08 January 2013

A Peek Inside the BDJ Power Planner

I've been using the Starbucks planner for years now, but I wanted something new this year. When I won the Belle De Jour Power Planner from SM Parisian, I got excited cause I've heard lots of positive reviews and feedback about this planner. :) Anyway, here's a quick view of the contents of the BDJ planner.

The BDJ Lifestyle Card lets you get discounts and freebies from these brands. :)

The best thing about this planner are the coupons. There are probably more than 80 coupons inside this planner! I am definitely excited to use them.

Wardrobe checklist for the fashionistas.

Weekly view. This is where you put all your schedules. You may opt to use this as a free space or arrange your schedule according to time.

I am definitely in love with this planner! This one is indeed for the achievers, which I aim to be. I would love it more though if there is a clean, free space to doodle on since most of the spaces are labeled. :p But I definitely have my eyes set on this planner for next year!

XO, Mish

PS. If you have noticed, I already got my custom domain. You may now access my site via http://www.mishrendon.com. :)


  1. Thanks for the BDJ tour and congratulations for being one of the winners of "My Flawless Beauty Transformation" :)

    Pau xxx

  2. I'm actually really loving Planner posts these past few days haha. Just got a planner of my own as well, but sort of regretting not getting one from Fully Booked with coupons in it (I got one, but I gave it to a friend).

    BTW! Congrats! I saw your blog on the front page of NUFFNANG! You won the contest :3 Congrats! Seems you've changed to a new domain though lol.


  3. Yay! I want this sis! Just purchased one for me! :P

  4. hermosa agenda ya te sigo besos desde http://perlitalizardo.blogspot.com/

  5. Sooo nice! if you want go to my blog:)

  6. thanks for following pretty!
    followed you back! :D

    Wulan Wu on http://bootsydoopsy.blogspot.com/

  7. That seems so great planner! Thanks for sharing!


  8. that is such a cute planner. I always buy a planner and use it for a couple of months and never look at it again kk. Finally I am sticking to my phone. But still I couldnt stop myself buying cute planners. Thank you for following me and I am following you too.

    1. Haha! I do that too, unless I really like the planner just like this one. :)


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