium, Lucerne at Shangri-la Plaza, and at the East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza.

Icy blue hues and high shine surfaces reflect the ethereal beauty of the winter season.

Like glistening icicles, clear crystal blue facetted Murano glass droplets and sterling silver drop earrings sparkle in the winter sun.

A sterling silver clip embossed with a snowflake featuring a shining gold centerpiece is a striking addition to a chain bracelet; Pavé set with cubic zirconia, a sterling silver snowflake and delicate waves of openwork and striped pavé charms add sparkle to the season.

World-renowned for its high quality and hand-finished jewellery at affordable prices, PANDORA designs, manufactures and markets modern jewellery made from genuine materials. Inspiring women to embrace their individuality and express their personal style, PANDORA’s romantic and feminine jewellery captures the unforgettable moments of life. PANDORA’s unique and detailed designs combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology are sold in more than 70 countries across six continents through approximately 10,000 points of sale, including more than 900 concept stores. Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, PANDORA is publicly listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen stock exchange. For more information, please visit www.pandoragroup.com or be inspired at www.pandora.net.

XO, Mish

Wedding Photography

If a love story, book or movie ends happily, it will definitely end with a wedding. Actually, that’s how everything starts but usually the fairy tales end with big weddings, diamond rings and kisses. In real life, a family starts with the marriage. That’s how things work in this world. We are supposed to remember this event for the whole life. So how do we make memories come back in our heads? It’s simple, we look at the pictures. The wedding photos mean a lot not only for the brides, but also for mothers, jealous friends, some curious distant cousins and other people who for some reason care about this. It’s not the number of the people who care but the intensity of the desire to look back and relive the moments that count the most. The photos that were taken by some San Francisco Wedding Photographer or some other guy from Nebraska are supposed to have a special energy and to show the best in people. Some brides chose to have a whole photo session day, not the wedding day but just the make up and the photos are the things that matter. Actually this all covers what happens inside her that day. She wants to look the best and to give the brighter light, not only within make up and looks, but also through smiles and emotions. The photographer besides portraits concentrates on shooting the story of the day as it happens, unscripted and spontaneous. It will make everyone who attended the event remember the genuine feeling of the day and the moments and emotions which happened and  were gone in a second, never to be repeated. There remains a short amount of time devoted for the regular portraits and group shots, and they can be seen as an organic part of the magical story of the wedding day. These portraits will decorate someday a bedroom or a living room and will bring the warm emotion in the house. 

The wedding photographs can be sometimes so crazy and at the same time romantic. Let’s take couples who chose to do some crazy pictures in the pool, all dressed up. The photos would show a cocktail of emotions, courage and some childish stuff going on, that in the end it is so sweet to watch and relive. Those who decide to take some classy and traditional photos are never wrong, because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So when it comes to your wedding you just do it the way you feel good doing it. What truly matters is the way the special moment gets captured. 

Every girl dreamed about this day since she was little, every father thought about it since his teenage daughter got out on the first date and some first step a young man did lead to this day. This is why the idea of getting the wedding day all captured and then printed on that special paper is always a good one. Let’s say, a wedding picture is worth a thousand emotions and memories.

XO, Mish

16 November 2013

To The Greatest Love of My Life...

Hello, love! :)

How are you feeling today? Today's a big day for us! I am pretty sure you're feeling awesome cause you even woke up at around 1 am when I got home from school and dinner with your Ninang Hannah and I think you were telling me how your day went by. I am so sorry I didn't understood most of your words, baby. But do not worry, you'll soon be talking nonstop in a few months. We'll talk about things that fascinate you and I'll (try to) answer your endless questions. I could probably even teach you the Philippine Constitution if you're that eager. :p

Hmmmm... Who would have thought I'd meet you sooner than I expected? I did not know how you make it seem like everything took place at the right time when it is supposed to be the opposite. But then, I'd like to thank you for being there with me (literally) when I graduated college and passed the civil service examinations. You even waited for me to graduate before you came out. I think you even helped me with my final exams. :) You're just so perfect!  You're the greatest blessing I've received in my life and I couldn't ask for more. You have no idea how wonderful you are by just being you and by making the entire family closer when you came. And now, we've hit two years. I seriously cannot believe that it has been two years. Everything went by so fast, don't you think? I hope the terrible twos stage would work out fine for us. I promise to be patient, love. I'll try to keep my cool whenever you have tantrums. I would always be willing to play with you and make a fool of myself if it makes you happy. Good thing though that I am still capable of running after you when you happen to wander off. Let's make more happy memories together, love. Life is amazing!

