12 December 2016

Instant Celebrity Look with VeryHair

Trying to get the look of your favorite celebrities can be quite easy, especially when trying to pull off such look for a costume party. We know for a fact that they would usually don expensive designer labels that we cannot simply afford, but there are now brands that sells similar items (and sometimes even just like the same) for less! But one thing that keeps you from looking exactly like your fave celebrity is your hair. It is so much work to dye and style the hair to achieve that complete celebrity look, especially if you have way different hair colors.

Getting that celebrity look is not an impossibility though. Of course, you could do it the hard way by dyeing, curling, straightening, or styling your hair. But you could also opt to get affordable wigs that you could use even for your future events. At VeryHair, they offer cheap and quality wigs and extensions to make your celebrity look come true. Among the celebrity inspired wigs that they offer are those of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Ciara, Beyonce, among others. 

Of course, you could always opt to have your hair wig customized by providing them details about how you want it made, such as the hair color, hair length, cap construction, and hair density. You are ensured to have such hair wig or extension to fit you like a glove! For more styles and details about VeryHair, check out their website at www.veryhair.com

XO, Mish


Hair Replacement Designed for Men

Hair loss is a natural occurrence for some persons due to ageing, genes, and other similar factors. This occurrence though happens more often with men than with women. And I think the effects on both genders are just the same – lower self-esteem and self-confidence. While this may be one event that cannot be prevented, there are ways to remedy such and one of which is trying out a hair replacement system. Hair replacement could be expensive but there are alternatives where you could get it for such an affordable price. At HairCaptain.co.uk, they offer non-surgical hair replacement systems for both men and women which are both affordable and are of guaranteed quality.

Shopping for a hair replacement system is very simple. You just fill up the order form with all the details they will be needing for that unique and personalized hair replacement system. You will be assured that the product will match your natural hair color and style as they will be asking for various information such as your hair color, hair density, curl and wave, hair direction, hair type, among others. After such, you just have to wait for your hair system to be sent to you at home.

Matching your own hairstyle is no problem. Just ask HairCaptain to prepare a ready-to-wear design or have a mobile hairstylist fix your hair system when it arrives. These products are recommended to be replaced at least once every three months to ensure their quality and look. Gain your self-confidence back with these natural-looking hair replacement systems. To know more designs and options of this non-surgical hair replacement system, check out HairCaptain at www.haircaptain.co.uk

XO, Mish 


11 December 2016

Get your Dream Beach Wedding Dress with EricDress

Having a beach wedding is definitely a dream come true for someone who loves the sun, sand, and sea. I could just imagine having the ceremony at sunset and it seems absolutely magical for me. Planning for a beach wedding can be quite tedious though especially if it has to be a destination wedding. It also could be expensive as you have to fly family and friends over to the location. Nevertheless, you could still be within your budget when it comes to wedding dresses. There are tons of cheap wedding dresses online that could make your magical beach wedding come true!

Simple beach wedding dresses are the best options when it comes to beach weddings like the ones in this link. Not only are they affordable, but they also suit the location really well. I am pretty sure it would be quite a trouble to don a full ball gown on the beach. On the other hand, flowy and romantic dresses, such as long sleeve lace wedding dresses, would work well for the setup.

Cheap beach wedding dresses are not per se outdated. There are tons of styles that you can find at Ericdress that are still trendy and up to date just like the ones in this link. Also, I believe that classic designs are best for beach weddings. There is no need to overdo things with the dress because it is the place that will give the wedding its spark and magic. For more designs and styles for you to choose from for that perfect beach wedding look, better check out Ericdress!

XO, Mish


09 December 2016

Must Have Mini Skirts!

I know mini skirts in the winter would be an outrageous idea. But I love how this particular item could be flexible. You wear them in the summer with bare legs and with tights or leggings during fall or winter. You could mix and match them with any of your tops for versatility. You may check out more fashion news on how to style your mini skirt. If you are building up your collection of mini skirts, here are some styles that you may consider getting:

1. A Simple A-Line Skirt

You could never go wrong with this kind of design. It goes well with most tops and it looks good on anyone. You may opt for one in a block color for a simple look or one with prints for that fun and sassy look.

2. Floral Prints!

For date nights, I love floral printed mini skirts. I feel like they are feminine without being over the top. Pair it with a classy top for that romantic look!

3. H-Line Skirt or Pencil Skirts

Sure you’ve got mini skirts for your everyday casual look, but you could also don such for work. H-Line or Pencil skirts (given they’re the proper length) could be your perfect corporate attire buddy. Choose one in black or another solid color for that elegant look.

From there, you could venture out to more styles, prints, and designs of short mini skirts 2016. For more details on how to style your mini skirts, you may check out our Youtube!

XO, Mish


02 December 2016

Red Dresses to Love this Christmas

With the festive season coming, parties are surely one of the things that we all look forward to. Well, that and gifts too! I am actually looking forward to several reunions and parties myself this season. I always find dressing up for Christmas parties to be quite a hassle though especially if you have so much going on with life (as for me I have to prepare for classes already next week). I guess it’s a nice and valid reason for us to buy more dresses (because we simply cannot have too much!)

I know red may seem to cliché when it comes to Christmas parties but this color will never fail to give you that joyous spirit with class and sass. Personally, I do not think I could don red dresses on a regular basis, especially long ones or ones with a sexy cut. However, red dresses are just perfect for the season because they are event-appropriate even if the color is striking.

There are tons of red dresses that you could get from an online store. Yup, no need to go to crowded malls! When choosing for the perfect red dress, you have to take into consideration the event. If it is a simple and casual gathering, you may don a red mini dress with a simple style. Otherwise, you could opt for long dresses or one with intricate prints and design. For more red designer dresses, you may check out this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC66_nD1CcGQQ-JjEreObyZQ

XO, Mish


Classy Coffee Maker to Complete your Counter

It is probably a dream come true for a law student like me (or any person who loves coffee for that matter) to have his or her own coffee maker. Not only is it more efficient and cheaper in the long run, but it is also a good investment if you wish of having a pretty counter. It is such a shame though that I still find myself running to a nearby coffee shop every morning for my daily dose of caffeine. While espresso machines can be too expensive for a student especially quality ones, there are coffee presses that are affordable and could give you premium coffee for that perfect morning boost.


A few days back, I have come across an online homeware store, Eccoe, that offers exceptional coffee makers, among others. They have a fairly wide selection of homewares for you to choose from but you could say that one of my favorites from their shop is their Stainless Steel French Press. This classy piece is not only aesthetically attractive but it is also fully functional. Eccoe French Press is also guaranteed to last because of its stainless-steel material.

If you want to invest in an all-around product, you may opt to get their 34 oz 8 Cup Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker. It is a beauty! It boasts of a double wall to keep your coffee (or tea) warm even for a long period of time. The handle is heat proof to ensure safety at all times. What I love the most is the polished finish that makes it also a perfect décor in the kitchen.

If you are looking for more classy and chic homewares such as teapots, bottle openers and stoppers, and coffee makers, be sure to check out Ecooe online! Their polished products will never fail to make your kitchen a dream come true.

XO, Mish