16 January 2013

I Survived: My Pink Parlour Brazilian Waxing Experience

Hello dearies! I visited Pink Parlour's new castle at A-Venue Mall in Makati last week to experience their specialty, the Brazilian waxing treatment.

Pink Parlour's new place is so attractive, it will make heads turn. 

Cutie patootie Pink Parlour merchandise!

Seriously, I thought I'd die! :p My classmates from law school told me that the procedure was really painful (they had it done at another salon, by the way) making me hesitate at first. Plus, I've never tried waxing "down there" before so imagine my fear before the procedure started. I only stopped panicking once I was already in their waxing chamber. :)

Ms. Rosalie, my technician, was very careful in doing the waxing treatment especially that it was my first time. She always makes sure that the wax is not too hot to prevent my skin from being burned. She also kept on reminding me to take a deep breath whenever she starts pulling. The deep breaths actually helped. The procedure was very hygienic, too.  I was watching Ms. Rosalie do her thing and I never saw her double dip the sticks. The best thing I could say about this experience is that she made me feel really comfortable (which I think is very important) since the area being treated is considered private. We actually had a nice conversation. Lol! The entire procedure went really fast. I actually thought it would last for an hour or so, but it was done in less than 20 minutes. 

Cute chandeliers everywhere! It indeed felt like a real castle!

Mani-pedi area

Was it painful? Yes, but it was definitely tolerable. I actually find waxing my underarms using a diy strip wax more painful because it leaves a stinging sensation and the skin comes off sometimes. At Pink Parlour, they only use hard wax so there's no tendency for your skin to be burned or come off. The wax does not actually penetrate the skin because of the powder applied prior so the pain is lessened. Moreover, the wax they are using is really efficient that there is no need to repeat waxing the same area twice. There's less pain indeed and that's the advantage of Pink Parlour's brazilian waxing treatment! 

Spotted Ms. Ana Gonzales! :)

Honestly, I think this procedure is not just for a hair-free summer. Waxing "down there" is very important for athletes, too. I wish I have tried this when I was still cheerleading! I had to shave down there because I don't want anything peeking while I do my heel stretches. The hair was so itchy when it was growing back since it was not removed from the roots. I also recommend this treatment for soon-to-be-mommies, especially if you prefer not to shave down there before giving birth! Just be sure to get permission from your OB before going through the waxing treatment. But if you simply wanted to feel clean and free down there, this procedure is definitely for you!

I survived! :)
Photo c/o Nino of Pink Parlour!

If you'd ask me how does it feels like, two words: Smooth and clean!

Visit Pink Parlour's castles at:

SM North Edsa: 5th Floor, Unit 500a-500b ANE The Block
A-Venue Mall: G/F Unit 108, A-Venue Event Mall Makati Ave., Makati City

Check out and follow their sites:

UPDATE: To answer everyone's question, yes it was done in a private room with just me and the technician the entire time. :) She'll actually wait for you to get dressed before she leaves the room.

Brazilian waxing at Pink Parlour costs P900, but they currently have a 1+1 promo at their A-Venue branch! :) You may check the rest of the prices here: http://www.pinkparlour.com.ph/treatment. Hope that helps!

XO, Mish


  1. I love it!
    I hope may branch sila dito sa Davao :)
    I love your blog so much, please check out mine:


    1. Thanks, Nerza! Love yours too! :) I hope they open one there. The're only new here in the Philippines kaya nageexpand pa lang sila. :)

  2. aw so cute. i hope they open it in here ^^ i would like to try xD

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  3. Are you alone in the room with the technician during the whole process? I wonder how this feels! I'm kinda scared but part of me want to try it too. I do my waxing at home, I never liked the wax strips, they don't get all the hairs!

    1. I was alone with the technician. :) They use hard wax so it pretty much removes all the hair.

  4. Wow, this is so nice mesh... so how much is it? is it pasok sa banga ba? (budget?)

    1. Pasok naman sis! 900 ang brazilian waxing ng Pink Parlour. Mas mura ng konti unlike sa ibang salon. Okay din yung wax na gamit nila. :)

    2. Ay really? love it! lalo na ngaun i saw your new post na may 70% off pak na pak!

  5. how much is the rate and do they do it in a private room?

    1. Yup! It's done in a small cubicle with just you and the technician. Their brazilian waxing costs 900. :)

  6. love love love your post dear!
    very interesting place
    love the decoration :D
    i hope there is a place like that near me :D


  7. You're so brave! :) I wonder will I be brave enough to try it. hehe


    1. It's not really that painful! You should try it! :)

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  9. Love your blog!! Your post"s are very very wonderful....I hope your visit on my blog!




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