16 April 2013

Say Hi to the Latest Pink Parlour Brazilian Survivor!

Last January, I held a giveaway in time for my blog anniversary entitling the winner to undergo a Brazilian wax treatment from Pink Parlour. Among the participants, Chona was the one who won the giveaway. When I found out that it was her first time to have a Brazilian, I decided to go with her so that I could share with her my Brazilian waxing experience and also to personally meet her. :)

She decided to have her Brazilian waxing at the SM North branch, which is most accessible to me among their branches. By the way, they have a branch at A-Venue Mall in Makati and at SM Pasig. Her reservation was taken care of Pink Parlour and she was entertained immediately as soon as she arrived. While she was in a private room having her Brazilian done, I took some shots of Pink Parlour's super duper cute interior. 

Only the best!

Who wouldn't want to cuddle with those kittens while having your nails done? :)

In less than 15 minutes, her Brazilian was all done! :) When I asked her how was it, she seemed surprised and shocked with the whole experience since it was her first time, but she told me that the pain was tolerable and she seemed satisfied with the service rendered by Pink Parlour. Pink Parlour only uses hard wax for their Brazilian waxing so the pain is less. You may read my detailed Brazilian waxing experience in this post. I, too, was happy with the experience because I was able to meet someone who reads and supports my blog. :)

Here's Chona with Ms. Leah of Pink Parlour
Together with my giveaway winner

Congratulations again, Chona! It was a really great experience personally meeting you. Also, thank you Pink Parlour for sponsoring the giveaway! :)

XO, Mish

PS, Don't forget to drop by at Pink Parlour's latest castle at SM Pasig. 

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  1. hi sweetie!
    I have a super giveaway on my blog, pass by!


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