30 March 2015

#FirstswithPampers: Celebrate Your Baby's Firsts Moments with Pampers Baby Dry and First Book

Now that Zack's turning 4 this year, his first three years suddenly felt like a blur. It went by just too fast! There were times when I felt like I missed so much because of law school. Nevertheless, I am thankful that I have people who were there to help me all the way and help me capture Zack's first moments. Luckily, there are also brands that help us reminisce, celebrate, and share these precious moments.

Celebrated #FirstswithPampers at Active Fun, BGC

During a lunch event held a few days back, Pampers®, the World’s #1 diaper brand, announced the launch of its BEST and DRIEST in 10 years, all-new Pampers® Baby Dry, now in the Philippines. Together with the new diaper launch, Pampers® unveils a new online application Pampers® First Book, which allows Filipino moms to record their babies’ important first moments and share with their family and friends. Moreover, Pampers also introduced its newest brand ambassador (who was then a mom-to-be and is now a mom to one-week old Pilar Olivia), Andi Manzano-Reyes.

Lovely set-up for Pampers' newest endorser, Andi Manzano-Reyes
Extremely love this framed photo of Z!!
These desserts are just too cute to be eaten. :D

During the first part of the program, we were introduced to Pampers' newest brand ambassador and the new Pampers Baby Dry. To begin with, the New Pampers® Baby Dry provides baby with up to 12 hours of superior overnight dryness, so moms can feel assured knowing that their baby gets a good night’s sleep he needs for a morning full of firsts and development.

With Pampers® Baby Dry, Pampers® utilizes new core technology to deliver a thinner and drier diaper, which features a Soft Touch-Dry Layer which quickly absorbs wetness to keep it away from baby’s skin and Magic Gel which helps to absorb and lock in up to 7 wettings, from night until morning. 

Stretchy tape sides provide a superior fit, while All Around Breathability and Soft Cottony Cover give babies the ultimate skin comfort to ensure a night of complete sleep.

New mom, Gelli Victor, hosting the event
Pretty mommy, Andi Manzano-Reyes

I didn't know how important sleep is for babies' development. It was only during the event that I have learned that studies have shown that babies who sleep better are happier and more sociable in the mornings. They also appear more positive about interacting and concentrating, and are more alert, playful and friendly with those around them. These moments are important for baby’s social and cognitive development as well as providing an ideal bonding time for babies and moms. While there are several factors which may affect a baby’s sleep, wetness and hunger have been suggested as the two most common reasons for baby waking up at night.

“Research suggests that helping to keep babies dry during sleep is one factor which may minimize disruption of sleep due to discomfort, environmental stimulation or temperature alterations,” said partner pediatrician Dr. Apple Alfonso. “Dryness is therefore important because it will help ensure that babies’ skin is kept at a constant, appropriate temperature and free from irritation,” she explained. And this is why Pampers came up with the new Pampers Baby Dry - to provide for the comfort and dryness that babies need.

Sampling the new Pampers Baby Dry!
It definitely absorbs faster than the other brand and keeps baby's skin dry! Definitely amazed and satisfied with the results.

Here are some of the features of the new Pampers Baby Dry:

Soft Touch-Dry Layer quickly absorbs wetness to keep it away from baby’s skin
MAGIC GEL helps to absorb and lock in up to 7 wettings, from night until morning.
STRETCHY TAPES provide a superior fit and comfort, especially overnight.
All Around Breathability with micro holes that prevents stuffiness to increase comfort and avoid skin irritation 
Soft Cottony Cover wraps your baby’s skin in comfort.
Fun Designs in vibrant, teal coloured packaging make changing time a lot more fun!

During the latter part of the program, we were introduced to the Pampers FirstBook! From the beloved Pampers® BabyBook application, Pampers® sees the need for moms to capture, celebrate and share their baby’s firsts especially in a country hailed as the social networking capital of the world. With this, new Pampers® FirstBook was launched to preserve wonderful moments in the best possible way.

As simple as logging journal entries, uploading images and videos, Pampers® FirstBook goes on this journey of development with moms from baby’s first overnight sleep to his first few steps. Pampers® not only enables baby a good night's sleep that leads to another day of firsts, but also helps moms remember, celebrate, and share  milestones with family and friends.

Baby’s first journey continues after Pampers® FirstBook, as moms have the ability to collect and document baby’s first 12 accomplishments through Pampers® FirstMovie.

To create Pampers® FirstBook and FirstMovie accounts, Filipino mommies can log on to http://www.firstbook.ph and begin documenting and treasuring baby’s Firsts.

XO, Mish

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