15 December 2014

Robby Rabbit Model for a Day with #TeamKramer Kids

Being a 90s kid, I have been acquainted really well with the brand Robby Rabbit. I vividly remember it as a brand that carries school bags among others. And when I was in grade school, you are considered a "cool kid" if you have one of those Robby Rabbit stroller bags. Almost two decades after I was first acquainted with Robby Rabbit, I find it amusing that they now carry trendy yet age-appropriate children's clothes as well, among other merchandises. It is nice to know that there are still brands that our parents trusted when we were young that we could now share with our own children.

Robby Rabbit Model for a Day with #TeamKramer Kids

Robby Rabbit has indeed become bigger and more fun as they welcome their new brand ambassadors, the Team Kramer Kids. Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin are indeed the perfect kids to represent Robby Rabbit because they all have different styles and tastes despite being brothers and sisters which goes well with the diverse collection of Robby Rabbit.

Robby Rabbit Model for a Day with #TeamKramer Kids
Robby Rabbit Model for a Day with #TeamKramer Kids

During an event held at SM City Fairview last week, Robby Rabbit held a short promotion wherein a minimum single receipt purchase of 800 pesos worth of Robby Rabbit Apparel can give kids an opportunity to be a Robby Rabbit model for a day and ramp the runway. The kids who joined also enjoyed fancy Robby Rabbit glitter art, and had a Robby-tastic photo session with the one and only Robby Rabbit mascot.

Robby Rabbit Model for a Day with #TeamKramer Kids
Kendra and Scarlett modeling their Robby Rabbit clothes

To top it all off, these kiddie models were also invited for the afternoon show, wherein they got to watch a fashion show featuring Team Kramer Kids and showcased Robby Rabbit's 2014 Holiday collection entitled "Like it, Wear it, Love it!

Robby Rabbit Model for a Day with #TeamKramer Kids
Robby Rabbit executives welcoming the Team Kramer Kids as their newest brand ambassadors by giving them these huggable Robby Rabbit toys

For this holiday collection, they have taken Paris as their design inspiration or theme for the girls' and London for the boys' collection. These clothes combine both style and comfort for the young fashionistas and active kids out there.

Scarlett's Top Picks - CASUAL FASHIONISTA
Robby Rabbit Model for a Day with #TeamKramer Kids
Gavin's Top Picks - COOL and STYLISH
Robby Rabbit Model for a Day with #TeamKramer Kids
Kendra's Top Picks - FASHION DIVA

During an interview, Cheska Garcia-Kramer shared that they are fortunate to have been invited by Robby Rabbit to represent them because their collection fits the various styles and personalities of her kids. She likewise shared that apart from the style of Robby Rabbit's clothes, she and husband, Doug Kramer, are impressed with the quality and comfort of Robby Rabbit clothes which is of international standards.

Robby Rabbit Model for a Day with #TeamKramer Kids

Cheska further shared that Robby Rabbit picked out the clothes that Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin chose and came up with Kendra's, Scarlett's, and Gavin's top picks. These picks were included in their 2014 Holiday Collection. As for Kendra, she expressed that she loves Robby Rabbit apparel which fits her ultimate fashion diva style.

Robby Rabbit Model for a Day with #TeamKramer Kids

Robby Rabbit is available in all leading department stores nationwide. For more information, please like: Myrobbyrabbit on Facebook.

XO, Mish

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