25 January 2016

Natural Looks Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel Review

I've always had issues with my dark eye circles and eye bags since high school. I've probably tried a handful of eye creams that allegedly address my issues but none of them worked for me the way I wanted them to. I guess I become impatient after religiously putting on these products for days and not see results. My position regarding eye creams and gels became different when I started trying out Natural Looks Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel.

Natural Looks Philippines Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel Review

If you haven't heard of Natural Looks yet, it is a fragrance and skin care store which originated in London. They also carry skin care products, hair care products, scented Yankee candles, and products exclusively for men. Anyway during their launch last December, I was able to score this Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel along with their Summer Strawberry Body Scrub which I'll be reviewing in another post.

Natural Looks Philippines Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel Review
Natural Looks Philippines Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel Review

Details about the Natural Looks Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel from Natural Looks UK website:

Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel cools and refreshes the skin around your eyes. Especially good for tired, sore or puffy eyes and includes Green Tea Extract, a powerful anti-oxidant which protects and conditions the skin. Chamomile and Caffeine reduce inflammation, redness and puffiness, whilst Orange Flower Water tones, clarifies and soothes your skin.

I am definitely in love with this product! First of all, the packaging looks elegant. It has a gold cover and the markings on the bottle do not come off easily (particularly the expiration date). Each bottle contains 20ml. I've been using mine for a month now and it still contains a lot. The pump dispenser is also a plus because I don't like dipping my fingers on the product. But you have to be gentle in pushing the pump because you don't have to push the pump all the way to get the right amount of gel. 

Natural Looks Philippines Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel Review

The product is clear and unscented. The gel is easy to spread and not sticky. I love that you'll only need a small amount to cover both eye area. It also absorbs and dries up fast. It doesn't leave any residue when it dries but you could feel the skin where the product was applied to feel tight. I didn't feel any significant cooling sensation upon applying the product but my under eyes feel relaxed nonetheless. I love how this contains all natural extracts and anti-oxidants and not harsh chemicals. 

Natural Looks Philippines Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel Review

As I have said earlier. it is the only product where I got to see results immediately. Within a few days of using this product for twice a day, I was able to see less puffiness under my eyes. I rarely get some sleep because of school but this product made me look like I've had enough sleep every night. The only downside I could think of this product is that it wasn't able to address my dark circles. However, I think Natural Looks has a separate product to address that. And it made me curious if their Eye Cream would give me the same effect. 

Natural Looks Philippines Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel Review

The first photo above was taken right before I started using Natural Looks Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel and the second was two weeks after using it. Although my eye bags weren't entirely gone (which is quite impossible unless I undergo surgery), there was definitely less puffiness under my eyes after using the product. I am using the same makeup products by the way. Overall, this product is such amazing! It's easy to use and it provides positive results. For someone who wants instant results, this product would surely not disappoint you. Anyway, this product costs £6.65 at their UK website but this is also available at Natural Looks' SM North EDSA branch. 

XO, Mish

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