25 June 2013

June Mail

Last weekend, the postman came to our house carrying a huge plastic bag filled with packages (which is unusual cause he always carries a messenger bag and he tries to fit everything in there). I guess his roomy bag is no match for my packages. He told me a few weeks back that he'll bring with him my other packages left in the post office the following day. I wonder what took him so long to return. Anyway, these are some of the items that were sent to me by my blog partners. I have been waiting for these items since April. :|:)

Feels like Christmas! :D

Shirt and sunnies from Choies

Collective haul from Romwe

I swear this brush set from Romwe has the softest bristles!

Sparkle Lens from I Love Sparkle! c/o Ice Williams (review HERE)

Heels, Top and Rings from Mart of China

Gorgeous shoes and jewelry from Lovelywholesale (I'll post a better photo of these shoes soon!)

Lace dress from Efoxcity

Thank you so much to these shops for trusting me! I promise to give justice to these lovely items that you sent me. Anyway, I don't think this would be the last haul post I'll be posting this month. I've added more products to my shopping cart lately and I might click the checkout button anytime soon. :)

Which item is your favorite?

XO, Mish


  1. wow. lots of stuff you got there! This just inspired me to be a more hardworking blogger.

  2. While glancing at the photos. I'm looking for an item that will catch my attention but MEH! I love everything! The shoes, top and etc. >< I hope it's all affordable! :)

  3. Great buys - I love it when the postman or courier brings parcels! :)


  4. Bardzo dziękuje za miły komentarzyk ;)
    Cudown ubranka ;)
    Pozdrawiam cieplutko i zapraszam na nowości do mnie ;)

  5. oooh! so lovely !! :)) dami !


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