30 September 2015

Tupperware Brands Philippines Supports the 2015 World Vision Run

For the 4th time in a row, Tupperware Brands Philippines supported World Vision Philippines in its annual running event aimed to raise funds for its Child Sponsorship Program. The huge and anticipated event spearheaded by World Vision Philippines kicked off recently at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds, with race categories ranging from 21k, 10k, 5k, 3k, and even a 500 m dash for kids. The Mall of Asia Grounds was packed and bore witness to the support of thousands of health enthusiasts, as well as partners and supporters of World Vision’s advocacy.

Since 2012, Tupperware Brands Philippines has pledged its support to World Vision’s advocacy. In fact, on their 19th anniversary, the company supported a total of 100 children in honor of its 100 outlet stores all over the country. “Tupperware Brands supports World Vision’s goal to have every child live life to the fullest while promoting an active lifestyle at the same time. Tupperware’s products uphold freshness for wellness, which is very complimentary to the activities of the event,” Mr. Jun Pangilinan, Tupperware Brands Philippines’ President and Managing Director, shares.

Since its introduction in 1966, Tupperware has been changing lives of Filipinos across the nation. “One way in which we celebrate touching and transforming lives, no matter what age or generation, is by teaming up with World Vision Philippines. Through raising awareness on the ways to support those in need, to keep fit, and to be ready for natural calamities, we can help create happier and healthier families,” Mr. Pangilinan adds.
The event started early for the runners, including Mr. Pangilinan himself who ran in the 21k race category. The program was injected with other fun activities including a Zumbathon, exciting raffle prizes, and a mini concert with the Perkins twins, Tippy Dos Santos, and Tricia Garcia

Tupperware Brands Philippines has always been committed to their promise to provide better brands for a better life, and through the business opportunity, help individuals live the life that they deserve. With their ongoing support and partnership with World Vision Philippines, Tupperware Brands Philippines is surely on the right track in changing lives for the better.

XO, Mish

28 September 2015

White Chiffon Lace Short Dress for 83% Off!

Get our White Chiffon Lace Short Dress for Prom Bridesmaid Wedding for such a low price! We're on sale. This dress is Lace-styled with Chiffon fabric, great for any day and night occasion.

Lace and chiffon fabrics are back in style, giving you a vintage look with a princess feel. This elegant dress has a V-Neck to add more impact to your femininity and creates an elongated neck line to make you look more splendid. Available in 2 sizes: Small/Big with more colors: Pink and Purple.

Wear this dress on your date night, at a tea party, wedding, or prom day. You'll look beautiful in it with stilettos or doll shoes.

We're giving you an 83% off. From the price of PHP4229, have it now for PHP737! (You save PHP3492).

You're our number one priority. We provide you with fast, cheap Express shipping. Expect this dress to arrive at your doorstep in just 3-7 business days!

You don't have to fret if you think the dress doesn't fit you accordingly. We provide Free Exchange. Simply contact us to request for an exchange.

Do shipping with us. We guarantee SAFE shipping. Payment is made through Paypal.

We guarantee your satisfaction. Get more than what you pay for. Enjoy shopping with us!!!
If you want more dress options, Simply click on this link: http://www.dress.ph/cat_59_Cocktail-Dress/

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27 September 2015


If you are following me on Instagram (@mishrendon), you would have noticed a photo of Zack wearing a soldier costume. Anyway, here's the short background on why he was wearing such. I received a text message from Zack's teacher that he needs a costume of any community helper for their Friday activity. I am usually busy with school during weekdays and my classes end beyond mall hours so I asked my mom to buy him one. I asked her to get him a doctor or police costume and there was none at Toy Kingdom at SM Fairview! Luckily, she found a soldier costume (last piece!) at the department store and paid for it a few minutes before the mall closed.

This costume wasn't initially what I had in mind. I am not even sure if a soldier is a community helper. What I had in mind are doctors, teachers, firemen, policemen, and similar types of jobs. Nevertheless, I think Zack liked his costume. He wore everything without any hesitations, including the hat. Everyone in school liked it, too. Zack's ate told me that even parents of other kids were asking for selfies with him. I am not so sure anymore if I have a soldier or a celebrity in the making!

