29 August 2012

Shop Feature: Pork Shop

Seriously, this shop has the cutest name ever! Don't you think? I came across Pork Shop while browsing online and looking for great finds. You know how much I love online window shopping, if there's such a thing. :)))) Indeed, their products are great finds and as cute as the store's name! What I love about their products is that they are amazingly affordable. I am a very thrifty shopper and I could say that their price range passed my standard. Teehee! Here are the items that Pork Shop offers:

And here are my favorites!

Printed Dress - P350
Black Corset - P280
Yellow Shorts - P350
Pink Blazer - P350

That sounded like Power Rangers getting ready for a battle! HAHA! As you can see their products are really affordable. Not a single piece is greater than P350. And they are also uber cute and colorful! By the way, they are also offering a wholesale package for those who wants to resell their items. Here are the details:

Anyway, please do watch out for a giveaway soon as Pork Shop c/o Ms. Xandra will sponsor some items for my lovely readers. Don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook, okay?

XO, Mish

24 August 2012

AccessoriZe For Less!

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. I've been very busy lately since we had our "deadly" midterm exams so I wasn't able to take photos lately. I have soooo much stuff to blog! I am currently working on a huge blog giveaway in time for my birthday and I am still looking for sponsors *coughs* :))))

Going back... Sometimes I look at my accessories and I feel like I have tons! But whenever I have to pick something to go with my outfit, they seem to be so few. Crazy feeling. Haha! So I went online window shopping again at my favorite shops and I think I just found some stuff that I would like to add to my collection. Well, probably that would have to wait until my mom comes back from the States. :)

Collective.com Black & White Irregular Shaped Enamel Necklace - P275
Mia Casa Double Chain Geometric Necklace - P279
Collective.com Anna Collar Necklace - P299
All from Zalora.com.ph

A piece only costs less than P300! The great thing about these products from Zalora Philippines are they are being shipped for free. Imagine how much you'll have to spend when you go to the mall (fare, food, etc.) And I assume, they don't carry these products there. Will have to try out first Zalora Philippines' delivery service, but I heard they're great! Soooo excited!

By the way, they currently have a flash sale so better check it out!

Check out Zalora Philippines' great services for yourself at http://zalora.com.ph! Don't forget to use the discount code MishRendon1 to get a 5% discount on orders above P1,000. :)

XO, Mish

19 August 2012

Mail Time!

Necklaces I won from Charlene Ajose's blog giveaway with R&K Manila. Can't wait to wear them!

Circle lenses from Lens Village. With prescription. Finally!

Romwe shirt :)

Margarita Sandals from Shoelala Manila which I won from their blog giveaway

I'm a happy girl!

XO, Mish

18 August 2012

Kiddie Corporate

Whenever I go window shopping online, I always look for something I want for Z. I always let him wear collared shirts whenever we go out because he looks so cute in them! Anyway, here are some collared shirts from Zalora Philippines that I really adore:

Periwinkle Sherwin

Periwinkle Swinton

Gingersnaps Gingham Short Sleeves Polo

Gingersnaps Plaid Short Sleeves Polo

Cute, right? Don't forget to check out Zalora's Kids Section for more clothes, shoes, and any kiddie product under the sun. :)


Don't forget to use my discount code MishRendon1 to get a 5% discount on purchases over P500!

XO, Mish

11 August 2012

ZALORA's Fashion Fights the Flood Fundraiser!

This Wednesday, August 15, 2012, Zalora will be holding a fundraiser event featuring different bands at the Skye Lounge. They will also be launching KC Concepcion's closet where items will be sold. All proceeds will go to charities in support of the relief effort.

In case you can't make it to the event and still want to donate, you may do so through Zalora's site:

- Donate P250
- Donate P500
- Donate P1000

XO, Mish

10 August 2012

Uniqso Giveaway Winner


Please expect an email from me and I'll be waiting for your response for 48 hours.

Thanks to everyone who joined!

P.S., I have another circle lens giveaway here on my blog! Check out upper left sidebar! :)

XO, Mish

08 August 2012

The Next Best Thing to Your Shopping Experience Usharethis.net

What do you get when social networking meets shopping? A new obsession! People embracing the idea that book marking and social sharing slowly are replacing search with regards to product discovery. We’re taking that experience closer to you. Usharethis.net a social store created by the community.

An online shopping community where regular people share their uncommon finds. A movement of regular people who help each other find things they like and most of these things are affordable. It’s a portal that connects you to trending and unique products at your fingertips. Chances are there are a few other people on Usharethis.net who think like you do. This mass marketplace has become specialized just for the target market “you” and “me”. Social sharing, desire to discover as well as the sense of community all in one.

It’s shopping made easy! It’s shopping with an interesting twist!

Usharethis.net can make everything easy by putting the internet’s stores at your fingertips. It gives you the opportunity to save items you crave in a wish list. If you’re more of a window shopper, you can put items on your wish list for a rainy day. Users post, collect, organize products and follow people and stores they like. Users can visually keep track of their own shopping wish list. 

