15 June 2013

Giving Your Kids their Vitamins Can Be Stress-free with CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins!

Last Thursday, I was invited to a mommy bloggers lunch by the Chemical Company of Malaysia International Philippines (CCM). I am pretty sure most of you haven't heard of CCM and their products. They are the No. 1 generic pharmaceutical company in Malaysia. They offer their more than 400 different kinds of products to countries in the Southeast Asian region and they have established an office here in the Philippines back in 2007.

With fellow mommy bloggers + the sumptuous meal at Cerchio Grill and Lounge

Going back, I've given Z vitamins since he was a month old because he weighs lighter than most kids his age at that time plus I stopped giving him breast milk right after I went back to school. Honestly, giving him vitamins can sometimes be a taxing task, especially now that he knows how to say no. I personally hated taking vitamins as a child especially this one multivitamins I used to take (which claims to increase height) that tasted horrible. Unfortunately, I did not grow a single inch. :p As for my kiddo, he would throw a fit whenever he sees his vitamin bottles (I give him multivitamins and Vitamin C, by the way).  It would take me forever to distract him and sometimes, the syrup gets spilled in the process. With the difficulties of giving our children their vitamins and the idea that they could actually get these vitamins from natural sources such as the food they take, is it still necessary to regularly give them vitamins? 

From what I have learned in the forum/discussion with Dr. Maria Lourdes Escobar, children, ideally, should no longer need to take vitamins as it should be derived from the food that they eat. However, if we want to ensure that our children will acquire the right amount of vitamins needed daily for protection and to maintain their health, it is recommended that they still take vitamins despite eating a balanced diet. While natural sources for vitamins are abundant in the form of fruits and vegetables the dilemma is one needs to eat these fruits and vegetables in large quantities to be able to meet one’s Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake or RENI. Sometimes, there are even certain vitamins and minerals that cannot be acquired by the body through food alone, especially when you are on a certain diet. I, for instance, should take iron supplements since my vegetarian diet deprives me such. More often than not, our children would also eat not-so-healthy foods from time to time. Therefore, it is best to give them vitamins just to be sure that they are in their best condition. 

As I have previously mentioned, giving our children their vitamins can be a stressful task for both parents and children so it is advisable to give them something fun to take. With that, CCM created a product that can be an alternative option in giving kids their vitamins. CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins, one of CCM's flagship products, is a brand for multivitamin preparations designed for the health and wellness of the Pediatric age group. These multivitamins come in small chewable tablets and in various shapes and tasty flavors.

CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins come in several variants which have been formulated to address the specific needs of various segments of the pediatric population. These variants include CHAMPS Vitamin C,  CHAMPS M, CHAMPS M with lysine, CHAMPS C plus lysine, and of course CHAMPS OMEGA 3. 

Champs C Chewable Tablet - Protection against common illnesses
- Contains 100mg Vitamin C (50mg in Calcium Ascorbate ,50mg in Sodium Ascorbate)        
- Comes in bots X 100s ChewTab Forms
- Great-tasting Natural Orange Flavor
- Fun Heart shaped

Champs M Chewable Dietary - Promotes general health
- Contains Vitamin C, Plus 9 Essential Dietary Nutrients 
- Comes in bots X 100s ChewTab Forms
- Great-tasting  Natural  Pineapple Flavor
- Fun, Triangle Shaped

CHAMPS Multivitamins +  LYSINE - Boosts appetite
- Contains Lysine 50mg plus Folic acid 
- 9 Essential Multi Vits. (Vit.C 50mg)
- Comes in bots X 100s ChewTab Forms
- Great-tasting Orange Flavor
- Fun, Donut-Shape

CHAMPS Omega 3 Plus - Boosts brain development and performance
- Contains  9 Essential Dietary Nutrients as Vitamin C and B-complexes plus Omega-3
- Comes in bottle of 100s -  ChewTab Forms
- Great-tasting Tutti-Fruitti Flavor
- Fun, Heart-Shaped

CHAMPS C + Lysine - Enhances appetite during sickness for fast recovery
- Contains  Vitamin C and Lysine
- Comes in bottle of 100s -  ChewTab Forms
- Great-tasting Tutti-Fruitti Flavor
- Fun, Donut-Shaped

So if you are having a hard time giving your kids their vitamins, you may want to try out these candy-like chewable vitamins. Not only will these vitamins ease the process of giving your kids their vitamins, but you will also be ensured that they get the right amount of vitamins daily (as compared to syrups which kids dread and spills most of the time). CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins are available at most drugstores (Mercury Drugstore, Generika Drugstore, Generics Pharmacy, among others) all over the country. :)

Thank you for the fun and informative event, CCM! My kiddo would surely love these CHAMPS vitamins. :)

XO, Mish

PS. Be sure to consult your pediatrician before giving your children vitamins so that you'll know the right amount of dosage for your children's age and weight. :)


  1. i remember as a child i used to take the flintstones vitamins! haha :P

  2. Nice post!
    Love, Anna


  3. the packaging looks so cute. I think I saw these products when I was at Malaysia a couple of months back..


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