Doing the "Sir, yes, sir!"

At this point, I don't have any particular profession that I would like to impose on Zack. I don't think I would even want to impose anything on him. I've seen too many people in law school who lost their passion and drive because their parents wanted them to pursue something that they do not want. I do not want the same for Zack. The only thing I wanted for him is that he discovers his passion in life and he pursues it. And I'll be there to support him all the way. So far, singing (and dancing) interests him so I guess it's a good start for us. 

Anyway, this kid has probably gotten used to taking outfit photos that he voluntarily goes out of the door whenever I would tell him that I would take his photos. So I guess this means more photos (which are less blurry) for the blog! Hope you like this one. :)

XO, Mish

24 September 2015

#UFCColorCrazeeCatsup Makes Mealtime Fun and Colorful!

Zack has always been a picky eater. He used to have food allergies too back then so it was hard for me to feed him. Because of the limited food choices we had, we would usually give him the same viand almost every day and he would usually get tired of eating the same. Although his allergies with food are now gone, I let him eat whatever he wants while still trying to give him healthier food choices. Of course, I want him to enjoy mealtime! I want him to look forward to it, not because it satisfies his hunger, but because it is one daily activity where he could have fun.

One sure way of making our kids' mealtimes fun is by adding color to it. Thus, UFC Tamis-Anghang Banana Catsup, the leading catsup brand in the country and a household staple for over 40 years now, has finally launched a new product which would surely address that!  

Introducing new UFC Color Crazee Catsup! Your favorite UFC Tamis-Anghang Banana Catsup now made available in four fun, exciting colors: Bubbly Blue, Goofy Green, Yummy Yellow and Radiant Red.

It comes in a twist-cap and easy squeeze bottle making it easy for kids to use! Plus, you can even mix the colors to create new ones! Taste wise the young and young-at-heart are sure to love the fact that this is the same UFC Tamis-Anghang Banana Catsup blend, just in different colors. All ingredients are FDA approved and safe for consumption.

P58 for this cute box set that includes all four colors!

UFC Color Crazee Catsup is available in leading supermarkets nationwide for a limited time only. 150g singles are priced at P15.00  and P58.00 for the cute box set that includes all four colors.

UFC Color Crazee Catsup lets you add color to your food, and you’ll find creating edible art is a great bonding activity for the whole family. Don’t be surprised if kids start asking for second helpings of food come mealtime, just for the chance to add more catsup to their food before devouring it. 

Zack was such an eager model when we shoot this! :D Anyway, here's my #UFCColorCrazeeCatsup creation!

Can’t wait to try UFC Color Crazee Catsup? 

When you do, don’t forget to share your edible art! Take a pic before digging in, then post your color crazee food photo on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #UFCColorCrazeeCatsup. Make sure you tag UFCBananaCatsup on Facebook and @UFCBananaCatsup on Instagram when you share your Color Crazee creations.

For more on UFC and UFC Color Crazee Catsup, visit facebook.com/UFCBananaCatsup. You can also follow @UFCBananaCatsup on Instagram. Check out their super fun TVC here: https://www.facebook.com/ufcbananacatsup/videos/1690840844485026. :)

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14 September 2015

DERMAX Laser Center Opens its 4th Branch at Ayala Fairview Terraces

Skin care has gotten more complex, innovative, and technological during the recent years. Maintaining a healthy and glowing skin no longer pertains to the face, but also to the rest of the body. Hence, there are now laser treatments, IV Glutathione treatments, and similar treatments that aims to keep the body smooth aside from regular facials to maintain a blemish free face. Personally, I got obsessed with underarm laser hair removal when I was in college. However, I was not able to finish the required sessions to achieve permanent hair removal due to various reasons. First, the treatment was too expensive for a regular college student. Second, there were no clinics that offer Diode Laser Hair Removal within the Fairview area back then. Luckily for me, a clinic that specializes on Diode Laser Hair Removal finally opened its doors at Ayala Fairview Terraces. 

