14 January 2017

Mama Lou's - Evia Lifestyle Center

I am honestly a noob when it comes to South. But when I was invited by Mama Lou's to visit its newest branch at Evia Lifestyle Center, I know I just had to go! If you haven't heard of Mama Lou's yet, it is an Italian restaurant owned by probably one of the coolest couples I know. And this place always gets packed! You should see the crowd at their UP Town Center branch as it gets crazy there during weekends. But this place is definitely worth lining for!

We arrived quite late at Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Pinas, but the place was full house. Luckily, they reserved seats for me and my blogger friends. I actually fell in love with the place right away. The first impression I got from it is that it is a place where you and your family could get together and dine during weekends. It has that rustic feel to it that makes you feel like home. During the Christmas season though, they had the place decorated with gorgeous Christmas ornaments.

Their Evia Lifestyle Center branch is quite spacious too. I am not sure how many people it could accommodate but it has two levels to cover the crowd. 

Food choice at Mama Lou's is absolutely not a problem. They got tons of items in their menu to suit the taste of all the members of your family. During our visit, we got to try the following awesome dishes:


Oriental Salad - P325
Bacon Poutine - P195
Mozarella Sticks - P180

I refrained from eating appetizers since I was saving the space in my tummy for the main dishes lol! But I am a huge fan of mozarella sticks and Mama Lou's Mozarella Sticks was a winner! This dish was probably gone within a few minutes after it was served. 


Lasagna - P295
Risotto di Mare - P350
Italian Sardine - P275
Spag Seafood Olio - P315
Truffle Mac and Cheese - P285

Among the pastas, I love their Italian Sardine and Truffle Mac and Cheese. The Italian Sardine looks like a simple dish but it would definitely make you go wow. But the highlight of the night would definitely have to be the Truffle Mac and Cheese! It was delicious!! I could probably finish a whole serving by myself. And I was surprised that it was affordable for the serving and quality of the meal. Please do yourself a favor and try this dish on your next visit to Mama Lou's! 

Main Dishes

Grilled Tuna Belly - P325
Scallopini Marsala - P360
Chicken Diavalo - P390

What I noticed from their dishes is that each has a corresponding sauce or dip and let me tell you that these sauces and dips are the highlights of such dishes. I kid you not. These sauces must have been meticulously formulated because they taste so good! Among the three mains, the Grilled Tuna Belly is my favorite!


Take the Canolli - P200
Chocolate Cake - P160

Who would have thought I would still have space in my belly after all those? :p Anyway, we were able to try out Mama Lou's Chocolate Cake and Canolli! The Chocolate Cake is another favorite. It was moist and yummy while having the perfect sweetness.

If you are looking for hearty meals that would make you feel like home, better visit Mama Lou's! They currently have branches at UP Town Center, BF Las Pinas, Evia Lifestyle Center, and Nuvali. Don't forget to check out their social media accounts: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mamalous and Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mama_lous/

XO, Mish


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