07 December 2013

Belle De Jour Power Planner 2014

I wasn't planning to purchase a Belle De Jour Power Planner this year cause I'm three stickers away from the Starbucks planner. When my sister told me that she wanted a BDJ planner, I did not hesitate buying her one. (Using the money I earned from blogging! Yay!) The deal though was that I could keep the Lifestyle Card which amazingly saved me tons of money this year from the free upsize at Coffee Bean. I think it was a win-win situation. :)

Anyway, I'd be sharing to all of you some features of the new BDJ planner for 2014. I had my own BDJ planner last year which I won from SM Parisian. This year, we got the one in Exclusive Grey Leather. It was on sale when I got it so I paid only less than P520 (20% discount during the flash sale plus 5% discount from answering their survey) from the original price of P680. The shipping was also free because the order was for more than P500 and I got the item the day after purchasing it even though I gave them a provincial address.  

Sleek and chic!

I think I was able to achieve my 2013 goal. :)

The coupons are definitely my favorite part of the planner. Although I think I was able to use only less than 10 from this year's planner.

The layout for this year's monthly calendar has been changed from landscape to portrait (which I think is better.)

Weekly view. The layout actually worked for me. I used the huge part for academic reminders and the lower part for blog reminders.

If I were to compare the Spiral version and this one, I'd definitely go with the Leather one. It is more compact. It looks very chic as compared to the Spiral version. It appears more sturdy, too! Although I won't be using one this year, I am happy to that I still have a BDJ Lifestyle Card. :)

What planner are you getting this year?

XO, Mish

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