DERMAX Laser Center Opens its 4th Branch at Ayala Fairview Terraces

DERMAX Laser Center opened its newest branch in Fairview Terraces, Quezon City on September 8, 2015. If you haven't heard of DERMAX Laser Center yet, it is a skin care company that offers innovative, science-based, and technology-focused skin care products and procedures. The latest in cutting-edge technology are available at DERMAX Laser Center and its discerning clientele get to enjoy the latest in skin care innovations through specialized treatment procedures such as anti-aging, skin whitening, tattoo removal, and its highly popular Diode laser hair removal service. 

DERMAX Laser Center Opens its 4th Branch at Ayala Fairview Terraces

DERMAX Laser Center's grand opening was graced by several special guests, including Bb. Pilipinas Semifinalist Ms. Julian Flores, Cong. Leopoldo Bataoil, Cong. Alfred Vargas' Chief of Staff Architect Rizal Morales, and Quezon City Finance Officer Mr. Noel Pimentel,. Mr Fred Reyes, multi-awarded chemist, DERMAX Laser Center and SkinStation Founder, Chairman and CEO, was also present during the event. 

DERMAX Laser Center Opens its 4th Branch at Ayala Fairview Terraces
DERMAX Laser Center Opens its 4th Branch at Ayala Fairview Terraces

Aside from numerous services, DERMAX Laser Center offers DERMAX Professional products, a science-based skin care products. These products are categorized based on their client’s individual skin needs: anti-aging, anti-acne, whitening, skin moisturizing, and sunscreen line, among many others. DERMAX Professional products are formulated by Mr. Fred Reyes himself. DERMAX Professional takes pride in being the first to introduce the use of nanotechnology in skin care products. With the science of nano-encapsulation, all DERMAX Professional products promise optimal absorption for your skin. 

DERMAX Laser Center Opens its 4th Branch at Ayala Fairview Terraces

"As a professional line, DERMAX uses only the best, the latest and the safest ingredients at clinical strength, definitely at par with the world’s best skin care products. Before, we had cost limitations to contend with when formulating mass-market products. Now, with DERMAX, we have no such cost constraints as our only aim is to delight our customers,” declares Fred Reyes.

DERMAX Laser Center Opens its 4th Branch at Ayala Fairview Terraces

Personally, I can't wait to try out their Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal. Aside from the proximity of their Fairview branch to my home, this service is also currently on sale for only P5000 for 8 sessions. Definitely within my budget! Be sure to check out as well their other opening promos which are valid until September 20 only: 

  • Get up to 35% discount on DERMAX products for every single-receipt transaction:
    • Buy any 2 different items and get 15% off
    • Buy any 3 different items and get 20% off
    • Buy any 4 different items and get 25% off
    • Buy any 5 different items and get 30% off
    • Buy any 6 or more different items and get 35% off
  •  Diode Laser Hair Removal Underarm Program at P5,000 for 8 sessions
  • Intensive Underarm Whitening Program at P5,000 for 8 sessions
  • AxiLight Laser Underarm Whitening Program at P15,000 for 8 sessions

DERMAX Laser Center Opens its 4th Branch at Ayala Fairview Terraces
Thank you DERMAX Laser Center for having me at your opening! :)

To know more about DERMAX Laser Center and DERMAX Professional products, visit its newest branch at 3/L Ayala Fairview Terraces, Quirino Highway corner Maligaya Drive, Fairview, Q.C. Other DERMAX Laser Center branches are located at Centrio Ayala Mall in CDO, Abreeza Ayala Mall in Davao, and Solenad Nuvali in Laguna. 

You may also contact them via email at info@dermaxpro.com or check out their website at www.uniqly.net/store/DERMAX. ‘Like’ their official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dermaxlasercenter.

