25 May 2014

My Magnum Cafe Manila Experience

Since I rarely frequent the South and my blogger friends and I were already at the area, we didn't miss our chance to try out the latest dessert craze in SM Aura - the Magnum Cafe Manila. Right after the Mrs. Philippines Globe press conference, we immediately rushed to the place.  

Located at the 5th floor of the mall, this dessert haven is not hard to find as a crowd can always be found in its entrance. As to its interior, Magnum Cafe Manila is very modern and neat. It is filled with interesting decor that will surely catch your attention. Their staff were extremely nice, too!

Of course, this place is popular for their "Make Your Own Magnum" feature. For only P100, you get a chance to make your own dessert using a Magnum ice cream with tons of coatings and toppings to choose from. Hundreds of unique dessert combinations can be made with their numerous selection.

Step 1 - Coat It (White, Classic, or Infinity Dark)
Step 2 - Top It
Step 3 - Drizzle It

If you plan to dine in though, they require each table to avail any of the special desserts found in their menu. They're a little bit pricey than the regular make your own magnum promo, but I assure you that they're worth it! They're also good for sharing. :)

Cookie Dough Skillet - P300 (Winner!)
Death by Chocolate - P280
Rainbow Dream - P250
Gold Rush and #trendcast bars

What I had was the #trendcast bar which they already have in their menu. It is made of Vanilla ice cream with white Belgian chocolate coating, Speculoos cookies, sea salt flakes, roasted almonds and drizzled with white chocolate! Sounds amazing, right? But it tastes better than it sounds!

If you are seeking pleasure or simply want to beat the heat, you have to try out Magnum Cafe Manila's super fun dessert experience. My friends and I were definitely pleased!

XO, Mish


  1. It looks super good! I really wanna visit there

    1. Those were really amazing! You should! :D

  2. Wow, I can't believe I missed this when I went to SM Aura last night. Now I know why a lot of people are talking about Magnum Cafe. =)


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