21 October 2018

Koconae Coconut Oil Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Ever since I had my hair colored ash brown, I've been on the look out for hair products that would help me maintain the color. While there are tons of products that are especially made for colored hair, I had a hard time looking for one that is affordable, yet effective. During my search for "the one", I was actually able to try out several hair products that worked well for me so I alternate them and one of them is Koconae.

Koconae Coconut Oil Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

Hailing from Thailand, Koconae takes pride in their premium virgin coconut oil products that are proven safe and mild for everyday use. They currently offer tons of products that are made up of coconut oil such as facial care, hair care, skin care, and even products for children. For basic hair care, they offer the Coconut Oil Shampoo and Coconut Oil Conditioner.

Coconut Oil Shampoo

Coconut Oil Shampoo - P360 for 225ml or P650 for 500ml

What it claims: Ultra-rich Coconut Oil shampoo made from organic virgin coconut oil and protein from coconut cream which soothe and moisturize the hair and scalp.

I am personally a fan of the Coconut Oil Shampoo. It has a sweet vanilla smell that I really love. The consistency is quite thin compared to commercial shampoos, but I guess it is because of the natural ingredients incorporated in it. I love how it does not dry up my hair and how it keeps it moisturized. I only did not maintain this as my regular shampoo because it contains sulfate and I am trying to avoid sulfate products so that the ash in my hair would not fade easily. Aside from that fact, there's nothing that holds me back from making this product a mainstay in my hair care routine.

Coconut Oil Conditioner

Coconut Oil Conditioner - P360 for 225ml or P650 for 500ml

What it claims: Ultra-rich coconut oil conditioner made from organic virgin coconut oil and protein from coconut cream which add moisture, eliminate frizz and soften the hair. Our coconut oil conditioner has that faint coconut scent that you will love!

The Coconut Oil Conditioner worked quite well for me. I have super long hair so I had to use more than a dollop of the product to cover my entire hair. I noticed that it smells of coconuts. I do hope it has the same scent as the Coconut Oil Shampoo so that it has a consistent scent especially if you are using both of the products every time. I find that it doesn't moisturize my hair really well since my hair is dry and damaged already, so I use a different product as treatment for my hair every now and then. But if you have normal and healthy hair, this product would work perfectly for you.

Koconae's Christmas gift packs

I also received a bar of their Koconae Oil Soap which I will be reviewing next. As of now, you may avail of Koconae products from their website or through Lazada. For Christmas, they also have gift packs that you may avail of.

For more details, check out Koconae's social media and websites:

XO, Mish



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