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11 September 2015

JORD Wood Watch in Ely Maple Review

 I couldn’t leave our house without a wrist watch. I believe that it is the only accessory we’ll ever need to assist us in our daily lives. Although most of our gadgets now adequately tell us the time, wrist watches are still the most convenient way to keep track of time. Moreover, wrist watches are also statement pieces. Wear an interesting timepiece and it would definitely be the first thing that people would notice in you. And to make sure that you stand out, there are several unique timepieces available nowadays which are made from equally unique materials, such as wood.

When I first heard about wood watches, I was skeptical about the whole concept. Based on the photos I have seen from local online shops, my main concerns were the finish of the product and the ease and comfortability in wearing it. My doubts regarding wood watches definitely were gone when I finally encountered JORD Wood Watches.

JORD Wood Watch in Ely Maple Review

JORD Watches is an online store based in the USA that offers hand-crafted wood timepieces. When I was offered to review any of the numerous products of JORD Watches, it is the Ely Maple Wood Watch that truly caught my eye. I personally prefer classy and timeless pieces, something that would last me for a very long time and would never go out of style, and the Ely Maple Wood Watch is all that.

JORD Wood Watch in Ely Maple Review
Ely Wood Watch in Maple - $129
JORD Wood Watch in Ely Maple Review

Although often disregarded, the packaging is one important aspect in a product. It has the ability to tend or break it. And I was not surprised that JORD Watches was able to deliver and exceed my expectations. Their hand-crafted box was extremely beautiful and seems to promise that there is something more beautiful contained inside.

JORD Wood Watch in Ely Maple Review
FEATURES: scratch-resistant mineral glass, deployment buckle with push buttons, date window, case width: 37mm, case thickness: 11mm, lug ends: 45mm, band thickness: 21mm, band length: 200mm
JORD Wood Watch in Ely Maple Review

The watch itself was absolutely impressive. The finish was flawless and smooth. The details of the watch are impeccable – from the strap to the watch itself. It is evident that it was hand-crafted carefully to ensure its quality. I love how this timepiece also tells the date. The natural maple is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. The Ely is splash-proof but should not be submerged in water (3 ATM). JORD also offers a limited warranty for each product for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. 

JORD Wood Watch in Ely Maple Review
MOVEMENT: Citizen Miyota 2035, display: hours - minutes - seconds, tuning fork type: quartz crystal, frequency: 32,768 Hz, accuracy: +/- 20 seconds /mo, battery: silver oxide SR626SW (equiv), drive system: 2-pole stepping motor
JORD Wood Watch in Ely Maple Review

Initially, I was not really comfortable in wearing it because the wrist watch that I’ve been previously using has a flexible strap. But once you get used to it, you’ll be more comfortable to use it daily. This watch is very convenient to use because of its push button lock that opens and closes easily. By the way, you could have your watch adjusted by JORD by sending them your measurements so that it is ready to use by the time it reaches you.

JORD Wood Watch in Ely Maple Review
JORD Wood Watch in Ely Maple Review

The Ely Maple Wood Watch is definitely one classy statement piece that a person needs to have in his or her collection. It is perfect for a casual look and for everyday use. It costs $129 and I think that the product is worth it because of the awesome craftsmanship used in every JORD Wood Watch. It also comes in different colors such as Red Sandalwood, Dark Sandalwood, and Green Sandalwood with Maple.  JORD Wood Watches are offered internationally through their website and shipping is free worldwide. To see more of JORD Wood Watches products, please visit: http://www.woodwatches.com/

XO, Mish

Be Yourself with a Custom-Made Wedding Dress

Nowadays, it is important to be yourself so that you will stand out and not merely blend in with everyone else. Individuality and embracing such individuality is not only empowering, but it will also help you go places. With that said, more and more products tend to be personalized and custom-made to ensure that one’s character is incorporated in such product. Personally, I prefer customized products to make sure that they are unique and that they represent me and my character.  Although they are not a conclusive proof of our characters, clothes also usually tell so much about us and our personalities.

For wedding dresses, I think that the same principles apply. A bride needs to be herself most especially during the most special day in her life. Of course, showing one’s individuality is not possible without having a personalized wedding dress. Designer dresses are definitely the best way to make sure that your wedding dress matches you and your personality. However, if you are on a limited budget, another option is to purchase a custom-made wedding dress online.  

