20 May 2017

Soban K-Town Grill goes South!

Honestly, I am not very likely to hit South just to dine. But I have to say that the opening of Soban K-Town Grill at Alabang Town Center was an exception. I am definitely not one to pass when it comes to one of my favorite dishes - Korean barbecue. Soban, I think, is one place that offers such quality K-bbq with a twist since its dishes are inspired by K-Town communities in the US.

Located at the ATC Corporate Center of ATC, Soban K-Town Grill's South branch is quite spacious. However, I suggest you visit them during non-peak hours or make reservations beforehand because their place gets packed! Every table was occupied during our visit and even the seats outside were filled.

To start off our Korean dining experience, we were treated to Soban's refreshing drinks. They're the perfect thirst quenchers. I had the Mango Banana shake which easily relieved my stress from the long travel to ATC. The Green Iced Tea was equally as refreshing. I was also able to try it during my visit to their Eastwood branch.

Mango Banana shake (P105) and Green Iced Tea (P65 for single serve or P110 for bottomless)

Soban is not to be left out when it comes to hip and cool drinks. Aside from local beers and soju, they likewise have cocktails and Korean wines. We were able to try out their Seouljito which is a citrus and mint combination and their Galaxy, a frozen slushie cocktail. I have to say that the Seouljito is a must try at Soban!

Galaxy (P120 per glass or P400 per carafe), Seouljito (P120 per glass or P400 per carafe)

Korean cuisine is definitely not complete without side dishes. They offer plenty of those at Soban and all of their side dishes are refillable. I had tons of refill on my kimchi and eggs. In my opinion, Soban has one of the best tasting kimchis that I've tried. It's adequately spicy and tastes fresh.


Not only are their side dishes refillable, but their soup and kimchi rice are. Have I told you how much addicting their kimchi rice is? I probably had at least two refills during my last visit. It isn't too spicy and I love how they added corn to make it kind of sweet.

Japchae has been a staple food in Korean restaurants and Soban's version is definitely tasty. This stir-fried Korean vermicelli noodle dish with assorted fresh vegetables is one of my favorites. The noodles are firm and cooked well.

Japchae (P280)

I have always been curious as to how Pajeon actually tastes like. Soban's version does not disappoint. Their version of this traditional pancake boasts of squid, shrimp, Korean mussels, and green onion. Definitely a must try at Soban!

Haemul Pajeon (P350)

At this point, the appetizers seem to make me full already but I didn't pass the chance to try out their Gimbap. This Korean seaweed roll has plenty of fillings in it and could actually serve as a meal itself if you aren't really hungry.

Gimbap (P150 for 12 pieces or P85 for 6 pieces)

For our meal, we had the Premium Combo Set (P2,200) which is good for 3 to 4 persons. Three of us shared the meal and the meal was more than enough. It consists of 180g USDA Choice Premium Marinated Beef (Yangneom Tohsisal), 180g Pork Belly (Samgyupsal), 180g Boneless Fried Chicken (Dak Ganjeong), Japchae, Pajeon, Egg Caserole, and Half Gimbap. It also comes with a maximum of four unlimited kimchi rice, soup, and side dishes.

Dak Ganjeong (P320 for a set meal or P330 for a la carte)

I will always have space in my tummy for Korean fried chicken .This Dak Ganjeong or caramelized boneless fried chicken from Soban instantly won my heart! It is kind of sweet, a little bit spicy, with crunchy skin and tender meat.

Our Soban spread!!
Yangneom Tohsisal (P430 or P490 per set)
Woo Samgyup (P390 or P450 per set)

The Premium Combo Set only has Yangneom Tohsisal and Samgyupsal but we were also able to try out their Woo Samgyup or fresh beef belly. Among the variety of meat that I was able to try, I am definitely a fan of their Woo Samgyup! The meat literally melts in your mouth and it has a clean taste. I also love their Samgyupsal. This comes in different kinds of flavor and I suggest you get their Doenjang flavor. It is sweet and savory and plainly delicious!

As for our dessert, we were able to try out their Coffee Prince! Since I love coffee, this dessert definitely won me over. It comprises of homemade coffee ice cream with soft graham and Korean red beans. You could only find this dessert at Soban!

Visit Soban's south branch at G/F Alabang Corporate Center, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City. They are also open at Eastwood Mall and Greenbelt 3.

For more details about Soban, you may check out their social media accounts:

XO, Mish


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