10 August 2017

Mama Lou's Opens at Ayala Malls The 30th

Mama Lou's never fails to make me feel at home! I know I've already featured Mama Lou's in my blog before for their Evia Lifestyle Center opening, but I guess there's always something new to try every time I visit. My recent visit at their latest branch at Ayala Malls The 30th was quite nostalgic. The rustic vibe and hearty meals seem all familiar. And I get to enjoy it with old and new blogger friends. :)

As usual, Mama Lou's was packed during our visit. Their branch at Ayala Malls The 30th wasn't as spacious as the one in Evia Lifestyle Center (which had two levels) but it could accommodate quite a number of guests. Of course, the crowd isn't just a hype. I believe it is mainly attributable to their hearty and homey dishes that are reasonably priced. Anyway, here are some of the dishes that we were able to try that night:


Mushroom Chicharon - P180
Poutine - P195

For those who aren't fan of vegetables, I am pretty sure that their Mushroom Chicharon would make you reconsider your life choices. :p This oyster mushroom dish is served with vinaigrette and cooked to crispy perfection. I bet you can't stop eating this after your first bite. I am a fries and gravy kind of person so their Poutine is a winner for me. This dish has french fries topped with brown gravy, and mozzarella cheese. Just make sure to order this with bacon bits on top.


Vesuvio - P495
Spaghetti con Tuyo Filleto - P295
Truffle Mac and Cheese - P325

OMG that Vesuvio is just too pretty to look at! This tomato based pasta dish consisting of a mountain of rigatoni, stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta, peas, Italian meatballs and egg is a must try at Mama Lou's. If you are looking for a pasta dish with a subtler flavor, their Spaghetti con Tuyo Filleto is definitely your choice. It has salted fish fillets with freshly chopped red tomatoes, arugula, in garlic and olive oil. You'll be surprised that the tuyo in this dish is not overpowering, but just enough to give it a kick of saltiness. And as I have already mentioned in my blog before, please do yourself a favor and try Mama Lou's Truffle Mac and Cheese. This scrumptious and comforting original blend of cheeses and truffle cream over tender elbow macaroni, topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese is literally heavenly!


Mama Lou's Iced Tea - P75 for single serve, P85 for bottomless, and P250 for a pitcher

Mama Lou's is not just about good food. They also offer a wide variety of drinks such as tea, slow juiced fresh fruit, fresh fruit shakes, exotic shakes, coffee, and beers and coolers. One of my favorites at Mama Lou's is their original blend iced tea. It has mint in it that gives it a distinct yet refreshing taste. 

Risotto and Pizza

Risotto Tartufo Funghi - P325
Pizza Bianca - P295 for small and P395 for large

I am not a fan of risottos but their Risotto Tartufo Funghi was quite a hit. It has wild mushroom and truffle cream which makes it taste kind of similar with their Truffle Mac and Cheese. Pizza at Mama Lou's is also a must try. Everything's just made fresh and healthy. Their Pizza Bianca, which has cream, mozzarella, mushroom, and bacon, is their bestseller!


Rosemary Lamb Rack - P695
Prawns Thermidor - P695

I've already talked so much about Mama Lou's dishes and we haven't even gotten to their mains yet lol. I love grilled dishes so their Rosemary Lamb Rack instantly became a favorite. This grilled "Grade A" New Zealand lamb rack with rosemary and served with mint jelly, mashed potatoes, and side veggies was cooked perfectly. The meat wasn't tough and it was flavorful. I thought the jelly was too weird to be paired with the meat but they actually go well together. The Prawns Thermidor, on the other hand, is equally as delicious. It has simmered prawns in spring onion and brandy topped with delicious creamy sauce. As I have noticed before, I think it is the sauces of Mama Lou's dishes that makes them stand out. They're really well concocted.  


Italian Tiramisu - P160
Take the Cannoli - P200

There's always room for dessert for me! Their Italian Tiramisu was really good. It has layers of biscuits, whipped cream cheese, espresso, and baileys. Definitely not your ordinary tiramisu! The Take the Cannoli, which is their signature dessert, never fails to amuse. It comprises of homemade cocoa-marsala shell filled with Italian mascarpone cheese, chopped pistachios and chocolate glaze. Need I say more?

Visit Mama Lou's at 2/F Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City

Don't forget to check out their social media accounts:

XO, Mish


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