01 October 2016


I haven't attended any blogger events during the past few months. Since I am near the finish line, that is, the end of my law school journey, attending blogger events and seeing my friends every now and then were some of the things that I have to give up. But I think my hesitation in attending blogger events was more on fact that I won't be able to deliver right away when it comes to blog posts. When Aldous invited me to the third anniversary of the group that he made - the TeamAldous - which I am proud to be a part of, I just have to say yes. Aldous became one of my friends when we were both starting out (around 3 years ago already!). And he was one of the reasons why I got into food blogging. And besides it was held on a Saturday night. So right after my CivRev quiz, I headed to The Royal Caterer in San Juan to take part in this celebration.

The event was catered by no other than The Royal Caterer, one of Chef Boy Logro's ventures.That being said, I was extremely pleased with the food. I was actually late for the event but there were still tons of food left and I didn't even know what to eat first. Among those that I tried, I personally loved the kebab and the pasta. If you are looking for a caterer for your corporate events and celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and the like, I am sure that you won't regret getting The Royal Caterer as your supplier!

For dessert (and as if I still have space in my tummy for that), we had delectable chocolate cake and cheesecake from Maraschino bakeshop. Even if I was full from all the food that I had, I'll always have space for dessert. And these cakes are definitely worth the calories. The Ferrero cake was super yummy! The Cheesecake, on the other hand, had a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. 

Of course, we were treated to awesome music and hosting by DJ Toni Tubero. Chichay Balagtas and AM^2 played and serenaded us that night with their awesome voices. If you are looking for a funny and entertaining host to handle your events and parties, I definitely recommend the witty DJ Toni Tubero. We were also treated to some (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) drinks from Wild Cocktails. It was definitely a perfect night!

To cap off our night, we had our photos taken at the Fantasy Kiosk Photobooth! I love how accommodating they were in dealing with our requests, like fitting 12 people in one frame lol! Their camera actually was really nice and the photo itself has an impeccable quality. I truly had fun since I was able to catch up with old blogger friends and made new ones!

As always, thank you Aldous of aldousatetheworld.com for always inviting me to your events! And I would also like to thank the following sponsors in doing such a great job in hosting the event:

The Royal Caterer
Instagram @theroyalcaterer.ph
0922 848 9889
0917 670 0289
(02) 723 4926
(02) 724 2756

Fantasy Kiosk Photo Booth
Instagram @fantasykiosk

Berk's Studio Photography and Videography (All photos I used are from them! Thank you!!)
Instagram @berksphotoandvideo
(02) 662-0137

Orange Lights and Sounds

Wild Cocktails

Maraschino Bakeshop
Instagram @maraschinobakeshop

Bethany Dream Cakes
(02) 986-06-74

XO, Mish


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