11 March 2021

Liven Up Your Home with Photowall

Staying at home for almost 24/7 had me quite obsessed with home decor. We recently had our home renovated so working with a blank canvas is definitely exciting. While furniture is already in place, I am still on a lookout for other details that would complete the look I am going for. I already have noted some local Instagram shops that I wanted to get frames from, so I was delighted when Photowall contacted me for a collaboration.

Tokyo III Canvas Print from Photowall

Photowall is a Swedish company that offers unique and quality wallpaper and prints for your homes. They specialize on wall murals and wallpapers that could spice up your wall in an instant. Aside from that, they also offer more than 14,000 motifs of canvas prints, framed prints, and posters to decorate any space at your home. And if none of these 14k motifs suits your taste, they also offer quality printing of your own images as a wallpaper, canvas print, or framed print. 

Decorate your home office instantly with canvas prints or framed prints

The look I am going for with my newly renovated room is quite minimalist having only white and black furniture with a subtle pop of color. I actually wanted to try mounting a wallpaper on my room but I just had it painted a few weeks ago and I didn't want to ruin that just yet. Maybe I'll be entertain the idea when the paint wears off. I decided to go with a canvas print so I can easily mount it and move it around the room as I decorate. I had a hard time choosing a print because there are so many choices, but when I saw the Tokyo III print in their website I instantly fell in love. It is all that I am looking for. It is very minimalist and the subtle pop of red makes it so chic.

Item was rolled in a box but there were no damages when I opened it
Minimalist print with a subtle pop of red

I was surprised that the package came in just a few days after placing my order, considering that it came all the way from Sweden. Included in the package is an assembly manual, unassembled frame sections with double sided tape, corner plates and screws to hold the frames together, and hanging solution with screws. Assembling the whole thing was surprisingly easy. I think it only took me less than 20 minutes to assemble the canvas print. The canvas print was nicely and vibrantly printed. The frames are not that entirely smooth but it didn't affect the quality of the product. The corner plates and screws are very easy to assemble provided that the frame sections are placed correctly. 

What the package looks like
Contents of the package
Wood used was not entirely smooth but didn't have a problem when it comes to functionality
Back of the assembled canvas print

I chose a 70 cm x 50 cm print (prices start at $64) since most of my furniture are 100 cm long. When choosing an artwork, make sure that it fills 2/3 of the width of the furniture under it. On the other hand, when mounting an artwork on the wall it should also be placed no more than 6 inches to 8 inches above the furniture and no more than 57 inches to 60 inches from the floor. I haven't found a permanent place for my canvas print yet since I am planning on placing floating shelves on the wall to accommodate more prints. I also wanted to get the Totoro canvas print and the Match canvas print on the website. So far, it is perfectly located in my home office table and it's doing a great job making a statement there. 

My new home office!
Photowall - My Neighbor Totoro
Wanted to get this one for my room
Photowall - Match
This minimalist Match print is another favorite! Images from Photowall.com

If you want to liven up your room, make sure to check out Photowall's wide selection of wall murals, wallpapers, canvas prints, framed prints, and posters. You may use my discount code: starmishie25 to get 25% discount on any product in the website. 

XO, Mish


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