09 March 2015

Pink Parlour Gellish Lacquer (Gel Polish) Review

Summer's definitely around the corner! It seems to get warmer everyday since the last week of February. With such, I believe that it's never too early to prepare for the season. And one of the things that we needed to achieve by then is clean and gorgeous nails. Who would want to sport bare nails as we lounge in our sandals and flip flops? Of course, a Brazilian waxing session is also much needed especially when you are going to the beach.

A few days ago, I was able to try out one of Pink Parlour's newest services - the Gellish Lacquer service. Gel polish differs from regular nail polish in such a way that gel lacquer applies thin like regular nail polish but sets under UV light. It leaves a brilliant shiny color that does not chip! Best of all, it lasts an average of 21 days or more.

Their wide range of polish includes idb Just Gel Polish and Gellish brands

The procedure was quite similar with a regular manicure/pedicure except with the part where UV light that was used to set the gel polish. Before applying the gel polish, my nails were first soaked, cleaned, and shaped. As usual, the mani and pedi was done very carefully. No cuts nor murdered nails for me! 

UV Lamp for Hand Nails

The UV lamp was first plugged so that it'll be warm by the time my polish was to be applied already. The polish application was quite a work because you'll have to place your one hand in the machine while gel polish is being applied on the other hand. Setting the polish per layer usually takes around 2 to 3 minutes. 

UV Lamp for Toe Nails

The first coat that was applied was the Gellish pH Bond or dehydrator to prep my nails. Next was the base coat, then two layers of the ibd Just Gel Polish. I chose the Lucky Red shade which is a bold red color that (in my opinion) makes my hands seem brighter. Lastly, top coat was applied to seal in the color.  

I was actually worried that I would ruin my nails right after (like when I have to get something from my bag) so I was extremely relieved when I was told that my nails would be dry and won't get any chip or dent. I could actually wear closed shoes right after without ruining my gel polish.

Left: a day after, Right: one week after
Two weeks after

I was surprised that my gel polish was still shiny even after two weeks. My hand nails chipped a bit, but that only happened because I was playing ukulele. As regards my toe nails, they are still chip-free until now. I'm not sure if my nails aren't growing anymore, but they seem to be the way they were two weeks ago. For only P1000 for the gellish lacquer service, I am definitely impressed with how long lasting it lasts!

Visit Pink Parlour at their branches: SM North The Block, A-Venue Mall, SM Pasig
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XO, Mish

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  1. Is it 1k both mani and pedi? :) I wanna try it there too, I've tried it in Buff Spa in SMF for 500php pero mani lang. Hehe! :)


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