At Yesmybride.net, wedding dresses are custom-made to perfectly match you and your personality. They have a pool of fashion designers from around the globe to help you come up with that perfect dress. Moreover, their products are made to fit you like a glove. The best thing about custom made dresses at Yesmybride is that their products are not as expensive as designer dresses. With this online retailer, brides can now show off their personality and character through their wedding dresses for less. To see their entire collection, visit http://www.yesmybride.net.

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10 September 2015

Shop Flower Girl Dresses at InstyleDress

Shopping for wedding dresses, when made online, has always been a practical option. During my previous posts, I have repeatedly emphasized how convenient it is to shop online. When it comes to choices, there are numerous styles, designs, colors, and materials to choose from. There will always be that one dress that would match your preference. Likewise, there are also tons of bridesmaids’ dresses available online. And you could even get both the wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses in a single transaction to make sure that they truly match and to save more. However, I have noticed that there are no online shops offering for flower girl dresses.

When I came across InstyleDress, I was surprised that they offer flower girl dresses, among other products. During the numerous weddings I have previously attended, most flower girls were made to wear designer dresses, which are probably extremely expensive, to match the theme of the wedding and the attire of the other members of the entourage. Otherwise, they would be wearing generic dresses that looked mismatched from the rest of the entourage. Luckily, they can now be purchased all at once with the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses to make sure that they would all look well together.

Flower girl dresses at InstyleDress are custom-made to enable the purchaser a color that he prefers and to ensure that they would surely fit like a glove. They are also made from high quality materials which can be used not only for the wedding, but also for other special occasion.  These dresses are affordable and definitely within one’s budget. Lastly, there are numerous dresses to choose from so your options won’t be limited. To see the entire flower girl dress collection of Instyledress, please visit: http://www.instyledress.co.uk.

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08 September 2015

Affordable Hair Replacement System at Hairbro

Hair loss can be a stressful occurrence, especially for women. Whether it is due to illness or other health condition or due to aging, it definitely causes for a person to lose his or her self confidence. Back then, there are no possible options to remedy such condition and people would either cover it or embrace it by flaunting it. Nowadays, there are now numerous options available for both men and women to address such issue. There are now topical treatments that could help stimulate hair growth. However, the same is not a practical option because of the costs that it entails. One of the best options to address hair loss is to purchase a hair replacement system.

Hair replacement systems, or wigs, are the best way to address hair loss because of the “instant results” that they offer. However, when I say wigs, I do not mean those which are bought at the mall. Those are usually made from synthetic materials and appear unnatural. Moreover, they might not be even the right size for you. To ensure that you get the best hair replacement system that you could use daily, you should check out Hairbro.com

With Hairbro, you get to choose a hairstyle that you could sport every single day. There are tons of styles available at their website so you will never run out of choices. The best part about their products is that each is custom made. Just give them the proper measurements of your head and they will make your hair replacement system fit like a glove. You will definitely feel comfortable using it all day! Lastly, they offer wigs which are made from human hair so that it will look natural. Their products are assured to give you back your confidence! For more information, please visit Hairbro.com.

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Baskin-Robbins Celebrates 70 Years of Serving Fun in Every Scoop

Here’s the latest scoop: Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, turns 70 this year! To celebrate seven decades of bringing flavors and fun to ice cream enthusiasts all over the world, Baskin-Robbins is giving away scoops of sweet deals for the whole month of September! 

Ice cream lovers can indulge in not just one, but three treats that will keep them coming back for more! From now until September 30, 2015, enjoy P70 off on all quarts and half gallon fresh packs as well as Baskin-Robbins ice cream cakes. In addition to this, any Double Regular Scoop purchase gets you P70 off on a junior scoop of the exciting new ice cream flavor, Banana Split!

Buy any double regular scoop and add only P15 to get a banana split junior scoop this September.

