19 September 2016

#DefyTheDay with Kratos Strong Coffee

I have always felt like more is expected from everyone nowadays. You could not just do a single thing and be good with it. Applying it to Plato's idea of roles in the society, you can't just be the best Philosopher King that there is, or the best auxiliary that there is, or the best artisan that there is. You have to be all of them at the same time and be good at all of them. Times have definitely gone tougher and we have to be tougher than anything that that would come our way.

I strongly agree that the youth nowadays are urban warriors living a multifaceted like. They defy expectations by outdoing themselves all the time. Admittedly, it is hard to keep up with everyday life. That is why there are weapons we could use to help us #defytheday and win our daily battles, such as the new Kratos Strong Coffee.

I am a fan of ready to drink coffees and this one has definitely caught my attention. Infused with a Double Shot of Espresso to give you that strong, refreshing taste, it is yours to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Whether you're racing from one meeting to the next, unwinding with your friends at night, or ending your day with a fast paced workout, or enjoying a well-deserved weekend road trip, Kratos keeps you focused and always in the fame. As for me, I am definitely saving my Kratos for nights when I needed to stay up late to study. 

When the daily grind gets to you, reach out for a can of Kratos Strong Coffee, which comes in four variants: Double Shot Espresso Black and Original Latte; Single Shot Espresso Vanilla Latte and Cafe Mocha! So far, my favorite one is their Vanilla Latte!

Check out Kratos Strong Coffee on Facebook and start defying your day!

XO, Mish


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