23 August 2013

Save Money on Your Next Shopping Trip

Shopping trips can either be a success or a disaster, that is, you get to spend less than what you actually intended. Whether you are saving up money or not, taking measures to ensure that you spend less on each shopping trip will always be beneficial to you.  For one, you get to save some money for other necessaries. And, you’ll have enough to shed out in case of emergencies, especially during this typhoon season. Anyway, I have come up with a list of things you have to keep in mind before and during your shopping trip:

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1. Make a list
It is important that you know what you need. Do you need milk and eggs or a new pair of stockings? Be specific. By this, you get to lessen your spending and you won’t be able to purchase things which are not so necessary (or your wants) that would only clutter up your homes.

2. Use coupons
Lots of people are missing out on the discounts they could get by failing to use coupons. There are tons of coupons for food, groceries, and other necessities that are hiding in the newspapers or are available online. There are even discount vouchers for clothes, shoes and accessories and restaurant coupons such as Wendy’s coupon to help you save up on your dining trips. I am not saying that you go crazy couponing. But if you are given an opportunity to use one or two, go grab it! 

3. Fill yourself up before heading out
This will definitely save you lots of money! When you go grocery shopping and you see all the delectable food in the aisles, you have this tendency to grab a snack afterwards. Be sure to eat ahead so you avoid this kind of unnecessary expense. 

4. Avoid temptations 
If you know that beauty products entice you, please avoid that section already. Or if you have to literally close your eyes, please do so cause you’ll still end up buying one (or lots) of unnecessary products even if they’re not on your list, just because of that temptation that you deliberately failed to avoid. 

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Although I still believe that we have to reward ourselves every now and then, avoidable and unnecessary expenses should not be incurred every time we have to go on a shopping trip. In times like this, it is essential that we spend only on things that we actually and really need. I hope this list would help you out save and spend less. Happy shopping! :)

XO, Mish

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