I may not be a perfect mother. I don't even know if I'll ever be one. I am pretty sure you know how undomesticated I am. Although I have always loved pumping milk for you and cleaning your bottles, I would like to apologize for the numerous imperfections that I have. But I am trying my best, baby. I may not always be present everyday since I have to study and pass the bar for us. I hope you do not take this against me in the future. I know you'll grow up to be understanding and loving. Your lolo, lola, titas, and I are always here to support you and guide you all the way. My only wish for you is that you live a happy life. There may be tough days from time to time, but I wish that you always find the light despite the darkness. Save that for later though, cause for now just enjoy your childhood, love. Be carefree, do the things you want, sing and dance just because, sleep and eat a lot, explore so that you'll learn. But please, do not grow up too fast, baby!

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, Z! Mommy loves you so much! :)

PS, I hope you read get to read this when you're already capable of understanding its content. I'll probably save a copy too just in case Google deletes my blog. :p

12 November 2013

Holiday Pleasures Promo at Pink Parlour!

Christmas came early for Pink Parlour's gorgeous clients as they came up again with another exciting promo. First time clients who wants to be the next Brazilian survivor can get 50% on their Brazilian waxing (P450 only!) and regular clients can avail of a free OPI Mani for every P1,500 single receipt. This promo is valid from December 2 to 4 at Pink Parlour A Venue, Makati branch and from December 16 to 18 at Pink Parlour SM Pasig branch. Don't miss out on this one!

For more details about this promo, visit Pink Parlour's sites:
Website: http://www.pinkparlour.com.ph
FB: http://www.facebook.com/pinkparlourph

XO, Mish

11 November 2013

Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in Medium Blonde (175) Review

I started dyeing my hair when I was in college and I've never had black hair ever since (except when I was pregnant, of course). My hair was initially professionally colored, but it was way out of my student budget and my mom won't fund my vanity so I resorted to hair dyes available at the local drugstore. I've probably tried all sort of brands (Revlon, Loreal, Garnier, Tony Moly, etc.) and colors over the years and this was the first time that I took the time to make a review. Anyway, the product that I'll be reviewing is Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in Medium Blonde. This was the previous dye that I used on my hair (over Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in Light Golden Brown) so I am just using the dye to touch up my roots.

What it claims:

Vibrant color for dark hair, A glowing blonde without the brassiness, 100% gray coverage

06 November 2013

Feast on Eat-All-You-Can Skewers at Bar B Skew!

If you are looking for a more sophisticated and fun (not to mention, clean) street food experience, better check out Bar-B-Skew, the latest skew-all-you-can restaurant in Quezon City! Located in CTTM Square at Timog cor. Tomas Morato, you'll surely leave this place full with their eat-all-you-can options.

For only P299 for lunch buffet to P399 for dinner buffet (weekends), you could feast on their unlimited bar-b-skewers. They have a huge variety of skewers from good old isaw to marshmallows for dessert. If you'd ask me which one is my favorite, it would definitely be chicken wings! It takes a little longer for the wings to get cooked, but they're worth the wait!

These skewers can be basted with different sauces offered at Bar B Skew including Soy Sauce and Ginger Sesame. This is where the fun actually begins cause you get to take part in preparing your food. And again if you'll ask me which one is my favorite, the best sauce would definitely be Garlic Butter. :)

Cooking these goodies is easy peasy. You just put the skewers in the automatic rotating griller permanently fixed on your table. The skewers will amazingly rotate on their own and will cook the meat evenly. In 2 to 3 minutes (depending on the meat that you are cooking), your skewers are ready to eat!

The concept for this restaurant was derived from abroad, hence, the tables were customized for that authentic grilling experience. Surprisingly, the area was not filled with smoke from all the cooking. Thanks to their awesome exhaust system which actually looks cool and neat. The live coal though was quite hot from where I was sitting, but it definitely won't get you burned. :)

These marshmallows only take a few seconds to cook. Otherwise, they'll melt. They're still yummy though. :) Aside from these skewer goodies, they likewise have cooked meals in their unlimited buffet such as fried chicken, sisig, and kangkong to get you started while waiting for your skewers to cook thoroughly.

