06 April 2016

How to Keep Yourself Cool this Summer

The weather seems to be getting hotter and hotter everyday. It's such a torture to just even step outside of the house. While the heat is tormenting our daily lives, there are ways by which we could relieve such feeling. Anyway, I have compiled several simple and easy tips on how you could keep yourself cool this summer!

1. Drink up!

Nothing beats cooling off by staying hydrated! 8 glasses of water is recommended daily, but exceeding that would definitely be helpful especially since we sweat more. You may also devour on shakes and fruit juices, but be cautious of extra sugar since most of them may contain syrup. Anyway, you may try out this Spinach and Mango remedy, a healthy alternative from Agape Pastries and Tartines.

2. Stay out of the sun

The sun may be very inviting and could tempt you to do fun outdoor activities. But if it can be avoided, it is still best to avoid sun exposure entirely. Staying out in the sun unnecessarily does not only expose you to skin diseases but also to heat stroke and similar illnesses. If going out is inevitable, be sure to use sunblock with a high SPF (at least 30) and to reapply whenever needed.

3. Keep your clothing light

Light clothing with breathable fabric in light colors is best to wear during summer. Not only are they cute and beach-ready, they also let your skin breathe and does not absorb much heat. Stay away from dark clothing if possible because they tend to absorb light. My favorite summer outfit? Cami, sandals, and shorts!

4. Pamper yourself!

Peppermint scrub
Peppermint Mask
Mint oil for massage

If all else fails, you may keep yourself cool by trying out Kitchenails' Entree using Peppermint Scrub and Mask with Mint Oil for the massage. This ultimate relaxation treatment that boasts of all natural ingredients would surely relieve you of all your anxieties about the summer heat. Of course, the peppermint and mint ingredients would leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed! This spa treatment costs only P350 for the hands, P450 for the feet, and P750 for both. You may visit Kitchenails at 3/F Trinoma Mall, North Triangle, Quezon City. Don't forget to check out their Facebook (www.facebook.com/kitchenails) and Instagram (@kitchenails) accounts.

XO, Mish

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