29 February 2012

Planning for Z's Christening

Z's christening was originally scheduled on April 21st since my graduation rites is scheduled on April 20th. By the way, I graduated last October but our school holds only one graduation ceremony for the entire school year, hence, the April graduation. The original plan was we'll have one party for both occasions but my mom suddenly decided to make it earlier (she'll be paying). We have decided to set it on March 25 instead. So here I am, rushing through things and hoping that I'll be able to pull this off.

I actually have no idea how to plan for christenings but thank God for Smart Parenting Forums I was able to get some idea. So here's my checklist for Z's christening. I don't know yet how much the budget is, so I only included the basics.

1. Church
  • My mom wanted the christening to be held here in our parish church, but it would be hassle for our guests since most of them are coming from Quezon City and Manila area. We are yet to decide if it would be held in Good Sheperd Cathedral near FEU Hospital or in Mary the Queen Parish Church near SM Fairview.
2. Reception Venue
  • We have decided to hold it at Dory's Restaurant near Jordan Plains Subdivision. My mom knows the owner and we love their food. :)
3. Guestlist and Godparents
  • Our guestlist depends on the budget but I guess it would be more than 50 people.
  • I already have a list of godparents, but it's not yet final.
4. Invitations and Tarpaulin
  • I am thinking of sending out e-invitations instead of the usual invitations.
  • I am no good at Photoshop, so I'll probably look for someone who makes tarps and invites.
5. Christening clothes
  • Will visit Divisoria soon! But will check SM Fairview first. They have a 3-day sale this weekend.
  • I also have seen cute costumes on Multiply that Z can use during the reception. But I doubt that those would fit him well because the smallest sizes are for 6 month old babies.
So cute!
I like this one. :)
I like this, but my baby might be sweating buckets when he wears this.

6. Cake
  • I want an Estrels Cake or those fancy fondant cakes. :)
Simple yet so cute!
Love the details!

7. Venue Decors and other props (candles, etc.)
  • I don't know yet. :| But I'd love a red and white or blue and green theme!
8. Photo services
  • My dad has a good camera and good photography skills. I'll probably be the one to edit the pictures.
9. Giveaways
  • Again, I don't know yet. Will probably scout Divisoria for this also.

So that's it! Have I missed out on anything? What do you guys think? :)

27 February 2012

One Step Closer

I just found out that I passed San Beda College of Law's entrance examination! I'm still, however, waiting for UP College of Law's entrance exam results, which I have no idea as to when it will be released. Nonetheless, I am happy! :)

That boxed number is my application number. The one before me was a classmate in college. We both passed! :)

Let me tell you a back story on how lucky I've been because things (in line with my dream on pursuing law practice) fall into the right place no matter what. UP College of Law's entrance examination is usually scheduled on the 3rd or 4th week of November. But for the coming school year, it was scheduled on the 3rd week of January. Had it been scheduled on November, I would not have been able to take the exam because I was due the same month. I gave birth on November 16 via C-Section and there would be no way I could make it. So I thank God for at least giving me a chance to take the test whether I get into UP or not. :) By the way, I also passed the Civil Service Examination - Professional Level which I took last October 2011. I am so blessed! :)

Z and me as we are about to go to UPD for my entrance exam.

20 February 2012

Product Review: Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

Old people often say that if you are expecting a baby boy, you'll become ugly and your neck and underarms will darken. During my pregnancy, I did not experience any changes in my face. Some people actually told me I was blooming! But I my underarms became dreadfully dark. I waited until I gave birth before I do something to lighten my dark underarms as beauty products might have bad effects to my boy. I researched about products that I can use for my underarms which is safe for breastfeeding moms. I considered HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil as it is an organic product and it is very affordable!

photo from Google Images

A few weeks after giving birth, I gave this a try. I apply a generous amount on my underarms once daily. After a few days of using the product, I could see positive results already! My underarms became smooth and soft. However, the lightening effect is not that really visible. I only saw the lightening effect on my underarms around the second week of my use.

The only negative thing I could say about this product is that the smell was stuck on my clothes even after washing. Other than that, HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil is a really wonderful product as it can be used for other purposes. I would recommend this product for people who wanted lighter and smooth underarms who are not in a hurry. ;)

You could get this piece of wonder at Human Heart Nature outlets and retailers, Sesou, and Beauty Bar. :)