While the brand started as a neighborhood ice cream shop in California in 1945, Baskin-Robbins now has more than 7,500 locations in nearly 50 countries worldwide. Over the past 70 years, Baskin-Robbins has brought its famous 31 ice cream flavors to the world. Michael Dargani, President of Ice Dream Inc., the exclusive local licensee of Baskin Robbins said in a recent interview, “We are very happy to share in this significant milestone in Baskin-Robbins’ history.” 

Less P70 on Baskin-Robbins ice cream cakes this September

The world’s most beloved ice cream was founded by two ice cream enthusiasts and brothers-in-law who shared a dream to create an innovative ice cream shop that would be a neighborhood gathering place for families. Over 300 million people visit Baskin-Robbins each year to sample from the more than 1,200 flavor creations available in its ice cream library. Baskin-Robbins offers guests around the world a wide range of hard scoop ice cream flavors along with custom ice cream cakes, delicious frozen beverages, ice cream sundaes and take-home frozen treats.

Less P70 on all Baskin-Robbins quarts and half gallon fresh packs this September

For more information about Baskin-Robbins 70th anniversary, log on to www.baskinrobbins.ph or check out their Facebook (facebook.com/baskinrobbinsph), Twitter and Instagram (baskinrobbinsph) accounts. Or visit Baskin-Robbins shops at the Central Square, Bonifacio Global City; Greenbelt 5 and Glorietta 5 in Makati; Fairview Terraces and Trinoma Mall in Quezon City.

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05 September 2015

Shop Anything, Anytime, Anywhere with the Lazada Mobile App!

Lazada (www.lazada.com.ph) - the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping and Selling destination continues to keep its commitment of effortless shopping to Filipinos with the Lazada Mobile App. Now, Filipinos have access to more than half a million products right at their fingertips. Giving Filipinos the power to shop anything, anytime, anywhere through the Lazada Mobile App.

With the Lazada Mobile App, everyone can conveniently shop while on the go; packed with eye-catching visuals, intuitive user interface, and true-to-form images, you can never go wrong shopping through the Lazada Mobile App. Now you don’t need to rush to the mall or brave through the bad weather or heavy traffic as shopping through the Lazada Mobile App is easy as 1-2-3! Simply download the Lazada Mobile App for FREE on iOS AppStore and Google Play Store.

Packed with daily promos and jaw-dropping discounts, the Lazada Mobile App also hosts exclusive App-Only sales for premium tech and lifestyle brands. With the same robust functionality as its web interface, the Lazada Mobile App offers the ease and convenience of shopping for those Filipinos on-the-go.

And to make every Filipino’s effortless shopping risk-free, the Lazada Mobile App also offers cash-on-delivery payment. So aside from the ease of being able to shop on-the-go through the Lazada Mobile App, everyone can pay via cash when their orders arrive on their doorsteps.

Effortless Shopping tips to all Shoppers on the Go:

Secure Shopping
  • For mobile shopping, choose shopping sites with an app. It’s easier to use and most importantly, more secure as it’s harder to tamper with.
  • Check news articles about the shopping site to ensure it’s not a temporary online shop that will disappear after pocketing your money.
  • Ensure the shopping site has a return policy such as Lazada’s Buyer Protection: online shops without return policies can mean scam or unauthentic products.
  • Do not give your password to anyone. Online shops’ email support or call support personnel should never require your password for identification.
  • Only use your credit or debit card on sites with a padlock icon in the URL bar. This means the site uses secure communications to prevent any third-party eavesdropping.
  • Check for security labels such as PCI-DSS certification. This means the shop has been audited and is certified safe to use.
  • If you don’t receive an acknowledgement email from the online shop shortly after a purchase, there might be an issue with your purchase or it might be a scam. Call the site’s hotline to verify.
  • If you strongly suspect you have been scammed and your credit card information has been stolen, contact your bank or credit card issuer to block the card and investigate.

