28 March 2018

South Pub: A Place to Dine and Relax in the South

I always feel like I'm going on a field trip whenever I visit the South area. There's just this feeling that it's far from where I came from, literally and figuratively. But my recent trip to Alabang was very different, the place almost felt like home. I guess it's because of how comforting the spot I went to was and that is, the South Pub.

South Pub

Based on the old pubs located in the Alabang Town Center area, the South Pub provides for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where you can dine and unwind. It's the South area's neighborhood pub which is welcoming to everyone (including people like me from North :) ). It's a chill place where you could go for dinner and drinks with friends on a regular night or even have lunch with family on Sundays.

27 March 2018

Althea Korea Launches its Own Skincare Line - Bare Essentials

Don't you sometimes find Korean skincare confusing? Aside from not being able to read the characters in the packaging, the ten step Korean skincare routine leaves me baffled most of the time as to what goes next and which products would go well together. And for someone who's always on the go, a ten step routine takes so much time. So imagine my delight when my favorite one stop Kbeauty online shop, Althea Korea, has finally launched its own skin care line that has made everything simple and uncomplicated - the Althea Bare Essentials.

Althea Bare Essentials Skin Line

Sticking with the basics, Althea Korea focuses the Althea Bare Essentials skin line on the fundamentals of skin care and all the non-essentials. Thus, you could get the benefits of the 10 step skin care routine in just 3 easy steps -  cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. These new beauty hybrid products pack a double punch too; they’re products that nourish the skin while leaving it looking bright, glowing, and beautiful. With clean, minimal, yet effective formulas, these straightforward products epitomize simple perfection and deliver maximum results with minimum effort.

10 step Korean skin care routine made easy in just 3 simple steps
From L-R: Fixer Cream 50g (P660), Contour Cleanser 150g (P300), Primer Water 200ml (P550)

The Bare Essentials range consists of three hypoallergenic products suitable for any skin types - the Contour Cleanser (P300), the Primer Water (P550), and the Fixer Cream (P660). With all 3 products are available for purchase under Php 1500, and made with only the best ingredients, it’s no surprise that the Bare Essentials line caused quite the craze in the beauty world. Upon its announcement, there as a 10,000-­‐person wait list for the products! But fret not -­‐ you can now get your hands on these highly coveted products; you’re just a click away from glowing, flawless, crystal clear skin. Plus, Althea is giving out an additional 10% off with a free special edition mirror if you purchase now so head on over to www.althea.kr today!

PS. Don't forget to check out of a full review of the Althea Bare Essentials skin line in a few weeks. ;)


XO, Mish


26 March 2018

When in El Nido Palawan - Enjoy Comfort in Paradise at Sea Cocoon Hotel

El Nido is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations here in the Philippines. It's no brainer why. It offers only the clearest and most pristine waters, endless breathtaking scenery, and lots of sea adventure. I believe that a trip to this paradise is not complete without a comfortable and convenient place to stay. I usually have low expectations when it comes to accommodations in remote places so I was quite surprised to have encountered Sea Cocoon Hotel. It's like a first-class hotel in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

Sea Cocoon Hotel


Entrance and waiting area
Love the seats and the colors of this spot

16 March 2018

When in El Nido Palawan - A Trip to Nacpan Beach with Northern Hope Tours

Island tours in El Nido can be quite exhausting as they try to cover at least five destinations in one day. If you opt for a chill and relaxing day, a visit to Nacpan Beach is your best choice. Just a 40 minute ride from the town proper, Nacpan Beach has become one of the popular inland destinations in El Nido and that's all because of the long stretch of white sand and clear waters that it offers.

Nacpan Beach

15 March 2018

Where to Eat in El Nido - Cafe Athena: A Taste of the Mediterranean

Dining in El Nido is kind of an adventure in itself. Since there are no fast food chains in the area, everything is basically alien to me. We got some recommendations from the front desk of our hotel which we got to try, but I wasn't totally mind blown. Luckily, we got to encounter a Mediterranean restaurant in El Nido that offered me the best meal I've had in the island.  

Cafe Athena, which started in October 2016, is inspired by everything Grecian. The setup is like a taverna but theirs is quite larger than the usual taverna due to a much needed expansion. Also, the name Athena is derived from the Goddess Athena of Greek Mythology. And as their name and concept suggests, they offer only the best Mediterranean cuisine in El Nido. 

Lovely seats where we had a pub crawl the night before

10 March 2018

When In El Nido, Palawan - Island Hopping (Tour C) with Northern Hope Tours

I am intensely OC when it comes to anything and that includes traveling. I'd love to be the adventurous happy-go-lucky type, but there will always be a part of me that just wanted a fixed itinerary even before going. Of course, that went well and my heart was at ease with having pre-booked tours with Northern Hope Tours, a travel company based in El Nido that offers island hopping tours and van transfers both in Puerto Princesa City and El Nido.

Matinloc Shrine - a part of Tour C

Our Palawan trip was dedicated entirely on El Nido and you can't say that you've been to El Nido for sure if you haven't tried out any of their island hopping tours. Sure, the municipality is a destination in itself as it offers tons of food establishments to visit, inland tours to try out, and white sand beaches to enjoy, but the beauty of El Nido definitely lies within its numerous islands.