11 June 2012

Ombre Hair Makeover: The Azta Urban Salon Way

I've always wanted  to have a hair makeover or at least have something changed with how my hair look. But with all the things I need to prioritize first such as taking care of Z, graduating from college, and applying for law school, I never had the time nor the budget to do so. Luckily, I joined Ms. Kira Ramirez's blog giveaway and won myself an ombre hair makeover courtesy of Azta Urban Salon - Tomas Morato. I was so ecstatic when I found out that I won cause the experience would be like treating myself to a new look in time for the new chapter in my life.

The blog giveaway actually ended last April, but I only availed of the service just last week cause I have been suffering from hair loss. It was scary. I know I'll experience post-pregnancy hair loss, but I never expected the hair loss to be that much. I changed hair products and took calcium supplements to help lessen my hair fall. My condition got better, but I still lose hair from time to time. I just refrain from tugging my hair too much.

Anyway, let me take you to my exciting ombre journey! :) I've never been to Azta Urban Salon in Tomas Morato, but I did not have a hard time looking for it. It's a dainty place beside Dulcinea and in front of Johnny Rockets. I have already set an appointment with them so I was accommodated  as soon as I got there. I was handled by Mr. Anton and his assistant, Ms. Monica. Azta Urban Salon, by the way, is one of the two salons which specializes in ombre hair. I could attest to this cause my sister went to another salon to have her hair ombred and they seriously don't know what to do. Her hair turned out okay, but it did not look ombred. She bleached it herself to achieve the look that she want. 

Going back, I was given a seat at the salon and some magazines to read. I have read from other bloggers' posts about their ombre experiences that the process is quite long, so I actually prepared myself and brought a book to read. Before starting with the makeover, I was asked by Mr. Anton what kind of ombre do I want. My sister's hair is ombred as well, so I wanted something different from hers. I asked Mr. Anton if an ashy dark blonde shade would work for me, and he said YES. :)

Shampoo right at my seat! Awesome, right?
The first part of the entire process was cleansing the hair to make sure that the products (bleach and dye) would work well. I was actually surprised that they have a different way of shampooing their clients' hair. Instead of going to the sink to shampoo and rinse the hair, they shampoo your hair right at your seat and you just have to go to the sink to rinse your hair. I actually think this is clever cause it could minimize the time spent in the sink especially when there are lots of clients to shampoo and a limited number of sinks to use.

My hair before the makeover
After shampooing, they rinsed and dried my hair. My hair was very unruly and dry, but Ms. Monica was very patient in untangling my hair. After drying my hair, bleach was generously applied. Ms. Monica was the one who applied the bleach under the supervision of Mr. Anton. He was actually meticulous with how he wanted the bleach to be applied so that the ombre would look natural. 

Yummy milk tea and magazines to kill time
The waiting part was quite long. Good thing, they served me a complimentary drink of my choice. They have coffee, milk tea, and iced tea. I (obviously) chose milk tea which was really good! They also have tons of magazines to read, but I settled with the "The Little Prince", which I brought along with me, instead. If you don't want to read, you may want to chit-chat with the salon attendants. They're really nice and accommodating. :)

After bleaching my locks
It took us more than 30 minutes to lift the color before they rinse out the bleach on my hair. They dried it again before putting on the hair dye. My hair turned orange-y blonde after bleaching. It was actually good by itself, but I wanted an ash-y tone to it so that it won't look that loud.

The front desk of the Azta Urban Salon
The interior of the salon.
They left the dye for at least 30 minutes to make sure that the color would really reflect on my hair. Ms. Monica was very attentive in timing the process to ensure that my hair won't stay in the dye for too long. Mr. Anton also kept on checking on my hair to see if the color that I wanted was already achieved. Anyway, if you have time and extra money with you, I suggest you take a hair treatment as well cause the bleach could be very drying to the hair.

Drying my hair again
Love their curling iron <3
After the dyeing process, they rinsed my hair again and dried it using a blow drier. To make the ombre more emphasized, Ms. Monica curled the ombred part of my hair. I seriously have to get a curling iron similar to theirs! It's easier to use than the regular curling iron.

Here's the final product:

Curling the last bunch
With Mr. Anton and Ms. Monica of Azta Urban Salon - Tomas Morato
I am absolutely in love with my new hair! The color was great and the ombre was perfect. I've been getting lots of compliments about my hair color. Again, I would like to thank Ms. Kira Ramirez and Azta Urban Salon - Tomas Morato for this wonderful experience. 

Azta Urban Salon - Tomas Morato is located at 282 Tomas Morato Ave. Sacred Heart, Quezon City (beside Dulcinea and in front of Johnny Rockets). You may contact them at (02)9904234 and 0915 642 9559 and look for Mr. Anton as your stylist. ;) You may also find them on Facebook through their official Facebook page.

How do you like my new do? :)

XO, Mish

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  1. wow i love the curls =) I'm also planning to have my hair curled but however lately i have second thoughts lol

  2. lovely hair! :)) you look so pretty :)

  3. Great new look! Btw the name of your blog is too cute

    xo Andrea

    1. aw thanks! you were the first to say that!

  4. Cute ombre hair, turned out great!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. YAY for new hair!! <3


  6. I love the new hairdo! It's so beautiful on you.
    Also I'm super excited to follow you and I hope you'll return the favor. It would mean so much coming from you! (:

    xx Amber

  7. Nice blog! :) i'm following you now on GFC and Bloglovin...i hope you follow me back!
    kiss, AngelaMia

  8. You and your hair look absolutely gorgeous!I love it!

  9. make the curls permanent! they are so gorge :)

  10. Hi,lovely hairstyle.
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    Keep smiling.

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  13. Love your ombre hair - it really suits you!

  14. love your new hair :)


  15. Hii! Omg love it! I went back on your posts to see the first hair do, but this ombré hair is amazing! Great choice! What do you think if we followed eachother? Kisses, Rita

  16. awww that's so sweet! thanks! :)

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  19. Beautiful hair makeover. Ombre looks great on you! Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  20. Wow,ur hair is looking really cool.Very nice shade selection and very well done by the saloon people.
    Following you now.

  21. Love your hair makeover (: Gorgeous ! Are we following yet ? I'd love to ! Love much ..

  22. It's done! Let's keep in touch :) And again, really love your new hair! Kisses

  23. mish, you look so pretty with your hair like that. :) i'm never bold enough to try something new... my hair has been the same years! :)

    have a terrific day!


    1. you should try cutting it short or coloring it with a bold color! it is life changing. :)

  24. Wow it looks awesome. I really like the new hair

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  25. me ha encantado tu blog, desde hoy te sigo! te invito a mi blog y si te gusta te espero como seguidora :) muak guapa

    MªJosé Fdez

  26. like your new hair!!! i also want to try the ombre hair, but i'm scared on trying them.. and ur lucky to win a makeover!! :)


    1. aw you should try it! unless it's not okay with your school. :)

  27. amaziiing Hair :) suits you very well..

  28. yay for ombre! looks great



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    I'd really appreciate it!

  30. Lovely! Looks great on you!
    http://curls-and-bags.blogspot.com (giveaway online!)

  31. did the color stay that way? or did it fade after a while? :D

    1. It actually became a little bit darker. But it looked more natural. :)

  32. Looking great, Mishie! Congratulations again :)

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