30 January 2020

Affordable Drinks and Meals at Rooftop Bar Fairview

When food parks became a hit a few years back, Rooftop Food Park used to be the first multi-level food park which opened in Fairview, Quezon City. When the trend later on died down, the owners of this place decided to convert their food park into a resto bar which is now called the Rooftop Bar.

True to its name, this place is located in a roof top of a building which used to be a market and parking area. Aside from their resto bar area which caters to 500 people on a normal basis (and around 1000 individuals during weekends and events), they also currently offer KTV rooms for private events and functions.  

The resto bar is as unpretentious as you can get. There are basic stools and tables where you could spend the night drinking (and eating) with your friends. They have bands playing every Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday starting at 8 in the evening. Otherwise, there's music playing from their stereo (which can be a bit loud for others).  

Rooftop Bar implements a no cash policy when purchasing from the bar. You may transact using a RFID card which you can purchase for only P50 and can be refunded upon exit and surrender of the card (similar with Z Hostel Rooftop Bar's RFID bracelet). You may load any amount in this card and it's good as cash when purchasing drinks and food from Rooftop Bar. 

Food and drinks at Rooftop Bar are surprisingly affordable. I was told that they specifically adjusted their prices to cater to their returning customers which are usually college students and young professionals. 

Pork Sisig - P159

This Pork Sisig is probably one of the most affordable sisigs I have encountered in the recent years. I was told that this one is their chef's own recipe. It has a good crunch to it and has a decent mixture of fat and meat. It's a tad oily but it's perfect to be paired with any of their beers and mixers.

Squid and Vegetable Sizzler - P 239

This probably is my favorite sizzler among those we tried at Rooftop Bar. It is a bit spicy but savory. The squid was cooked just right and not chewy. The veggies on the other hand are crunchy and flavorful. Definitely another dish that's perfect with drinks.

Bangus Sisig - P159

I am not generally a fan of Bangus Sisig but this one has a really nice texture to it. It's not dry compared to other bangus sisigs that I have tried. I guess it's because it's because it has a generous amount of oil and it has mayo added to it. The mixture of the bangus, onions, and peppers gives off a sweet and spicy flavor to it. 

Boodle B (good for 5 to 6 pax) - P650

This loaded meal is ideally good for 5 to 6 persons, but I think it could feed more. It has grilled liempo, grilled chicken pecho or breasts, grilled pork barbecue sticks, fried binukadkad na tilapia, pansit, ensaladang talong, and tinapa rice. My faves are the grilled liempo and the ensaladang talong. The liempo, barbecue, and chicken pecho all have the same sweet flavor that I like but I like the liempo the most because it has a good amount of fat which prevents it from drying up when grilled. The ensaladang talong was such a refreshing dish to taste after all the meat we have tried. The tinapa rice was also good that I cannot stop eating it even when ash fall from Taal Volcano eruption have started to invade QC and our meal (good thing they have covered areas). By the way, they also offer boodle sets good for 3 to 4 pax and 7 to 8 pax.

Vodka Berries Mixer - P275 for 2 liters, P350 for 3 liters
Jamaican Mixer - P275 for 2 liters, P350 for 3 liters

We didn't leave the Rooftop Bar without trying out their bestselling drinks. The first one was the Vodka Berries which is a sweet mixed berries drink with vodka. We also tried the Jamaican which has citrus-y orange and lemon flavors with rhum. I liked the former more. These drinks look harmless but they're quite packed. Be sure to drink responsibly. :)

If you're looking for affordable drinks and meals and a cool place to hangout in QC, visit Rooftop Bar Fairview at Regalado Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City (near SM City Fairview). They're open from 5:00 PM until 2:30 AM everyday. Check out their social media accounts:

XO, Mish



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