30 April 2018

The Fat Seed Cafe + Roastery: A Coffee + Comfort Food Combo

UPTC has never failed me when it comes to authentic and satisfying gastronomical experiences. During my recent visit, a newcomer has wowed me with it's coffee and comfort food offerings. Sounds odd, right? But The Fat Seed has cleverly combined great coffee (unlike your regular coffee shop's) with equally great food for a complete visit whether you're there to study, work, or just dine with fam and friends.

Upon entering the cafe, the first thing that caught my attention was the attractive wall painting that they have. That wall could easily make its way to Instagram. Aside from that, I also noticed that the place was packed! People were either dining with family or working on their laptops. I wasn't expecting so many people to be there cause it's fairly new. But I guess The Fat Seed is really a hip new place for studying and working within the area.

The highlight and foundation of their menu is the coffee that they offer. They have a wide range of coffee, both hot and iced, to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Their specialty coffees are crafted using information they have obtained over the years from travels all over the world. Just in case you are wondering why they are named "The Fat Seed", it is because its owners aim to plant a seed that is fat from all the passion and knowledge they have acquired in making this venture into a reality. 

Coffee Cubes - P150
Specialty Coffee (Local) - P135

We were served two coffee drinks during our visit. The Coffee Cubes was quite fun to prepare. You have to pour the milk into the coffee cubes to make it a drink. You may add syrup to sweeten it or drink it as is. I found the drink surprisingly strong. The cubes aren't thoroughly melted yet, but I could clearly taste the strong coffee. Specialty coffee comes in local or single origin variants. The Peabody coffee, which is a local variant, was surprisingly milder. It suited my preference in coffee more. 

Mushroom Fritters - P175

I am not big on appetizers, but The Fat Seed's Mushroom Fritters is quite addicting. Oyster mushrooms are deep fried, topped with parmesan cheese, and served with homemade ketchup. Eating this reminds me of chicharon because of its salty flavor, texture, crispiness, but I prefer this healthier version of it. 

Wagyu Pares - P305

When the Wagyu Pares was served on our table, it became nostalgic all of a sudden. The dish was presented in a '90s (or early '00s) style metal lunch box. Wagyu cubes are served with beef soup, fried rice, and shao xing rice wine. I felt that this dish is a fusion of old and new - an upgraded and improved customary street food. The Wagyu Cubes as is are mouthwatering already, but it becomes all the more delectable served as pares. 

Hotate Soy Cream Pasta - P385

Everyone's favorite would definitely be the Hotate Soy Cream Pasta. It is a Japanese inspired noodle dish comprised of Japanese soy cream, scallops, ebiko, bonito flakes, and nori shreds. I love how mild the pasta tastes and how the rest of the ingredients such as the bonito flakes give a burst of flavor. I definitely recommend getting this one.

The Fat Seed Signature Porkchop - P395

If there is anything that made me want more of it that night, it would definitely be the Signature Porkchop. The thickly sliced beer brine porkchop was juicy and melt-in-your-mouth tender. The creamy deli mustard sauce made it just more flavorful. I would normally want rice with my meat but I also love the sweet potato puree that comes with it. I felt that the dish in itself is just perfect as is.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Ube Waffles in Salted Egg Sauce - P325

One of their bestsellers is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Ube Waffles. I love how they put a Filipino twist to this classic breakfast dish by incorporating ube in the waffles. The chicken was cooked well and was flavorful. I think this is best eaten right after serving so that the waffles would still have that freshly made texture. Don't forget to try out their bacon infused maple syrup and salted egg sauce along with the waffles. 

Purple Haze

Although not yet part of their menu, we were able try out their new cocktails. The Rojito is basically a red mojito. It is composed of cachaca rum, lime, mint, sugar, and cranberry juice. This one's a must try. It's just the right amount of alcohol and fun to cap off your night. If you prefer a stronger and more potent cocktail, the Purple Haze is your perfect choice. Made with Black Label, lemon juice, egg whites, and blueberry pomegranate, this one will surprise you with its flavor and strength. 

Aside from the above mentioned dishes, there are tons of other dishes at The Fat Seed that you could try such as their other all day breakfast meals, salads, burgers, and sandwiches. As for me, I cannot wait to try out their milkshakes on my next visit. :)

Visit The Fat Seed Cafe + Roastery at UP Town Center, 216 Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. Don't forget to check out their social media sites:

XO, Mish


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