Bar-b-Skew owner, Wero Doma. Thanks for accomodating us!

Aside from unlimited meals, they also offer value meals for only P99 each which will still keep you full and satisfied. These are available all day long (from 11am to 2am). :)

Don't forget to check out their social media sites:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BBSkew
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarBSkewQC
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/bar_b_skew
Website: http://www.bar-b-skew.ph

XO, Mish

05 November 2013

Early November Haul

It always feels like Christmas whenever I receive items from Romwe. Their products are always up to date and the quality could live up to your expectations. Anyway, I'd be sharing to you some of the items I got from Romwe last month. These came in two batches, but they arrived at the same time (probably 3 to 4 weeks from after I ordered them). I made friends with the mailman so I just text him whenever I am expecting a package. :)

Single Oblique Shoulder Nude Pink Dress - $45.99

I got this dress for a friend's wedding. It would be a garden wedding and the bride wanted her guests to wear relaxed formal clothes in light colors. When I saw this dress, I knew that this is the one! I was worried that it won't arrive on time, but it did. It was a huge relief cause I don't want to spend money anymore on clothes. The dress was quite huge for me even if it is already XXS, so I am having it altered. Otherwise, it is perfect!

British Style Red Shirt - $24.99

I actually got this shirt for my sister to match her new Palladium shoes. Hope she would lend me her shoes though. :p

Earth Pendant Necklace - $9.99

I got the necklace for no particular reason. I just like things associated with travelling and adventure. I am quite skeptical with wearing the necklace though cause the globe is inverted. Not that I am superstitious or anything, that might actually mean something. :|:) But I'll definitely wear these items in outfit posts soon!

XO, Mish

PS, Don't forget to check out Romwe's latest sale! Up to 50% off on selected party-ready items! Sale lasts until November 11 only! :)

Go to: http://www.romwe.com/Party-Season-Round-1-c-332.html

03 November 2013

Preppy Baby

I always thought that it was more fun to play dress up with baby girls than baby boys. Think of all the pink and frills I could make them wear! But then I realized that boys are such a delight to play with in terms of clothing because instead of making them look like cute babies, we tend to make them look like young men (which is way cuter!). Anyway, I'd just like to share with you some of Z's photos which were taken by my crazy sisters. :)

I have no idea why he's playing with a candle. :|:)
Shirt - H&M, Pants - Minibasix, Shoes - given as a gift (forgot the brand!)

Honestly, Baby Gap and H&M have the cutest clothes for baby boys! Unlike the ones which can be found in department stores, their items look like they're actually meant for teenagers (but in mini sizes). I could seriously hoard their items if only they're affordable. Thanks to our relatives and friends abroad who never fail to shower Z with their blessings!

"How do I wear this, mom?"
Z looks like scaring someone here. :p

This outfit was actually styled by my sisters. I think they're already bored with the semester break. Ha ha!  

Hope you liked the photos! :)

XO, Mish

01 November 2013

Zalora Shoe Haul

I went online shopping at Zalora a few weeks back when I was stressed with my final exams. Retail therapy definitely works instantly! Anyway, I just wanted to share to you the items I got from them which consists of two pairs of Scarlet flats. :)

These items arrived just a day after I ordered them. Speedy, right? I had these sent to a Metro Manila address by the way cause I actually live in Bulacan.  As to the packaging, the items were packed nicely and safely. The boxes were also labeled properly. The box also came with a discount voucher for my next order at Zalora and a small pack of Downy.

Pretty babies! :D
Gabriella Pointed Flats - P499
Lucille Ballet Flats - P499

These shoes are of the same size (Size US7), but the Lucille Ballet Flats seems be bigger. The Gabrielle flats fits me perfectly though! I have issues with the quality of the product, but they can be easily remedied. I paid for the products using a voucher code sent to me by Zalora and Paypal for the remaining balance. However, they have cash on delivery offered at several locations. Check out http://www.zalora.com.ph/ for more details! :)

XO, Mish