Savvy Fashionistas
  • Pick the right size by using the size chart feature, taking your measurements and checking carefully for any international conversions (UK, US, EU, Japan).
  • Ensure the site has an exchange policy like Lazada’s 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy that enables you to return clothes within 7 days, and re-order the outfit in a size that fits you perfectly.
  • Only shop for fashion on shopping apps that provide a few angles so you can see exactly how the clothes fit on the model or mannequin.
  • Get your friends’ comments or ‘likes’ easily by sharing the item on Facebook or Instagram before buying.
  • Read product details to check on the fabrication so you’ll know how the clothes feel on you.

Parenting Shoppers
  • Spend quality time with your family instead of getting caught in traffic to the shopping mall. Shopping at the Lazada Mobile App lets you shop at your convenience, any time of the day!
  • Diapers and milk powder are not only expensive, but heavy to carry. Look out for online promotions and take advantage of door-step delivery.
  • Follow the Lazada Super Moms Facebook page and subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest deals delivered straight to you.
  • Don’t let getting overwhelmed in crowded malls and toy stores stop you from giving the best to your kids. Shop for educational toys online, conveniently.
  • If you’ve brought the wrong size of maternity clothes, take advantage of Lazada’s  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. Return the wrong size within 14 days (30 for Vietnam), and re-order the outfit in the right size.

Tech Addicts
  • Online shopping allows you to compare prices for your favourite gadget. Do keep a look out for sellers on the same site that may offer a bigger discount or bundle deal.
  • Searching for phone accessories, power banks and covers is less overwhelming online as you can easily compare your options and colors, and sort them by price.
  • Subscribe to Lazada’s newsletter or like our Facebook page to get news on exclusive and limited edition tech launches.
  • When looking for a gadget in a specific model or colour, check out Lazada’s wide range online first. It’s better than visiting the retail store and discovering the gadget’s sold out.
  • Shopping for your favourite gadget online is easy. You can do it anytime of the day with fast and reliable delivery to your home or office.

Smart Savers
  • Take advantage of free shipping if you spend a certain amount, or do a group order with friends so you can all enjoy free shipping.
  • Download the Lazada mobile application to enjoy special app-only discounts and access sales anywhere, anytime! Turn on push notifications on mobile to stay updated on the latest promotions.
  • Watch out for time-sensitive flash deals, set your alarm so you don’t miss the promotion! 
  • Look out for exciting promotions from our bank partner with store-wide discounts.
  • Sign up for newsletters for sale promotions and coupon codes.
  • “Like” the Lazada Philippines (www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines) on Facebook to get notifications on the latest deals.

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02 September 2015

Wedding Dresses for Civil Weddings

How much does a wedding cost nowadays? Here in the Philippines, a simple church wedding would probably cost more than a hundred thousand pesos already. For more extravagant weddings, I guess some would probably spend millions of pesos to get their dream wedding. They need not only pay for the church, the reception venue, food, entourage’s attire, but they also need to shell out money for the wedding coordinator, professional makeup artist, the photographer and videographer, souvenirs, wedding cake, among others. Indeed, the cost of weddings nowadays has become extremely expensive. One alternative to avoid such unnecessary expense is to opt for a civil wedding.

I have noticed that more and more couples have gone for a civil wedding instead. Not only it is inexpensive, it is also practical. Couples are not compelled to invite tons of guests. They would only need their immediate family to witness such event in their lives. No matter how simple a civil wedding ceremony may be, it does not mean that the bride cannot be gorgeous on her special day. A bride can definitely still look beautiful on her wedding day with an elegant wedding dress.

By wedding dress, I mean one which has the appropriate length for the event. For civil wedding ceremonies, it is best to don a knee length or tea length dress. Finding the perfect dress within your community could be difficult though. Wedding dresses for civil weddings are not as widely sold as regular wedding dresses. Moreover, it is impractical to have a designer dress made for such simple event. One’s best option is to purchase online.


Online shopping for wedding dresses is indeed the best choice because of the variety of their products. At Missydressesau which provides for wedding dresses Australia, they offer numerous knee length and tea length dresses which are perfect for a civil wedding ceremony. Not only are these dresses elegant, but they are also quality products. Of course, these dresses are within one’s limited budget.

XO, Mish