26 February 2013

Romwe White Valentine’s Day Sale

Have you heard such a story about Valentine’s Day?
The 14th day of per month is a Valentine’s Day!
The 3-14 is called White Valentine’s Day. Funny~~

Romwe provide a surprise Double Discount for White Valentine’s Day Sale
All items have been in Up to 70% OFF
If your order over $65, you can have a extra 15% code, the code is whitevalentine
Date: 02/28/2013 -------03/05/2013

XO, Mish

24 February 2013

Forever Flawless Body Bleaching Kit Review

As I have previously shared to you, I also won P10,000 worth of GCs from Flawless aside from winning 10 sessions of IV Glutathione from Flawless and Nuffnang in their My Flawless Beauty Transformation Blogging Contest. While I gave some of my GCs to my sisters, I kept some for myself and hoarded Flawless' products. :)

The first item that I got was the Body Bleaching Kit which contains a Skin Whitening Soap, Skin Lightening Lotion with Sunblock, Oatmeal Soap and Skinlite Cream. This one costs 900 pesos and may be availed at any Flawless branch or at their online shop (https://flawless.com.ph/shop). 

Flawless Skin Whitening Soap—a moisturizing soap that lightens spots and discolorations as well as provides antimicrobial and moisture care

Flawless' Skin Whitening Soap is like a regular kojic soap. When used, it can be drying especially if you have dry skin to begin with. If you also have sensitive skin, it might sting a bit. What I like about this one is that it does not melt easily unlike other kojic soaps that I have previously used. A bar actually lasted me a month! :)

Flawless Oatmeal Soap—a gentle exfoliating soap meant to slough off dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, softer and more radiant complexion

I love this soap! ♥ This one has real oats in it and I smell like oatmeal cookies after taking a bath. Although I hate staying in the shower for long, this soap tested my patience cause I have to leave it on my skin for 2 to 5 minutes. My skin did felt softer after using the soap. However, this bar lasted me only two weeks cause I tend to over-scrub my body with it. :p

Flawless Skinlite Cream—prevents sun damage, lightens skin and diminishes discoloration while promoting the growth of healthy tissues

I tried using this one on my underarms and insect bite scars, but I am not patient with putting creams so I was not able to see any changes. However, I love it's powdery smell and how it goes on matte and dry on the skin.

Flawless Skin Lightening Lotion with Sunblock—lightens skin by reducing the formation of melanin. Contains sun screen for added protection from the sun

When I first saw the contents of the bottle, I immediately associated it with Bavarian donut filling. :) Although I don't feel moisturized enough using this one, I love how it smells fresh and powdery. When applied, it goes on white at first then disappears as soon as the skin has absorbed the product. 

These products are to be used as follows:

-Skin Whitening Soap
-Oatmeal Soap
-Skin Lightening Lotion with Sunblock

-Skin Whitening Soap
-Oatmeal Soap
-Skin Lightening Lotion with Sunblock
-Skinlite Cream

Overall, I love the soaps from the Body Bleaching Kit, but feel so-so about the lotion and the cream. I actually hoarded more soaps! :) As for the whitening effect, I cannot really say that the the lightening of my skin is attributed solely to the Body Bleaching Kit  because I am also taking IV Glutathione. However, I got a mild peeling from using the soaps so that could mean that there indeed was a lightening effect. :)

Hope this review helps you in your search for the best whitening products! :)

XO, Mish

23 February 2013

Achieve Sexy Hair This Summer with Hair Extensions!

Summer is just around the corner! In no time, the sun and sand are here to welcome us again. But our beach escapade won’t be complete without a cute bikini, huge sunglasses and long and sexy beach hair! If you have short hair like mine, don’t fret because thick and stylish hair can be instantly achieved by using hair extensions.

The main issue of women with hair extensions is that it can sometimes appear unnatural but there are human hair weave that may be used to achieve a natural look. These human hair weave, which are made up of real human hair, can instantly turn limp and lifeless hair into glamorous long locks. You may opt to choose from Peruvian, Indian, Brazilian, and Malaysian hair extensions which have superb quality among others. These hair extensions also come in all different shades of black, brown and blonde to match your natural hair color. You’ll keep people guessing while using these hair extensions!

If you want big and sassy hair like models have, then Brazilian hair extensions are the perfect choice for you! They are your best bet for hair extensions because they’re thick and full making your hair full and gorgeous in no time. Brazilian hair uk also comes in straight, curly, and wavy to match your natural hair texture and style. They’re easy to use as they can be clipped or weaved on the hair. These hair extensions can make your hair temporarily long so that there is no commitment to maintain it. You may now wear your hair the way you want it with ease!

21 February 2013

Countdown to One Giveaway Winners! :)

Congratulations! Hope you respond within 48 hours, otherwise, I'll be picking new winners. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my giveaways and celebrated my first blog anniversary with me. Hope you'll keep on supporting LBD and Onesies! :)


XO, Mish

19 February 2013

Blog Makeover!

If you have noticed, I had my blog revamped recently! Nira, a friend of mine, made the layout for me and she made it in such a short span of time. She is actually one of the students I handled at St. Scho Manila's Pep Squad before. She's a figure skater and a blogger, too. Check out her site at http://niraballena.blogspot.com/!

For my blog's layout, I wanted something simple and minimalist and I think she did a wonderful job with the layout! Hope you like my blog's new look!

XO, Mish

PS. Don't forget to visit and follow Nira at http://niraballena.blogspot.com/ :)

13 February 2013

Street Belle Spring Giveaway!

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10 February 2013

The 3 “Loves” of Valentine’s Day

-I Love to be loved.  Intricate and feminine…  Check me out!

-I love in my way.  I am my own rose.  I’m checking you out!

-I love my friends.  We party and pair-up.  Let’s go out!

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