08 October 2016

Natural Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Review

My aloe vera obsession just won't stop! After trying out The Face Shop's Jeju Aloe Soothing Gel, I got myself several tubs of Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel during my recent Althea Korea shopping experience. I actually wanted to try out this one when I first got acquainted with Althea (earlier this year) but I was already eyeing a different kind of day moisturizer on my second haul. Nevertheless, I decided to stick with aloe gels because they've worked out well for me.

Natural Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

As I have previously mentioned, I am not really particular with the brand of the product that I am using and I am open to experimenting and trying out new products when it comes to skincare and makeup. I have always wanted to try out this product because I think this one's Nature Republic's bestseller. And I am curious if it could live up to the hype. Anyway, here are some of the details about this product from Althea Korea's website:

As regards the packaging, I can't say that I was happy with it. I like that it contains a whole lot of product, but I am not satisfied with how it was presented. The product is contained in a tub container with a twist cap. I find this one unhygienic to use since you have to dip your fingers into it. I just make sure to use it after washing my hands to keep it clean. Otherwise, you could also use a spatula if you don't like dipping your hands into the product. I actually tried transferring the product into a spray bottle but its too bothersome to do.

Both instructions and ingredients are in Korean and English (I think haha!) and the expiration date is printed at the back. I still have a whole lot of product to finish before it expires next year. Although I don't read ingredients and instructions that much, it also helps that Korean skin care brands now have translation of those details.

As regards the product itself, I have mixed feelings towards it. The product has a nice consistency. The gel is kind of thick at first then becomes runny when applied. I love how this one does not have stickiness after it dries. I place the tub inside my refrigerator so it's extra cold when I apply it on my face. The problem I had with this is the amount of alcohol it contains. It has a faint alcohol smell when applied that subdues after a few seconds. I used to put it on my skin twice daily, but I noticed that my skin feels burned after continuous use (you know that stinging feel especially on the top of your lip). I stopped using it for a while and that burning feeling was gone. I only use this now once or twice a week as a pack. I didn't have such experience with The Face Shop's Aloe Gel so I was kind of surprised that this product didn't work for me that much. But I am relieved that this can be used all over the body (even the hair!) so it's not really a waste of money.

By the way, the Natural Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel is sold at local Nature Republic stalls for P245 each. But you could get it for less at Althea Korea's website for only P180. Get this product at Althea Korea here: http://ph.althea.kr/

Have you ever tried this product? How did it work for you? :)

XO, Mish


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