03 June 2017

De-stress with a Staycation at KL Tower and Serviced Residences

I was supposed to make this review during the Holy Week break as it was then the perfect time to go for a staycation. But this post has been long overdue because I got busy with finals and graduation (which I will be talking about in another post). Anyway, I honestly believe that there's no perfect time for a staycation. Whenever you feel like you need time away from your busy life, there are places such as KL Tower and Serviced Residences that can offer you a relaxing and stress-free break.

We paid KL Tower a visit a few months back. It was during my last semester in law school so I was extremely stressing out. I could say that this staycation event definitely helped me relax a bit. I actually wasn't familiar with KL Tower prior my visit, except for some Instagram posts about the place that I've encountered. FYI, KL Tower Makati is actually one of the serviced residences that Hospitality Innovators Inc. manages. It opened in February 2014 and has been catering mostly to corporate clients ever since. 

Our chic bedroom!

There are tons of room types available at KL Tower Makati - from a 20 sqm Studio Deluxe to 120 sqm Two Bedroom Penthouse. Their rooms are perfect for those who are travelling solo or those in big groups such as families. There were four of us during our stay and we were able to use their 75 sqm One Bedroom Premier (price starts at P6500). What differentiates KL Tower from the rest of hotels and similar establishments is their chic and stylish interiors. I find their design modern and practical.

Living room with a gorgeous view of Makati

Our One Bedroom Premier room boasts of  a kitchen and dining area, minibar, cable television, among others. There are two toilets in our room, one with a hot and cold shower and the other with a laundry area. You need not worry about toiletries because they have them available in the bathroom. Not only they do have towels, but they also have bathrobes for you to use. Just make sure to bring slippers though because they're not included in the amenities.

One of the toilets
Laundry area
Kitchen and dining area

If you have time to cook (which we didn't have because we arrived late and left early the following day), the One Bedroom Premier has its own kitchen, refrigerator, and sink area. You could easily whip up your own dishes right in the comforts of your hotel room. It could also save you money as you need not buy food outside or have food delivered to your room.

Free water and other amenities for guests

Really, there's so much to do at KL. They even have high speed Internet connection to keep your social media sites updated. But I guess the best part of our stay in KL is going for a swim in their indoor pool! Cohen and I were there at around 7 in the morning and no one was there yet. We spent the first 30 minutes taking each other's photos and spent the next few hours just swimming around. The pool is perfect for laps since it never gets filled with people (well, at least during the time we were there). You could even stay here the entire day without getting toasted in the sun because it is fully covered.

Other facilities available at KL are their fully equipped gym and sauna. The gym has elliptical machines and yoga mats which I am crazy about. We weren't really able to try both because we are running out of time. Hope we could come back though to try them out!

Air conditioned and fully equipped gym
Sauna for females

We were treated for a sumptuous breakfast for two at the Kitchen 1B Restaurant located by the lobby. Aside from the dish that will be served (I had boneless bangus with eggs and rice), they also offer unlimited cereals, juice, salad, and toast to pair your meal with.

Salad bar
View of Makati from the balcony!!

This staycation is definitely one for the books. It's the perfect means to bond with your family or friends and it is also the best way to relieve yourself from all that stress from work or school. It is also a perfect place for a long term stay if you needed a place to stay at near the Central Business District in Makati. Hope you find this post helpful!

Don't forget to check out KL Tower and Serviced Residences' social media sites:
Website - http://kltower.ph/

XO, Mish


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