25 June 2016

When in Zambales - Villa Janella Resort and Pundaquit Beach at San Antonio

A few weeks before my final exams, my family decided to go for an overnight trip to Zambales. I decided to go despite my exams because my parents will be bringing Zack with them for sure. My sisters were the ones who searched for a resort but my dad made it clear to stay away from the crowded beaches of Subic and Olongapo. Thus, we settled with Pundaquit Beach at San Antonio instead. I was actually at Zambales a few weeks prior our trip for a field trip, but I didn't get to swim so I was excited for this trip.

Mountains + sea = best view!!!
Capones and Camara Islands can be seen from the beach
Villa Janella Resort

15 June 2016

Enjoy tuna+rice anytime, anywhere with new 555 Tuna Rice

During school days, I spend all day outside and you could say that I am a fast food dependent. It's the easiest, most convenient, and cheapest meal I could get. But I realized that nothing beats home cooked meals, like adobo. Imagine my delight when Century Pacific Food, Inc., one of the leading food manufacturing companies in the country today, introduced a deliciously innovative addition to its popular 555 Tuna product line: the 555 Tuna Rice!

New 555 Tuna Rice comes in three delicious varieties: Tuna Rice Afritada, Tuna Rice Adobo, and Tuna Rice Sisig, each one capturing the essence and flavours of real home cooking.

10 June 2016

When in Talisay, Batangas - Club Balai Isabel

My family and I rarely go south to travel. As my parents are from Nueva Ecija and we currently reside in Bulacan, they prefer places which they are familiar with. Honestly, it feels like we're going outside of our comfort zone once we go beyond Alabang to explore roads we've never encountered. But I think I finally found a resort in the south that is worth visiting and is worth braving the EDSA for.

Club Balai Isabel - A true haven in the south

Club Balai Isabel is definitely not a place new to my ears. I know it as a popular destination for weddings and vacations. Remember Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa's magical wedding? But my visit last week gave me a bigger and better perspective of what Club Balai Isabel has to offer and that is a place boasting a choice of adventure or relaxation - both coming with a beautiful view of the Taal Lake and Volcano.

Best view in town...
...and you may enjoy it from this nice spot! Perfect for weddings don't you think?

08 June 2016

Metrobank launches #100DaysofAwesome Car Loan Promo

One of the country's leading financial institutions, Metrobank, brought together 13 of the country's most sought-after car brands to display and put up their hottest and latest models for a test drive for the enjoyment of their clients and city's car enthusiasts. This event held at Le Pavillion is a one-of-a-kind event to promote Metrobank’s 100 Days of Awesome Car Loan Promo.

I've never appreciated having a car until I had a kid. It used to be luxury for me and when I had Zack, it suddenly became a necessity. Now, Metrobank gives families and individuals an easy way to avail of cars that they truly need (or want) through the 100 Days of Awesome Car Loan Promo. 100 Days of Awesome is Metrobank’s car loan promo, which offers consumers free first year car insurance, low monthly amortization fees, and free chattel mortgage fees. Be sure to avail of this great promo until the 9th of July, 2016 only.

06 June 2016

Céleteque Dermo Celebrates 10 Years of Skin Health With The Promise of Making You DermoBeautiful

What does it really mean when a beauty brand claims to make you beautiful? Does their beauty promise latch on transformation? Does it commit to worlds beyond your reach? For skin-favorite Céleteque Dermo, the answer is quite clear. With products co-created with dermatologists and curated by beauty experts, Celeteque Dermo grounds its philosophy on the dermatological proposition that beautiful skin, and in turn overall beauty, starts with healthy skin.

What Céleteque Dermo does is offer customized skin care solutions for every skin type. It sits at forefront of innovation and uses only the latest derma-grade ingredients and technologies to consistently release new products and improve existing ones in order to promote skin health. Each product is proven by clinical tests and evidence-based research to be effective and safe for everyday use, so there are no empty promises. It promises healthy skin, so it gives you healthy skin, making you not just your most beautiful, but ultimately DermoBeautiful. 

05 June 2016

Whipped: Get Smooth in a Fun and Sweet way

When I first heard of Whipped, I thought it has something to do with desserts (like whipped cream lol). Well, the Whipped I encountered a few days back was surely related to something sweet. Whipped is the actually the latest sugar wax and body scrub salon in Manila. This place offers the most fun and sweetest way to get rid of unwanted hair in an instant!

As I have mentioned, I previously visited Whipped's main branch at Ayala Fairview Terraces. Their place is quite an attraction because of their pastel themed salon. Every detail of the salon was well thought of and the colors simply exude fun and sweet. Their Fairview branch is spacious as well. There are 4 separate cubicles where their waxing and scrubbing services are done. They also have a waiting area for companions. What I love most about their place is that it was very clean. As you all know, hygiene is the one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to hair removal treatments.

02 June 2016

Disney Junior brings your child's stories to life with #AnimateYourImagination

Kids are the best storytellers! Their imaginations have no limitations. As long as their story is fun and amazing, such as a princesses or pirates stories, they can make up just about anything. And if your little one has a big imagination with a tale to tell, Disney Junior wants to hear them!

Disney Junior will select three creative and magical story submissions and bring them to life, and show them on Disney Junior. How exciting, right?

Joining #AnimationYourImagination is easy and simple. Just head on over to DisneyJunior.Asia/AnimateYourImagination and share your child's imaginative story using one of the following three themes: Pirates, Princesses, or Space Adventure. Thus, you may share stories featuring pirates on high seas, spacemen who have aliens as best friends, or even brave princesses just like Sofia the First. You may opt to share a photo of their drawing or a video of them narrating the story.

Thank you Disney Junior PH for the art kit! Can't wait to use it with Zack! :)

You have until the 12th of June, 2016 to send in your stories! Be sure to time in to Disney Junior to see the animations. 

To know more about #AnimateYourImagination, please visit Facebook.com/DisneyJuniorAsia

XO, Mish


01 June 2016

Ipanema Philippines launches new collection at Ipanema Perfect Pair event

Summer is definitely not over for Ipanema Philippines as it releases its newest collection in a romantic themed event held at Trinoma Mall. Three Ipanema summer styles were featured during the event: Sweet & Dainty, Sexy Chic, and Bold & Artsy. 

Ipanema Perfect Pair event

Each distinct Ipanema summer style was designed and is reflective of the different personas and tastes of Ipanema’s fun, fashionable wearers. “Ipanema knows that every wearer is unique,” shares ELRO Retail Corp. Head of Marketing Cecille Loretizo. “That is why for their newest collection, they’ve introduced three cool  and individual styles – all  designed to match different, free spirited personalities and identities.”