Usharethis.net is a means to share your style with your friends and this means no more ugly sweaters for Christmas gift. Usharethis.net is primarily user-generated so you can trust that it’s not just one person or company throwing what they think looks good on you and it links you directly to the site where you can purchase the products. It’s like treasure hunting. Everything you want in one place.

What to expect on Usharethis.net

- Great interface. Navigation is simple and straightforward.
- Integrates well with your online presence – connect to Facebook, Twitter, your blogs and websites.
- Built in trending and sharing
- The inspiration factor – a marketplace with collections of products can provide some great ideas for themes.

We’re launching soon! In the meantime join us below to get updates.
Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Usharethis
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Usharethis
Tumblr Blog: http://usharethis.tumblr.com
Check out our teaser page: http://www.usharethis.net

The community is buzzing! Since our Facebook fan page launch last July 9, 2012, we already have more than 1,000 likes, more than 500 Twitter followers and still growing by the day. Don’t be left behind! Join the fun!

Usharethis.net Your next shopping obsession! Share unique finds whenever, wherever!

04 August 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's been raining a lot lately here in Manila. Classes are being suspended almost every week. Sometimes I just want to sleep all day because of the cozy weather. Haha! But I can't because of so much cases and books to read and I want to play with my son. Anyway, I made this wishlist to make my rainy days bright and fun! :)

Coats and Jackets

Moonshine LJ Jacket


Love by Z Double Zip Jacket

It's important to stay warm and dry during rainy days. We don't want to get sick, do we? :) Anyway, I am loving that Moonshine LJ Jacket! It has a nice color and structure. It looks like it can withstand any typhoon. And if you're feeling edgy, I suggest you try that Motocape from Proudrace. That cool design can make you stand out from the crowd. Although sometimes, I just feel like wearing a simple cotton jacket to keep me dry. That jacket from Love by Z has a double zipper to keep you warm inside.  

Rain Boots and Umbrellas

Plueys Boots

Rainbooties RBSP

I've known Plueys ever since I was in college and I've always wanted to get a pair! Great thing they're now available at Zalora. My choice has not yet changed. I have always loved that lace print boots from them. Anyway, don't you think that low cut booties with bow is adorable? And that purple polka umbrella is so cute! I want to get them all! Haha!

All of the items I have featured in this post are from the biggest online shop in the Philippines, Zalora. Here's what they offer:

Don't forget to use the code: MishRendon1 on orders above 500 pesos to get a 5% discount. :)

Which one is your favorite?

XO, Mish

02 August 2012

Fab Eyes Giveaway with Kiwiberry1-Collection!

How's everyone? :) It's been rainy and gloomy here in Manila for the past few days which made it hard for me to do outfit posts. Anyway, I have another circle lens giveaway for all of you! Yay! This one is sponsored by Kiwiberry1-Collection.com. They have also sent me 2 pairs of circle lens which I made a review HERE.

Kiwiberry1-Collection.com is an online shop based in Canada. And they offer different brands of circle lenses and handmade false lashes. They ship internationally, too! :)

Now on to the good part!


A pair of circle lens, a box of false eyelashes, and an exclusive 50% discount code all from Kiwiberry1-Collection.com!

You may choose the color and diameter of the circle lens, and the staff will pick out a pair which suits your choices. The box of false lashes would also be randomly chosen. As for the code, it will be sent via email and you may use it only once within 6 months after receiving it. 

Anyway here are some of my favorite colors and brands:

Geo Angel Gray
EoS Super Neon Green
GnG/Dueba Crystal Diamond Black
MI Dizon/Cosmo/Eclipse Brown

This is open internationally! :)

The giveaway will run from August 2 to September 6. That's my birthday! Teehee!

Winners will be chosen through random.org and will be contacted through email.

Kiwiberry1-collection.com will ship the prizes directly to the winners.


To be eligible to enter:
- Like Kiwiberry1-Collection's Facebook page
- Like my blog's Facebook page
- Follow @kiwiberry1 on twitter
- Tweet about the giveaway (You may do this daily for more entries!)
- Go to Kiwiberry1-Collection.com and tell me your chosen color of circle lens and diameter! Also, include your email address.

For extra entries: (These are optional. But of course, more entries will give you more chances of winning!)
- Follow me on twitter
- Be a follower of my blog on GFC
- Post the giveaway on Facebook tagging Kiwiberry's facebook page (You may also do this daily for more entries!)
- Follow me on Lookbook
- Follow me via Bloglovin
- Place the giveaway banner on your blog's sidebar
- Make a blog post about this giveaway (please link back to this blog post and Kiwiberry's website)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to do all the mandatory entries so you won't get disqualified!

Thank you everyone for joining my giveaways! And thank you Kiwiberry1-collection.com for sponsoring this one! :)

PS. Watch out for a big giveaway as my birthday is coming soon! :)

XO, Mish