15 July 2013

Getting to Know Juenevie Forever Young!

I am probably the most stressed person that I know of. With my demanding academics, tiring travel to and from school and obligations as a full time mommy, I tend to abuse my body. Thus, my visits to the school clinic have become more frequent. While I still keep the same (stressful) lifestyle, I try to incorporate some activities in my schedule that would not take much time but would definitely lessen the stress, such as drinking tea, listening to feel-good music, or having a pedicure. So when I heard of the unique and fresh treatments being offered by Juenevie Forever Young, I got delighted and excited. Relaxation has just been taken to the next level!

If you have been following me on Instagram (@mishrendon), you have probably seen photos from the bloggers' lunch I attended at The Tivoli located in Mandarin Oriental Hotel. All of us probably know that spa and wellness have become a boom in the Philippines. Filipinos have literally become addicted to pampering, relaxing and anything to keep the stress away, hence, the prevalence of spas and similar places. But with Juenevie Forever Young, the most powerful, age-defying, wrinkle-reducing skincare technologies that guarantee young-looking skin and that bring your skin a youthful and effortless glow are offered to you in your own homes, without the need for travel.

Juene Vie, meaning "Young Life" in French, isn’t your usual facial and body care therapies. It does not encourage surgery to look young, but rather enhance the body’s own ability to build collagen and keep the skin supple. Be assured that Juenevie's therapies are non-invasive and very safe. It is not only the innovative skincare tools that Juenevie has brought in the country, but Juenevie therapists have been trained for half a year in ESPA facial techniques. ESPA is known to train spa teams to the highest standards around the world and, with the professional-quality skin care tools, Juenevie delivers these award-winning technologies, with exceptional facial treatment sequences, to provide you an effective anti-aging skin care therapy.

Owner and Managing Director, Ms. Jaqcueline Michelle Lim, explaining to us the treatments being offered by Juenevie

Juenevie has a number of therapies that are offered to everyone: from the young to the not-so-young and from ladies to the gentlemen. :) The most popular among these treatments are definitely the Juenevie Light Facial Therapy and Juenevie Laser Facial Therapy. The skincare technology Juenevie has brought in the country treats periorbital fine lines and wrinkles and brings to you complete facial rejuvenation. Both machines used are FDA-cleared by USA and are endorsed by group of well-recognized dermatologists who are at the forefront of cosmetic laser treatments. Moreover, the Juenevie Light Therapy skin equipment used is a Premium Medical Device that is four times stronger than others’ products and the top of the line in the brand’s product range.

Bed set-up for Juenevie's Exclusive Packages

In addition, the Juenevie Facial therapies techniques does not rely on science alone, but also includes spiritual well-being as our sequences first start with Chakra Welcome Ritual and combined with the Juenevie Lifting facial sequence where various crystals are used in tandem with a special wand to heal and eliminate negative energies and to encourage the goodness of the universe has to offer. Juenevie believes that the youthful glow also comes from within and with this welcome ritual, the effect would be augmented.

Juenevie's therapists are the trained by EPSA, bringing world-class service right at your homes!

Beyond Anti-aging Facial Treatments, Juenevie has also selected for a range of Massages to compliment the thrust of Juenevie to provide you with exceptional relaxation therapies. The most popular massage (and Ms. Michelle Lim's favorite!) is the Signature 10 Culture Touch Well-Being Massage which has 10 massage techniques from 10 different massages to give you a blissful state of mental and spiritual relaxation. Another popular choice is the Juenevie Aromatherapy Massage which gives you a choice of (20) Essential Oils to choose from. Morover, Juenevie Forever Young also blends an exclusive line of its own massage oils for you to choose from for your treatment. These were personally chosen by Ms. Michelle Lim together with her team of chemists. My fave among these massage oils would definitely be the Ylang Ylang Oil. :)

Juenevie's tools for exfoliation

Juenevie Forever Young has also created packages for the ultimate relaxation treat such as the Ultimate Anti-aging Therapy (a combination of Light and Laser Facial Therapy), Romantic Bliss Package for Two, Pre-Cocktail Therapy and After-Cocktail Therapy. A range of Men’s Therapies is also being offered by Juenevie, such as the Juenevie After Sport, Juenevie After Office, Juenevie After Travel and the Men’s Anti-aging Facial Therapy. All products used are AHAVA products, which are marine-based and are paraben free.  

With fellow bloggers and Ms. Michelle Lim
Photo from Monika of Mom Gone Vain

Juenevie Forever Young is indeed the next best thing that may have happened to Manila! For therapies starting at only P1000 and which takes only 60 to 180 minutes per session (depending on the treatment that you have chosen), you could now feel relaxed and ultimately pampered in the comfort of your homes! These therapies are offered from Tuesday to Sunday from 4PM-2AM with last call time at 11PM in Makati and Taguig. If you are not from these areas, don't fret cause Juenevie is on its way to expanding to the rest of Metro Manila soon. To schedule your appointment and inquire about creating a Special Anti-aging Facial Program for you, please call them at 0927 6876903.

Check out Juenevie Forever Young's sites:
Website - www.juenevie.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/juenevieforeveryoung
Twitter - @Juenevie

XO, Mish

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