18 May 2016

Last Minute Summer Outing Shopping Tips

It is pretty clear with the frequent rains visiting us everyday that summer's coming to an end. I am pretty sure that you all have a one last summer outing in your mind because I sure do. One trip to the beach during the summer to catch the waves or lounge in the sand is never enough. More often than not, these trips do not go through serious planning. Thus, we always find ourselves hastening in getting prepared.

There are some essentials that we need (or want) when it comes to summer outings. I always find myself browsing through online shops and searching for a new bikini every time I have a trip. Who has the time to go to the mall anyways? Nevertheless, I always end up using old ones because there aren't good deals online unless I have some Zalora shopping vouchers readily available. The other week, my sister was in a hurry to buy a tent for an impromptu camping trip. Since there aren't much choice in the mall, she ended up renting a costly one.

To avoid these shopping mishaps, here are some tips that you could use in your last minute shopping escapades:

1. Make use of the perfect timing
  • Items for summer usually go on sale before summer ends or right after it ends. Bikinis usually are sold for a way cheaper price right after summer ends than before the season starts. This goes with other summer essentials.
2. Limit your list
  • The best way to make your shopping easier is to make a list and stick to it. Be sure to include all things that you will need for the trip. Do a little research about the place you are heading to, if needed. As regards wants, be sure that these are worth it to ensure that they won't be put to waste,

3. Canvas and compare
  • Although you have little time to shop, it is still best to compare products and their prices from different shops. If you do this at the mall, it could be time consuming. However if done online, this could be easily done in minutes. After all, almost everything can now be bought online and with just a click away.

4. Look for further discounts
  • The goal is to save as much as possible. Unless you're in for a luxurious trip, it is a must to look for best deals for hassle free online shop. With these vouchers, you could spend more for your activities than your trip essentials.

Whether you have plans already or none yet, make your summer-ender outing enjoyable and cheap with these last minute summer essentials shopping tips!

XO, Mish


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